Team Bandit Gang

We are a group of Content Creators and Competitive Players with a primary focus on Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.
Our goal is to create a welcoming community not only for ourselves, but also for our viewers, readers, or anyone else!

Our Recent Articles

Here you can find our YouTube Channel with a varied selection of videos that many of our team mates have been collaborating on. Make sure to check out our Beginner Series, if you’re new to the game and in need of some guidance. Our Lore Blast series can help you with finding about the origins of the in-game characters and other phenomena. Finally, as a cherry on the top, let us recommend to you our utterly serious #saynotobribery campaign!

About Us

Established in late 2019, Bandit Gang had joined the Gwent E-sports scene with passion and dedication to build anew and has been thriving since. Originally intended as more of a mock-team founded by a few friends, rather than a serious group, the team found itself soon in a surprising situation, as it kept on growing and new and new reasons kept on appearing for going further than one might have guessed originally. Two years later, we are still here, and not planning to quit what we love anytime soon!


Joining our Competitive Team allows you to work with a small collective of players and make use of dedicated text and voice channels for training, exchanging strategies, or participating in tournaments. We encourage you to cooperate with your teammates, as two heads are better than one, and improving together. It is our goal to help players build up their skills slowly over time, making constant marginal gains while they are with us. 

Content Creation

Being on our Content Team provides you with all the resources you may need in order to maximize the quality of your particular area of interest. Be it streaming, creating videos, writing articles, or analysing data for instance, it is our wish to help you with growing bigger, reaching further, and having an easier time by working together! We welcome creativity, and are willing to provide you with a platform for ideas that you have a passion for! 

Support Us

If you happened to enjoy what we produce, regardless of what and where it is, then please consider sharing it on social media, as it allows us to reach a broader audience. Every share counts and it really does help us more than you might think. Thank you very much in an advance!