Team Bandit Gang

We are a group of Content Creators and Competitive Players with a focus on Gwent and a goal to provide content for the game, as well as to represent with high level play in Tournaments and on the Pro Ladder. Our goal is to create a place where anyone can find what they need and the content we produce aims to help beginners and veteran players alike.

Our Recent Articles

Here you can find our Youtube Channel that contains videos that teammates have worked together on. You may have seen it before in our #SayNoToBribery campaign, or perhaps you came across it from our ‘Lore Blast’ and/or ‘Decklist Showcase’ series.

About us

Team Bandit Gang is a Gwent-focused e-sports team with a goal to create high quality content for the game. Established in late 2019, Bandit Gang joins the saturated e-sports scene with a specific vision in mind. We aim to create a close-knit community within the team in which we share many responsibilities, but also care about each other, as a family would. Numbers, experience and performance are not the only deciding factors for us, in fact, we’re more than willing to give a chance to growing talents if we feel passion in their heart in spite of the results not being there yet. Last but not least, we are constantly trying to improve, learn new things, and share them with you!


Joining our Pro or Academy team allows you to work with a small collective of players and make use of dedicated file managers and text and voice channels for training, planning or tournaments. We encourage you to cooperate with your teammates and thus improve together. Our Competitive Manager SynergyGod3773 and Academy Manager Sawyer1888 will be able to assist in getting anything you might require. It is our goal to help players build up their skills slowly over time, making constant marginal gains while they are with us. 

Content Creation

Being on our Content team provides you with all the resources you may need in order to maximize the quality of your content and help achieve your goals when it comes to streaming, creating videos or writing articles. Not only will we help you with expanding your audience as you get involved with our community, who are always willing to help each other out with raids, shout outs and collaborations, but we also have graphic designers and video editors on-hand to help polish and bring to life your ideas. Our Content Manager Babyjosus will lend you a hand whenever you need so and keeps everyone in the loop.

Support Us

If you happened to enjoy what we produce, be it an article, a video or anything else, then please consider sharing it on social media, as it helps us a great deal.  Our social links are avaliable at the bottom of each page. Every share counts and it really does help us more than you might think.