Babyjosus, Bomblin, Escanbryt & Pokkas88

Bandit Gang’s Meme Snapshot for Gwent #6


Many decks can be considered Meme Decks. Some people believe that a meme deck is mainly played for fun, to make yourself and the opponent laugh, and not to win with. A deck like Thicc Aglais would be a good example. Other people believe that meme decks have their own theme like the bandit archetype, which makes it a lore friendly deck. And most people would agree that a meme deck is also considered an off-meta deck: a deck that has its own unusual strategy or inclusions, but that can still win you plenty of games. You could think of a deck like Triple Commandos here.

But I digress. Welcome to the sixth edition of Bandit Gang’s Meme Snapshot! In case you missed out on the other editions, you can find them here. Once again, we want to use new concepts that weren’t included in the previous editions, but you might also see different versions of decks that were included already. The main goal, as always, is to show you the diversity that is possible in Gwent, beyond all the top tier meta lists. For this edition of the snapshot, we have removed the “Lore Friendly Decks” as we felt that none of the decks we included in this article could qualify to be submitted under this category. The categories included are as followed:

1. Fun But Garbage Decks: these are the decks that are just for fun but will not win you too many games.

2. Becoming A Pro Decks: these are decks that are considered off meta, but are decent to climb to Pro Rank with. Nonetheless, they are not included in the Meta Snapshots.

3. Honorable Mentions: these are decks from community members that we wanted to give that extra spotlight. We encourage you to submit your own, read more about this in the Conclusion.

Note: Click on the image of the deck to get directed to the PlayGwent website in order to import the deck to your client.

Fun But Garbage


I was never a big fan of NG mill and clog decks. On the other hand, I always love to experiment with cards and archetypes I am not that experienced with. So the question here is: is Isbel a good waifu for us? Short answer to this is question is YES! The addition of Golden Nekker in the latest card drop gave us the ability to create some really awesome decks. This is an attempt to combine the traditional Kolgrim clog deck with Isbel and the new spicy cards!


  • Tried and applied deck updated with the latest cards
  • Isbel is great here
  • High tempo


  • It’s a clog deck.
  • People in higher ranks know how to counter Kolgrim decks
  • Did I mention I am not a big fan of clog decks??

Strategy/Core cards:

Isbel of Hagge: Very tricky to use as you have the option to trade the top cards of yours and your opponents deck. Timing is the biggest challenge here but pulling off a good steal from your opponent’s deck might win you the game

Kolgrim: Our main winning condition here. The concept is already well known as the card has seen lots of play. Clog our opponents deck while heavily thinning our deck. Can be used as an R3 finisher but also in a greedy R2 bleed for a 2-0

Assire var Anahid: I like using Assire for the flexibility she provides. Can be used to get something important from our GV (Kolgrim after a 2-0 greed bleed, another Isbel etc). Worst case scenario she can be used to clog our opponents deck even further

Warritt + Albrich: Can be used in conjunction with Isbel. Albrich brings her to top and boosts by 2 so she has more chances of surviving a turn until her order is enabled when placed on board. Warritt guarantees that the highest cost card of our opponent’s deck is right on the top of their deck, ready for the taking

Tactical Decision + Snowdrop: One of the best high tempo plays in the game right now

Golden Nekker + Ciri Nova: This combo is used so much since the latest card drop. Ciri’s resilience is a perfect late R1 or dry pass R2 card and Golden Nekker provides great thinning + perfectly setting up your board for high tempo plays

Black Blood: A little surprise against all those massively boosted decks out there. At the very least it will force your opponent to actual think how to play around it and in some cases it can completely negate those massive last turn plays (Gord is a prime example for that)

Written by Pokkas


With the release of the latest set of cards, Mutagenerator was the first card that caught my eye. I did feel like it’s a card that has some very nice potential to be both in a meta/off-meta deck (eg Commandos deck) as well as a good old fun meme deck. So I present to you with an alternative way to use the card. In most iterations, people tend to use Mutagenerator in R3 to get that extra value from all those 4p or 5p cards they have in their decks. In this deck, we will use Mutagenerator in R1 to boost our bronzes and use all the boosts as carryover value for a big chonky (and I mean chonky) Erland in R3.


