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Deck Guide: Allgod’s Workout Program

From the creator of Gudrun Shupe and definitely 100% independent creator of Triple Siege, Triple Masquerade Ball, Triple Haunt, Triple Passiflora & Triple Commandos. Babyjosus presents you: Allgod’s Workout Program. If you are someone that has a subscription to the local Gym, but you mainly go there to pick up chicks instead of putting in some proper work. Then you could need some help and then this deck might be the deck just for you!

Workout Summary:

Main goal: Thin your deck as much as possible with the recommended supplements and boost Tibor, Johnny and one other unit with Allgod to allow yourself to protect Johnny and get extra +2 value on Xarthisius, Yennefer: Divination & Triss Merigold when revealing Tibor

Workout Type: Hyperthin

Training Level: Intermediate

Recommended Supplements: Royal Decree, Menno Coehoorn, Marching Orders, Artorius Vigo, Impera Brigade & Hunting Pack

Time Per Workout: 10-15 minutes

Target Gender: Male & Female

Author: Allgod

Download Workout:

Training Notes On Some Of The More Unique Moves Listed:

Tactical Decision: Spawn and play a 6 point Morvran Voorhis. This allows you to put Tibor on top of your deck to setup a Vilgefortz for the ranged row. When in need of a Soldier for Impera Brigade you can also decide to play Tactical Decision since Morvran Voorhis has the soldier tag.

Marching Orders: Play the lowest unit from your deck. Try to play Marching Orders with Menno Coehoorn to always get Artorius Vigo. Follow-up by creating an Impera Brigade to summon the 2 copies that are left in the deck.

Decoy: Shuffle an allied unit back in your deck and then play the top unit from your deck. Works well with Tactical Decision. Can be potentially used on Allgod to boost Tibor by 2 again. Your Tibor is then 17 points which will give Xarthisius, Yennefer: Divination & Triss Merigold an additional +4 on top of the regular +13 boost.

Workout Tips:

Change Decoy and Johnny for Albrich and Ard Faeinn Tortoise. Albrich can boost Tibor by 2 and is a good play in round 2 for when your opponent has passed.

The Workout:

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