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Written by renova- & Sawyer1888 and edited by Weevil89 Introduction Welcome, dear readers, to part 2 of our "Through the
Written by renova- and edited by Sawyer1888 & Weevil89 Introduction With the upcoming Open#2 we wanted to take a closer
Intro Tuvean y Gloir (Death and Glory) was a periodic Nilfgaard-exclusive tournament organised by Weissenberg where eight participants battled for
Intro The swiss of the Gwent Open Partner Tournament #3 is over. And oh boy, what a roller coaster that
Intro The TOP 64 qualifiers for Gwent Open #4 has come to an end last weekend and our very own
This article has been written by Babyjosus, in collaboration with Sawyer1888. With the amount of positive feedback regarding our first
This article has been written by Babyjosus in collaboration with Iancm1997, Mercernn & Banditpig. Disclaimer: We have edited a section