  • Big big finisher with Erland (30+ points)
  • Enough consistency to pull this off without sacrificing too much value
  • Easily customizable to your liking, multiple options to choose from in your 4p cards in order to better suit your playstyle


  • R1 is weird, a lot of the current meta decks can out-tempo you easily
  • Mill decks are our worst enemy
  • Red coin can be weird if your initial hand is very very VERY bad

Strategy/Core cards:

Mutagenerator: The star card of this deck. The whole idea behind this is to play it R1. You NEED to make sure that you have at LEAST 5x 4p cards in your deck, the rest goes to your hand. You drop the Mutagenerator on board, then play all 4p cards in Ranged row to get the max 5-point value distributed in your 4p cards in deck. Remember that all 4p cards that got boosted should remain in deck until Erland takes advantage of that sweet carryover value

Erland: Our main finisher. If done right, Erland can get a buff of 30-40 points. Should be used in late R3

Siege + Siege 4p cards: Can be used in conjunction with Mutagenerator. Siege has enough support here to be used for a push in R2 or in R3 as a backup to Erland

Pincer Maneuver + King Radovid V + Cursed Scroll + Fisher King: Great at fixing our hand. We have a total of 4 charges from leader + Radovid and cursed scroll (only on blue coin). This is not just important to get the cards we want in hand, but also to put those 4p boosted cards back in deck if needed. Fisher King is a bonus here; he can be removed if you feel like you don’t need him

Siege Master: Along with AA, can be used for thinning your deck. I tested this deck thoroughly with and without the siege master cards and I feel they are a necessary addition in what we need to do. Can be really helpful in shaking things up in R1 and get some good tempo out of them

Queen Adalia + Reinforcements: Can be used to get some extra value from Mutagenerator if you didn’t get enough bronze cards in R1 or if you just wanna get greedy (which I thoroughly advise you to do)

Written by Pokkas


Who said that MO can’t be really fun? Necromancer’s Tome added a great tool to utilize your graveyard units. Sooooooo, let’s try to do just that!! In this deck we will be using our Tome to setup a board with as many Vran Warriors as possible + the She-Troll of Vergen then getting that awesome value from a huge finisher with Glustyworp. We have enough options here to allow the “Whenever a unit is destroyed during your turn” condition netting us a lot of points. If our opponent cannot answer our engines, they will be in a world of trouble


  • Great value from our bronze cards
  • Makes being greedy feel like it’s a normal thing to do
  • Good thinning


  • Hard to play 100% efficient
  • Not setting up your engines will lose you a massive part of your finisher value
  • RNG dependent

Strategy/Core cards:

Operator: Our initial play that helps setting up our graveyard with the Vran Warriors. A secondary target can be the Griffin which can also get as some good value. Megascopes are there to help a bit with spawning a few more engines without using our original Vran’s or Griffin’s

Necromancer’s Tome: Will spawn for us our bronzes in R3 and setup the board for our final play

She-Troll + Vran Warriors: Amazing engines that synergize amazingly with Glustyworp and Wererat.

Arcane Tome: Great option for getting a few of our specials out of our deck and use them whenever we need them. Keep in mind that using this card will also allow our opponent to do the same so use strategically!

Wererat: Can be used in conjunction with our engines to get those points coming in, while also helping in setting up our board for our finisher

Glustyworp: Our main finisher here! Killing all of those 1-power units gets us some amazing value while also triggering She-Troll and the Vran Warriors for each and every unit destroyed!!!

Frightener Dormant: An additional semi-finisher. If on board, triggers automatically when Glusty drops

Vigo’s Muzzle: A personal preference, can be replaced with anything else you want

Forktail: Can be really good against swarm decks, has a chance to setup a few more targets for Glusty. Also do you expect to see a lot of Forktails being used on ladder? Right!!! Neither will your opponent.

