Team Bandit Gang

We are a group of Content Creators, Pro Players and Academy Players with a focus on Gwent and a goal to provide content for the game, as well as represent high level play in Tournaments and the Pro Ladder. Our goal is to create a place where anyone can find what they need. The content we produce aims to help beginners and veteran players alike.

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Special thanks to all our past guest writers: TroVNut, Sepro, TheCondorHero, RithwikP, Decode789, killslugs & Wojtech.

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Here you can find our Youtube Channel that contains videos that teammates have worked together on. You may have seen it before in our #SayNoToBribery campaign, or perhaps you came across it from our ‘Lore Blast’ and/or ‘Decklist Showcase’ series.

About us

Team Bandit Gang, also known as Bandit Gang or BG, is primarily a Gwent focused team with a goal to create top quality content for the games you love. We are a group of streamers, youtubers and article writers who work hard to produce informative and entertaining content. While our Content Team will be succeeding with new decks that focus on fun and creativity, our Pro Team and Academy Team will be climbing the ladder and proving to be merciless competition in tournaments.

We hope to create an inclusive and friendly community that people can be a part of, and to promote positive and healthy discussion within the communities of our games. If you would love to get involved with our community then feel free to check out the discord & social links at the bottom of this page. If you want to join the team and create content for us, visit the Contact page from the menu at the top of this page to apply! Furthermore, if you write articles but don’t have a platform to share it then we’ll be happy to post it here under your name as guest writer, hit up the contact us page and let us know!

Being a Teammate

Being on our team provides you with all the resources you need in order to maximize the quality of your content and help achieve your goals when it comes to streaming, creating videos or writing articles. Not only will we help expand your audience as you get involved with our community who are always willing to help each other out with raids, shout outs and collaborations, but we also have designers, editors and writers on-hand to help polish and bring to life any ideas for content you might have. Our Content Manager, Babyjosus is also able to help you get what you need for your content and help keep everyone in the loop when it comes to who’s doing what. We are able to help supply the resources for your own personal channel, as well as if you want to host events such as your own tournaments, podcasts, youtube series or any other big plans you have but are currently unable to reach! The Content Team will be proudly represented by the Pink Logo.

If you’re a pro player or academy player then you will be working with a small group of people into which we have dedicated file managers and text channels for training, planning or tournaments. On our team you’ll be able to work together with the team where we actively encourage you to improve. Our Competitive Manager SynergyGod3773 & Academy Manager  Sawyer1888, will be able to assist in getting anything you might require. It’s our goal to help players build up their skills slowly over time, making constant marginal gains while you are with us. When being with us, you will not only be able to look back to see how much you’ve improved but also help other teammates to improve as well, providing a constant cycle of growth. The Pro Team will be proudly represented by the Grey Logo and the Academy Team by the blue logo.

Aside of that, if you’re a graphic designer or video editor and want to work together with team members from other sub teams on ambitious projects, then the Resource Team is right up your alley. The Resource Team will be proudly represented by the Yellow Logo. Lastly , our Moderators are part of the Mod Team. The Mod Team will be proudly represented by the Green Logo.

If any of the above has interested you then feel free to apply! We are always looking towards expanding the team with talented people. If you want a platform to promote your content and help us grow in the community then we welcome you with open arms. If you want more details or have any questions then do not hesitate to ask us in our discord! All contact links are available here and at the bottom of each page.

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