Deck Guide: 10.4 Drill/Cleaver/Candle Crime


Since the release of 10.4 a variety of decks have resurfaced (e.g. dwarves). one of these more recently viable decks that has caught my eye is crime with the Lined Pockets leader ability, having used crime decks intermittently over the course of my two years playing GWENT, I can safely say there’s a special place in my heart for crime.

This deck has benefitted greatly from the addition of Conjurer’s Candle and Ring of Favor as the Ring of Favor helps  win the first round (something crime normally struggles to do without expending a lot of resources) and Conjurer’s Candle helps to protect engines and acts as a spender when needed.

Although the deck is packed with control options and removal, access to cards like Cleaver, Conjurer’s Candle,  and Eventide Plunder, provide valuable spending options when there are not many good targets on the opponent’s side of the board. Overall I’ve had a heap of fun playing this deck and I’d highly recommend it if you want to play something a little bit more off-meta.

The Deck

Core Cards

Cleaver – Power play at the start of a round that will be less focused on the removal of your opponent’s points, able to achieve intimidate 3 from adjacency bonus (easily done with Ferko + Justice to nestle him between) so that crimes play for 3 extra points, able to spend 4 coins to summon Cleaver’s muscle  a 5 power body with shield.

Tunnel Drill – Secondary major engine alongside Cleaver,  able to deal 3 damage for 2 coins if a crime has been played within the turn, the BEST damage tool in the deck for a sustained round, can be protected by Conjurer’s Candle  at 7+ Power so it’s out of range of low-cost removal such as Boiling Oil and Natural Selection, or slightly bigger plays like Enslave and Vigo’s Muzzle.

Conjurer’s Candle –  Useful Spending tool that turns X coins into X + 1 points on board, can be used to protect important engines such as Tunnel Drill and Whoreson’s Freak Show, or used to boost a unit to deny dominance for a Nithral, dodge a schirrú explosion, ruin a Geralt: igni lineup etc…

Ring of Favour – Perfect addition for reinforcing round 1 advantage the turn before opponent wants to pass, often plays for 10-14 points for only 8 provisions, protects low health targets e.g. Giantslayer marks, thins for 1 card if opponent passes, so not terrible punishment for misplaying it.

Ferko The Sculptor + Novigradian JusticeFerko can tutor any crime out of the deck, however, when tutoring Justice the condition that requires a Crownsplitter to be one Board to summon a Cleaver’s muscle is automatically fulfilled, thins 2 cards potentially and plays for  between 10 and 15 points depending on what engines are already on board.

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