Written by Pokkas


After the latest patch and the (very much needed) dwarves’ archetype boost, the meta has seen a swarm of dwarves’ deck flood the Gwent ladder. So I felt like it would be a good idea to try to make something a bit different than what everyone else is using right now that would make dwarves even more greedy than they already are! In this equation, enter Syanna + Dennis Cranmer = An amazingly fun combo to pull off leaving your opponent flabbergasted


  • Awesome finisher with Syanna and Dennis Cranmer for double the armor boost
  • So greedy it feels good when it works
  • Good thinning


  • Deck’s concept is easy to understand but it’s very difficult to navigate properly
  • RNG dependent
  • Armor stacking is very difficult to pull off

Strategy/Core Cards:

Wagenburg + Dwarven Chariot: Our most foolproof way to stack that armor up. When placed properly on board, you can keep boosting and getting that sweet armor value stacked up high enough in order to make that high point swing right at the end of the game. The longer the round, the better value you will get out of it. Also you can use both Wagenburg at the same time if you had to use your Malena in earlier rounds so instead of moving the Wagenburg you just play the Cranmer right in the middle of those cards

Malena: An extremely important card that serves us in two ways. First and foremost, it can help us move the wagenburg out of the way so that we can get the full value on Cranmer. Secondly, we can micromanage our rows if needed (eg move dwarves in the same row as Brouver Hoog, move our defender around if opponent has movement like in Movement ST or MO Frost) Can be replaced with Paulie for that extra 2-point armor from his armor

Syanna + Cranmer: Ideally this is your main combo. Imagine having two units with 15-point armor each. You move the wagenburg, trigger the order on Syanna then drop Cranmer for a 60-point finisher!

Broover Hoog: Great in pushing in R1 for gaining round control as well as getting the extra points later on in the game

Iris Shade: The only card in the deck that doesn’t always gain full value, but can serve as an additional finisher in case you don’t draw/can’t use Syanna

Zoltan + Giantslayer: Our resiliency options that act as a carryover option for us

Novigradian Justice + Mahakam Volunteers: A great option to use for thinning + combo well with Broover Hoog. Can be replaced with Mahakam Marauders but I feel like you get more out the Volunteers instead

Wriiten by Pokkas


Are you guys tired of watching SK using that discard package again and again and again? Well, this is a spicy way to put some RNG into discard (because who wants consistency right?). In all honesty, the idea behind this is to make sure that you always thin to 1-2 cards. In this aspect, this deck performs admirably… as long as you draw Troll Porter and plan your strategy accordingly! Even if you don’t, you do have enough options here to roll that dice and watch RNG do its part!


  • Awesome thinning capabilities with troll porter. God I love this card!!
  • RNG here is a blessing
  • Lots of spicy cards that make this a very fun deck to play


  • Consistency is an issue; you need specific cards in order to be as efficient as possible
  • RNG here is also a curse
  • Might struggle against very high tempo decks

Strategy/Core Cards:

Troll Porter: Our main way of discarding here. The optimal play here is to use troll porter in order to banish 6 cards from our hand. Along with Roach and Knickers this effectively will leave you with 1 card in deck by the time you reach R3. The existence of so many 4p cards here is to try and use them as fodder for the troll porter. On the very rare occasion where you will get a perfect R1 hand (Snowdrop, Troll Porter + 8 bronze cards) you can literally make sure that you can Lippy in R2!!!

Snowdrop: Using her order in conjunction with troll porter can get you a nice 18-point snow drop!!! Keep that in mind!!

Runemage: Always try to play this as early as possible in order to get maximum value from all of our top value cards

Shupe & Radeya: Need to say more? The amount of value you can get from these cards can literally turn the tide in any game

Magic Compass: An invaluable card that basically guarantees you have another legendary SK card to play around with. Its main focus here is using Lippy for replaying a few of our main cards but its flexible enough to choose any other card you might feel it will be more beneficial to the current game you are playing

Vial of Forbidden Knowledge: Its personal preference, but since this is not a golden nekker deck then it can be replaced with literally anything you want. Since this is an RNG-based deck, in the off-chance you play against an opponent who are using Vial as well it can be good to have the ability to check their deck and plan ahead

Uma & Aguara: By definition, the most fun RNG cards in the game. Using after Runemage will give you more options as well, so let that RNG roll baby!!!

Written by Pokkas


This deck is my favorite pet project. Whenever there is a new patch coming out or new cards are released, I always try to revisit this and make it even better than it already is. And believe me when I say, this version is absolutely awesome! Besides our main two combos that are always at the core of the deck, cards like Aerondight, Golden Nekker and the new SY faction cards add to the deck some better form of consistency that it never truly had. So, ladies and gents, I give to you.. SY Goes Pepega v2!!


