Administrative & Communication

Administrative Department


KingDenpai - BG Partner, General Manager, Head of Events & Sreamer

Denpai, aka Dennis. American legend and myth living in the UK in God’s Country itself, Yorkshire. A self proclaimed ‘Yankshire’ man with a passion for everything under the sun from anime, comic books, and all sorts. A diehard SK lover – he is dedicated to the Gwent community and wants to bring smiles to those watching. He streams every chance he can and brings memes to the masses, if you want to simply smile and feel welcome then you can’t go wrong with The King.

Denpai is the General Manager for Team Bandit Gang, aside of that he is an early bird because he streams at impossible hours in the morning. So, if you need some entertainment while you are drinking your coffee then make sure to stop by his streams!

Babyjosus - BG Partner, Content Team Manager, Article Writer, Podcast & Coach

Babyjosus aka BJ is a 25-year-old superstar within the Gwent community. BJ started his Gwent career by joining a team called Next Mulligan Esports which was only for short duration due to the team being disbanded after the release of Homecoming. Alas this is where his friendship with Driftbling started and eventually got reunited with in Bandit Gang. After Next Mulligan Esports, BJ joined Team Rankstar and was in the team for a year and became a big part of their podcast Merchants of Novigrad. He decided to part ways with Team Rankstar and was looking for new opportunities on his path. This is where he looked eye to eye with the founder of Bandit Gang, BanditPig. And so, he decided to join team Bandit Gang as a content creator and has since then been promoted to Content Manager and has worked his ass off to make Bandit Gang the best team in existence. Thanks for reading this and we hope you will cheer for him while he is part of Bandit Gang!

SynergyGod3773 - BG Partner, Pro Team Manager, Streamer & Coach

SynergyGod has been playing competitive Gwent since the start of Gwent Homecoming and recently became the Pro Team Manager for Bandit Gang. He currently works as a network engineer in the healthcare industry and has been around gaming, networking, and personal computers for most of his life. His goal is to reach a Gwent OPEN one day and ultimately punch his ticket to the Gwent World Masters tournament! You can also catch him online, as he streams on Twitch most weekdays starting at 7-8pm CST.

Sawyer1888 - BG Partner, Academy Team Manager & Article Writer

Sawyer would most probably describe himself as a meme deck creating specialist, rather than a fulltime pro. He loves to play weird stuff in Gwent, but always tries to challenge and improve himself at the same time. Since he had joined Bandit Gang as an Article Writer he met a lot of new people, made himself a small name in the scene and became our Academy Manager, which he has been really enjoying so far.

Besides Gwent, he studies Geography, loves to play Darts and never misses a weekly Movie Night with his friends.


TheOneChristo - BG Partner, Head of Casting, 983 Media, Streamer, YouTube & Caster

Christo is a Canadian content creator with 20+ years of experience playing every CCG under the sun. Having touched on Gwent in closed beta, he made his triumphant return when streaming Hearthstone turned stale and hasn’t looked back. If he’s not streaming in Christo’s Café, you can find him casting Gwent, the Mythgard World Championships and hosting the Kards War Room Pre-Game show.

Mercernn - BG Partner, Assistant Manager, Streamer, Article Writer & Coach

Mercernn is a native Czech and thus, as a true squatting Slav, he fell in love with the Witcher saga and the video games that followed it. Gwent was no exception and since the first days of the closed Beta he’s been there, infatuated with the game’s mechanics as well as gravy-thick atmosphere. The signature dish of Mercernn’s are off-Meta decks that he tries to push to their limits. Deck building and experimentation are the most fun part of the game in his opinion, especially with underused, undervalued or straight up terrible cards and archetypes.

His current position in the team is that  an Assistant Manager providing support to other team members and their projects.

EuronCrowsEye_ - Head of Twitch

23 year old Canadian guy that sometimes tryhards at Gwent, but spends most of his time watching our Streamers on Twitch and helping to keep our community wholesome and fun. Former Competitive Manager that had to step down due to school slapping him in the face with a fish. Other hobbies of Ian include biking, basketball, and being NotRasheed’s boss.

Weevil89 - Editor, Proofreader, Streamer, & Caster

Number one (well, only) Irish Gwent streamer since 2018. Supporter of Triple Commandos. Aspiring caster and voice actor. Pro rank pretender. His streams are a combination of rambling, occasional Gwent and his Keg Game League. They are always wholesome and filled with joy, like a really warm Irish stew amidst the winter cold. His slogan is “start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can”.

Communication Department

Public Relations

war1machine - Reddit Manager

War1Machine currently resides in an undisclosed location within the UK. He is a ‘world renowned’ Gwent player, having been active since Gwent’s early days during the closed beta period. Since then, he’s branched out to a number of different card games but his chief passion has always been Gwent due to its unique style of play and being himself a fan of the Witcher universe. You may find him climbing the pro ladder or competing in community tournaments, laying waste to all who stand in his way… that is if he’s not being too lazy.

Now working as an admin for Team Bandit Gang he is determined to use his plethora of skills to lead the team to greater glories and bountiful riches!

Bomblin - Reddit Assistant, Streamer, YouTube & Data Expert

Bomblin is a self proclaimed meme ambassador that plays Gwent (with breaks) since Closed Alpha. He is an excel Master and a data lover. He wrote a Master thesis about influence of streamers on their viewers (based on Gwent and Hearthstone Audience). In his free time he streams Memes and Dreams. Aside of that he also used to be a proud owner of a Pug called Hans Kloss.

drnAtLq8.jpg large
Ithlinne Magi - Community Manager

Ithlinne is originally from Zimbabwe, though now she lives in the UK, and is the newly appointed Social Media manager for BG. Tea addict, crazy cat lady, lover of all things dark and gothic, she has been gaming since the dawn of time! She began playing CCG’s with MTG, but Gwent will always have her heart. Cursed SK was amongst her favourite archetypes back in the beta days, though Monsters weather was more of her jam. Yo, Slama, where’s her Dagon at?