Academy Team

SuperSpock9000 - Gwent Academy Player & Streamer

My name is Nick and I’m from the US. I’ve been playing card games for as long as I can remember. I was a long time Yugioh player before I shifted my focus to Gwent shortly after open beta and I’ve played the game ever since. My current goals are to improve in Gwent, make it into a qualifier, and eventually get into an Open. My favorite card is Moreelse.

renova- Article Writer, Streamer & Gwent Academy Player

I am Nova, a russian girl, who makes her way to the top of the ladder slowly but gracefully. Having tasted the temptation of Gwent’s competitive life one day, I jumped from the creative side of the team to the front of the academy division and do my best to improve my skill and become better. I love to write, but I rarely write, and this contradiction can briefly reflect my whole essence. I hope that I can leave at least a tiny, but my own mark in the game, and make people’s lives brighter with the help of creativity.

Remember, that most things, even the greatest movements on earth, have their beginnings in something small.

Hawgplex - Gwent Academy Player

Age: 30
Location: Wisconsin, USA, Name: Drew Saleh
Xbl/GoG name = hawgplex
Twitch name = hawgplex
Dogs name = louis 😀

My favorite hobbies are video games, hiking with my fiance/dog, and reading scientific articles or sci fi/fantasy books. Right now I am working on climbing the gwent leader boards and my career as a digital mapper.

wickedsyam - Gwent Academy Player

Hello wonderful people, I am Syam and I am an Indian living in the United States. I found Gwent through Witcher 3 and I am playing the game since closed beta. I took a break after homecoming came out and came back just after Iron Judgement. I have been a video game lover ever since I can remember. Gwent is my passion and probably the only game I play now as time is a luxury when you are a software professional and a father of a 2 year old. I am trying to improve my game so as to efficiently climb the ladder. My favorite faction is Skellige. To arms, all o’ youse!