  • Amazing combos with Abomination + Greater Brothers
  • Increased consistency compared to previous iterations
  • Extremely enjoyable to play


  • Very difficult to navigate properly
  • Combos are high risk/high gain focused
  • Overthinning might be an issue

Strategy/Core Cards:

Salamandra Abomination + Gellert Bleinheim: Our first main combo. ALWAYS have to be used with full hand because of the Adrenaline tags on both abomination and Bleinheim to get maximum value. Now you may ask what the idea behind this is? Play abomination first and tribute (this is 0 because of our leader). Try using stratagem or stolen mutagens to put a veil on abomination. Try to get as much coins as possible and then drop Bleinheim BEFORE Adrenaline 6 is triggered on Abomination and spend as many coins as you like, feel free to use a few leader charges as well. Your abomination will basically get spammed to 40+ points in a single turn. Reasoning behind this is to force your opponent to either commit a tall removal (which most decks in current meta do not have) OR pass the round. In any case it’s a win-win situation for us!!

Greater Brothers + Vlodimir: This is our R3 combo. Basically we trigger the Greater Brothers Insanity tag to get as much armor as possible on the card before we drop Vlodimir to convert that armor back into health for a massive finisher. Blindeye Apothecary is very efficient here as it can heal and boost Gretaer Brothers to 14-power. Repeating this twice can net you 30-40 points guaranteed!! For better gold efficiency, make sure that you should trigger the insanity on the brothers while having one or less coins. Apothecary needs only one coin to trigger both of its abilities because of our leader

Bekker’s Dark Mirror: An extremely useful card that can be used both defensively as well as offensively. Greater Brothers is a great target for it as it will help us heal and boost the card or we can use it remove a very tall unit from our opponent

Shady Vendor + Eventide Plunder: Extremely good bronzes that synergize amazingly well with this deck. Shady vendor can give us those additional poison crimes or get those extra coins that crime cards provide while Eventide Plunder provides us with spenders.

Conjurer’s Candle: You gotta love the flexibility of this card. Profit + Boost with resilience so you can use it in-between 2 rounds. A great option to use in any SY deck

Stolen Mutagens: Perhaps one of the most underrated cards in SY, its flexible options can help you in a multitude of different scenarios. Extremely important for the abomination combo, either you already have veil from stratagem (you can choose poison and gain 5 coins’ option) or you use it as your veil source on red coin.

Golden Nekker + Aerondight + Ciri: These neutral cards are basically what make the deck even more consistent than it used to be. The value you can get from Aerondight can help in getting those extra points that will win you the round/game or can be used more in a defensive scenario where you need to boost one of your two defender scarabs from Azar Javed. Golden Nekker is for the extra tempo and thinning and lady Ciri Nova for the resiliency carryover.

Savolla: Last but not least, Savolla can really be a life saver in a bleed situation in R2 or can serve as an alternative finisher in a short R3 where we don’t have enough turns to build up the armor required on Greater Brothers

Written by Pokkas


With the latest card drop and the boost on crimes, I wanted to put Tunnel Drill back to work. Since the card got nerfed, it saw very little use on ladder. Especially when used with Lined Pockets, we have enough crimes and enough coins to wreak havoc on our opponent’s board, denying them any sort of combo they might try to pull off.


  • Great control options
  • Consistent game plan
  • Very flexible deck that can adapt in different scenarios


  • Needs to be navigated properly
  • Lacks a lot of thinning
  • Need to be as coin efficient as possible in order to not overspend

Strategy/Core Cards:

Cleaver: Good tempo and great value from Intimidate. Can be used in all rounds of the game. Pairs really well with Skewertooth, Tunnel Drill and rest of the Crownsplitters cards as they increase the Intimidate value.

Shupe & Radeyah: Great flexibility added, especially when combined with Runemage. Will help to adapt in different scenarios.

Tunnel Drill: Our main removal option. Gets the most value when used with crimes in order to get the most efficient coin to fee usage.

Conjurer’s Candle: Perhaps one of the most important cards in the deck. Can be used to protect our Tunnel Drill. Also great option for spending all those coins.

Sir Skewertooth: Another great Intimidate engine with the added effect of having immunity which makes it difficult to deal with.

Runemage: Provides additional options for our Create cards such as Triss: Telekinesis, Shupe, Radeyah, Walter Veritas, Shady Vendor and Eventide Plunder.

