Admin Team

war1machine - Admin

War1Machine currently resides in an undisclosed location within the UK. He is a ‘world renowned’ Gwent player, having been active since Gwent’s early days during the closed beta period. Since then, he’s branched out to a number of different card games but his chief passion has always been Gwent due to its unique style of play and being himself a fan of the Witcher universe. You may find him climbing the pro ladder or competing in community tournaments, laying waste to all who stand in his way… that is if he’s not being too lazy.

Now working as an admin for Team Bandit Gang he is determined to use his plethora of skills to lead the team to greater glories and bountiful riches!

TheOneChristo - Admin, Streamer, YouTube, Caster & Social Media

Christo, aka Chris, is a Canadian streamer with 20+ years experience playing card games (yes, we’re approaching Boomer territory). From Star Wars CCG to Raw Deal, he’s seen it all. Having touched Gwent in closed beta, thanks to Flake, he jumped back into it when streaming Hearthstone turned stale and hasn’t looked back.
Jump into his stream, Christo’s Café, grab a warm beverage, enjoy the smooth jazz and watch Christo overcome his own misplays and shoddy internet to somehow maintain his pro-rank status.

When he’s not streaming you can catch Christo in Mercernn’s chat, redeeming channel points for Nickelback songs or putting together videos for his YouTube channel. You can find guides for tryhard and meme decks a like, as well as his ramblings about technology and streaming.

Mercernn - Admin, Streamer, Article Writer & Coach

As he always says, there is a reason why people don’t play with the cards that he does. Mercernn is a native Czech and thus, as a true squatting Slav, he fell in love with the Witcher saga and the video games that followed it. Gwent was no exception and since the first days of the closed Beta he’s been there, infatuated with the game’s mechanics as well as gravy-thick atmosphere. Deck building and experimentation is the most fun part of the game in his opinion, especially with underused, undervalued or straight up terrible cards and archetypes. He would like to encourage other players through the means of his videos to believe in themselves and don’t give up on cards that might not seem very attractive at that very moment. His favourite faction is Nilfgaard, though he would rather save Poison for Alice Cooper and go for Deck manipulation or Spies instead. Apart from Gwent, he’s interested in history, other video games, politics, literature or cinema – each of which he tries to smuggle into his streams every now and then in the forms of commentaries or reviews. Oh yeah, and he can clap with one hand. But that’s a story for another time…