Academy Team

SuperSpock9000 - Gwent Academy Player & Streamer

My name is Nick and I’m from the US. I’ve been playing card games for as long as I can remember. I was a long time Yugioh player before I shifted my focus to Gwent shortly after open beta and I’ve played the game ever since. My current goals are to improve in Gwent, make it into a qualifier, and eventually get into an Open. My favorite card is Moreelse.

NovaLille- Article Writer, Streamer & Gwent Academy Player

Hey there! I am Nova, born in cold Russian Siberia. I am the main supplier of knives, pandas and bears in the Bandit Gang chats, and I do my best to resurrect the bygone era of Nickelback. All my life I was fond of writing, but I decided to devote my life to the IT sphere, so I wanted to revive my passion for literature by writing (high-speed, as my teammates know) articles for BG. I am always open to new ideas, so feel free to write me your suggestions! In addition, I started streaming a short time ago, so you can watch my masterpiece games at 2300 MMR on my channel. All the best and may the bear force be with you!

Jhugs - Gwent Academy Player, Streamer & YouTube

What’s up everyone! My name is JHugs and I love to play Gwent. Although I haven’t been playing as long as most other people, I strive to become better every day while also bringing positive energy to the game. When I’m not playing Gwent I’m either playing other video games, watching anime, or hanging out with my cats and dogs. Happy Gwenting!

HippoShaman - Gwent Academy Player

Hello, internet people! I am from Czech Republic and call myself HippoShaman. I quite enjoy this game called Gwent and hope to keep getting better at it.  Aside from this I always enjoyed reading all kinds of books or a nice nature walk.

Hawgplex - Gwent Academy Player

Age: 30
Location: Wisconsin, USA, Name: Drew Saleh
Xbl/GoG name = hawgplex
Twitch name = hawgplex
Dogs name = louis 😀

My favorite hobbies are video games, hiking with my fiance/dog, and reading scientific articles or sci fi/fantasy books. Right now I am working on climbing the gwent leader boards and my career as a digital mapper.