Triss: Telekinesis: Gives a chance to replay a bronze special card from either your own or opponent’s deck. In most scenarios you will choose a crime card for the added value

Crime cards: Lots of them to use at your hearts content. Make sure to combo them correctly with Tunnel Drill and your Intimidate cards.

Harald Gord: Great finisher as most of the create cards are going to play Crime/Special cards thereby increasing Gord’s value over the course of the game.

Written by Decode789

Becoming A Pro


The new Mutagenerator is an interesting card from the latest card drop, which can have very solid value, but requires a specific setup for that. While Babyjosus obviously had yet another iteration of Triple Commandos on his mind in his recent deck guide, this one takes a different approach with Dun Banners and the 4 provision cluster. This synergizes very well with the Uprising leader ability, because guess who is also a 4 provision unit that will hit a row of boosted Dun Banners? The Lyrian Scytheman from the leader ability of course!

So the gameplan is multiplying the Dun Banners in round 1 with King Foltest and Blue Stripes Scouts, which is good tempo in itself. You can also play your flexible gold cards to take round 1, because that’s rather important. Yes, this is one of the infamous decks that kinda needs to win round 1, because it’s a bit vulnerable to bleeding. Round 2 can be drypassed if the matchup doesn’t require you to bleed, in round 3 you then drop the Mutagenerator and the fun begins. First you shuffle your Dun Banners from round 1 back to the deck with Pavetta. Then you play your 4 provision cards (except Blue Stripes Scout if there’s one left) in the back row, which will boost the Dun Banners in the deck. Also play the other cards in the back row because you need to keep the front row free for later. Then finish round 3 by playing a Dun Banner to the front row, now boosting the 4 provision units on the board, not the deck. Follow up with the leader ability and place the Scytheman in the front row, triggering the Mutagenerator once more. If you have a Blue Stripes Scout left and still space on the front row, you can play him after that. If all went well, you may finish the round with a three digit amount of points.


  • Round 3 runs on 4 provision cards, enabling you to play valuable cards early
  • Mutagenerator is already worth its value when triggered twice and can get a lot more
  • Traveling Priestess playing a side role here to buff the 4 provision cluster, but is already worth 9 points with Tridam Infantry when only shuffled once.


  • Vulnerable to bleed
  • No targeted control
  • Sometimes awkward with a bad hand

Core Cards:

Dun Banners, Mutagenerator, multiplying package, Princess Pavetta, both echo cards, a good 4 provision cluster

Many gold cards in this are flexible but Ring of Favor is definitely recommended to take round 1 and most of the other gold cards help consistency or offer decent synergies.

Written by Escanbryt

Sawyer1888 has already made an in-depth guide here.


So you’re tired of beating the snot out of people with Assimilate, I mean it’s been AGES since we played anything else. You need a bit of excitement in your life, you have considered playing Shupe and/or RNG decks before, but they only win 10% of the time. Well congrats, now we can double that win rate!!!

This deck adds some substance to the style of winning with whatever RNGesus throws you. Runemage is the evident key to expanding your options, so you can pull good solutions to problems on the board with your create cards. Like any Casino deck, we stuff it full of create cards. The most important of these is Shupe’s Day Off. Shupe’s biggest flaw is the RNG element. You may not get the option you want from him. Runemage guarantees all of these options are possible, maximizing Shupe’s utility. 

You REALLY want to play Runemage ASAP. Cursed Scroll on blue coin can help with that. Otherwise, try to win Round 1 with some tempo from Radeyah and your thinning cards like Roach, Knickers and Blightmaker. If you find this too inconsistent, check out some of the tech options below that you can swap in.

Mysterious Puzzle Box is an option to be played Round 1 for tempo, though it is ideally played in later rounds when you would gamble your bricks off and have Will o’ the Wisp on hand to delete Thing From The Box should your opponent win the bet.

Once Runemage has been played, go wild with your create cards and pray you roll high. Artorius Vigo is your sole native (Assimilate) engine, so play him early, ideally in round 3. He is NOT nailed down to guaranteed options, but can be (look at tech section). You want medium to longer length rounds to facilitate your pay-off finisher in the form of Tourney Shaelmaar, so soft bleeds are useful to utilize Squirrel or other “trash” cards.


  • Maximum versatility
  • Decent point-slam


  • Casino STRESS
  • Lack of engines, mediocre pay-off
  • The house usually wins

Core Cards:

Shupe: Shupe is potentially a huge amount of points with 15 different POWERFUL options, now fully available thanks to Runemage.

Arcane Tome: Many of the create cards are specials. Play this card after Runemage to access all your create cards. Prioritize the expensive ones first, as some opponents don’t want to play their own specials or don’t have specials. Consider it a tutor for your high value specials.

Tech Cards:

Cards you can consider switching out:

Aguara: True Form: This is one of the weakest create cards and very expensive. Its create pool is heavily polluted by specials that are NOT useful and niche use, especially from Syndicate.

Lydia van Bredevoort: Without assimilate engines to score points from creates, Lydia is substantially weaker than in Assimilate decks. She can, however, provide removal or situational cards that complement other created cards.

Arcane Tome: This card is definitely risky, as some opponents can benefit heavily from playing their own high value specials. Consider a safer tutor.

Elf and Onion Soup: You may find yourself without good targets (or even any targets at all) to sacrifice for this card, so it often plays for fewer points than other alternatives. Granted, you can use it as Box gamble fodder.

Pellar and Squirrel: Very useful but pollutes Vigo’s creation pool, swap out for specials.

Cards you can consider switching in:

Removal cards: Korathi Heatwave, Yennefer’s Invocation, Vigo’s Muzzle, Leo Bonhart, and Vilgefortz are all good options if you have provisions to spare.

Create cards: Dazhbog Runestone and Summoning Circle are two alternatives/additions one can consider. Dazhbog Runestone especially as it can provide you assimilate engines (in place of Elf and Onion Soup).

Consistency: Fisher King, Roderick of Dun Tynne and Maxii Van Dekkar are all good consistency options for ensuring you draw/play the cards you want/need.

4 Provision Specials: In place of Pellar and Squirrel, in order to guarantee Artorius Vigo only has a pool of 5 bronze units to create from. Options include, Dimeritium Bomb, Mahakam Ale, Obsidian Mirror, Spores.

Written by BigDaddy843

BabyJosus made an in-depth guide for this deck here.

Bomblin made an in-depth guide for this deck here.

Magiq made an in-depth guide for this deck here.

Honorable Mentions


I love Kolgrim, as a card of course, he promoted some radical deckbuilding at the time, like going card down on purpose or even that infamous 35 card enslave deck.

However, with the addition of Golden Nekker, nearly every deck can thin to less than 6 cards, making Kolgrims ability quite mediocre. So if ST/SY/MO can thin to such low numbers just imagine what NG can do.

So I present to you the SuperDuperMegaExtraHyper-Hyperthin!!!!



Has surprise value for opponent, people try to defend the bleed with average cards. No real need to use your brain, just don’t play Kolgrim and Defender R1, however, if you do use your brain, you may find extra enjoyment with all the thinning combos!  


Anything with a tall punish or even an untargeted tall punish (e.g. censer, igni. etc.) can counter us. Mill should also hard counter us, but there is some hope if you manage to not get Kolgrim milled.


Strategy/Core Cards:

Basically, we are going to play R1 like it’s the last round (MUST WIN R1…) and we will be thinning all the time and clogging just a little bit! If done properly, by mid R2 there will be no cards left in deck! This tactic aims to catch your opponent off guard as he is expecting a bleed, not a 2-0.

We want to keep Kolgrim and perhaps Defender for R2, consider everything else free to use.

Try using leader with both mage assassins in hand so you get the thinning and with snowdrop on board for extra points.

Assire is a great key card as in case you over thin she can put something back in deck to even re-enable Nekker bricks in specific categories. e.g. you have no specials left in deck, so you put 1 back. Else just put something in the opponent’s deck to increase the difference.

Considerations: you can fit Ciri: Nova by swapping her for War Council and downgrading a 5, you can also swap fisher king for Albrich, but that is only recommended if you want to specifically boost Kolgrim to 3 so he won’t die to SK boats. We want to avoid Aerondight as it will not get to great values as we are SMOrcing our way through each round. Lastly, we want to avoid any card that allows opponent to thin as well (Arcane Tome/Mata).

Written by UngryNab

Erdemches made a guide for this deck here.


This was our sixth Meme Snapshot, we hope you enjoyed it! Hopefully we can all agree on the fact that there are plenty of decks included for all kinds of players that don’t want to contribute to the meta. For players that would like to have a good time, that want to role-play and want to go put their boot in the meta and claim their seats among the kings.

A big thank you to everyone providing us with their decks! We hope that we inspired you to create your own memes or own versions of the decks with this Meme Snapshot. But for now, Team Bandit Gang and I will fare thee well, and we’ll see you again in Meme Snapshot #7!

Now is the time to shine, oh memers of the Gwent community! Got a deck that’s so bad it’s good? One that’s kinda out there but still got you to pro, or one that’s lore friendly? Then please send an email to and we will consider putting it in our next Meme Snapshot!

Please consider checking out our article section where you can find plenty of articles. From member interviews to deck guides and more!

Deck Guide: BJ’s Blue Balls (Triple Commandos)


Triple Commandos, also famously known as BJ’s Blue Balls (due to the shameless sell-out back in the day on many Twitch streams), is all about playing your Blue Stripes Commandos every round. While the deck has originally been created in patch 7.4, it has been brought back to life in the past with patch 8.5 and now with patch 10.4. You could say this was because Bomblin forced me to create a new Triple Commandos deck, or simply because the new card drop benefits the archetype quite well. I choose the latter, but I let you decide for yourself.

With the rework on Lady of the Lake the deck has gained a lot of consistency since we no longer have to run Papa John because she can play Oneiromancy and Amphibious Assault for us.

And aside of that, we got two new cards that we included in the deck and they are as followed. The most important one is called Mutagenerator. This card is great with Blue Stripes Commando because you are guaranteed to have lots of them in your deck. And when you play a commando on the ranged row 5 commandos in your deck get boosted. Also, if you happen to play Maxii Van Dekkar and/or a Blue Stripes Commando from hand and/or from Reinforcements on the melee row it gives you even more value. And then I didn’t mention the many 4 provision cards that we can play on the melee for even MORE value. This results in the card being an auto include in the deck in my opinion.

The second new card is called Vial of Forbidden Knowledge which can be an easy 8 points for 4 provisions if the vitality gets unanswered. Plus it has a bonus ability which only happens when both players have the card included. Someone on Reddit said this about it: ”It’s basically a gentleman’s agreement for open decklists”.

-This deck allows you to out-tempo your opponent in round 1, push your opponent in round 2 and win the game in a short round 3. 
-Fairly consistent thanks to Cursed Scroll, Lady of the Lake, Roche: Merciless, Amphibious Assault & Oneiromancy.
-Lots of pro-activity.

-The deck is vulnerable to cards like Lambert: Swordmaster, Surrender, Lacerate etc.
-Also vulnerable to Pavetta being banished or stolen. This requires you to 2-0 your opponent since in hindsight, your round 3 is pretty awful without being able to play your Commandos.
-Lacks control.

The Deck

Core Cards

Donimir of Troy and Foltest because they get you tons of copies of commandos in round 1 alongside the regular Blue Stripes Scouts play.

Pavetta because it puts your Commandos back in the deck which you can then tutor out of the deck and have a huge tempo-play.

Renew on Pavetta to do the exact same, but in round 3.

Cursed Scroll, Lady of the Lake, Roche: Merciless, Amphibious Assault & Oneiromancy are Core Cards due to them making the deck more consistent.

Wobbledogs First Impressions ”Is it worth playing?”

Welcome to another spotlight for a different game than Gwent. Today a new game called Wobbledogs is being released on Steam. We of Team Bandit Gang had a look at it and want to share our first impressions with you.

When you start your first game you will be given helpful tips & tricks regarding the game mechanics and you will start in a single room with a single Wobbledog. From this point on you can start feeding the dog and interact with it. Eventually you get a hatching machine in order to breed more Wobbledogs. Wait a minute, since when do dogs hatch from eggs?! Well, these are not conventional dogs but mutated ones and you better forget anything you learned about mammal anatomy in school. Because it’s not only the hatching from the eggs but also the metamorphosis in a cocoon when they grow up. It’s a bit weird in the beginning but you get used to this relatively quickly.

You can tell that the developer had a lot of fun creating this. In fact the breeding aspect is at least as important as the petting itself. By the choice of the diet for the dogs you influence their gut flora, which in return shapes out in the physical appearance of their kids. From then on you can mix and match these features as you like and unleash the creativity within this game. It’s a sandbox game after all.

Another aspect of this sandbox game is the creation of different rooms and decorate them as you like. You can create multiple rooms for your dogs to play in and give them different themes if you like. And if you are hesitant to do so, your Wobbledogs will change their surroundings anyway. For example by building a cave out of mud.

While playing alongside your Wobbledogs you also have challenges to complete. This way you can unlock new features to use. This includes decorations, flowers, carpets, wallpapers and then some. But generally speaking, this game remains very relaxed and slow paced so you can just have fun with these weird ass doggos.

Throughout today, our streamers will cover this new game on their respective channels on Twitch so feel free to stop by if you would like to check the game out! We had quite some fun playing it in advance and we hope that you might as well!

What do you think about Wobbledogs? Are you excited for it? What features are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments down below!

Deck Guide: Scoia’tael’s Boost Campaign


Scoia’tael has started its own boost campaign with the latest leader and card changes, plus new cards that have been added to the cardpool of Gwent. And are therefore, weirdly enough, the ones discriminating the humans for once…

Jokes aside, this deck has been performing quite well in the lower ranks, and according to anonymous sources its also considered a meta deck, although it’s no secret that I used to be a Pro Rank player and thus I have the advantage against lower ranked players.

The deck is all about boosting cards in your hand that benefit the most from it to require easy wins!


  • Carryovers points to other rounds
  • Stronk finishers
  • Thicc Aglaïs


  • Being pushed in round 2 which results in forcing to play one or more of your stronk finishers
  • Your engines being removed
  • Wrong cards receiving handbuff

Core Cards

Three key cards: Aglaïs, Sheldon Skaggs and Torgue are the cards that benefit most of the respective handbuff. Make sure to boost Torgue to spread the boost onto Aglaïs or Sheldon Skaggs. Cursed scroll allows you to draw one of the two.

Special cards: Since we play with lots of special cards it’s not a surprise that Gord has been included in the deck. Reason for why we play special cards is to make the chance of the handbuff landing on the three key cards that previously got mentioned. Also, half of the special cards handbuff units that are in your hand.

Handbuff engines: Dunca and Hawker Smugglers are important because they make sure that the three key cards receive their boost shots (pun intended).

The Deck

End of Year Interview 2021 SynergyGod3773: ‘2021 Was clearly a rough year for most of the world, myself included’

At Bandit Gang, the end of the year means the end of year interviews. All members are put to the test one by one about the events of the past year that shaped them. Private as well as business. In these interviews in which no mince of words will be stated, no taboos exist, sometimes harsh words are used and where you get a nice insight into the soul life of the interviewee.

Babyjosus: Welcome Synergy, you are the last person in line after Sawyer. How would you reflect on the year 2021?

SynergyGod3773: 2021 Was clearly a rough year for most of the world, myself included. I endured a COVID-19 infection, a heartbreak, and even some family drama. But professionally it was my best year yet. While I was not as competitive in Gwent in 2021 I made additional friends that found a home with Bandit Gang, we setup two awesome tournaments which were the 2nd Annual Duel of Dogs Tournament and the Charity tournament in association with ShupeTV.

BJ: You have been involved as our pro team manager this year. How do you look back at this journey?

SG: Last year’s journey as pro manager was very enriching. I got to know a lot of our competitive players well. I even got to compete against JSN991 in one of the Kreve leagues this year and he kicked the crap out of me which was good moment to see one of our players take 1st place. Additionally, we had monthly internal tournaments and plenty of friendly competition within the bandit ranks.

BJ: What has it been like to stream on Twitch this year?

SG: My stream schedule was very erratic this year mainly due to real life. I moved from Dallas to Houston and then back to Dallas again. During this five month stretch I was barely able to breathe let alone stream. I have been branching out to stream a little more variety rather than Gwent, but Gwent will always be the core game. I will try to be adhering to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday Stream schedule in the future if possible.

BJ: You have been organizing tournaments for Gwent this year with the team, what was that like?

SG: The tournaments we organized this year were fun but also very frustrating due to the tournament client… well… being the tounament client. This goes for the internal tournaments we setup as well as the public tournaments such as the duel of dogs. I look forward to administrating more tournaments in 2022!

BJ: Is there anything  that you would like to do next year?

SG: In 2022 I have a lot of goals, mainly get back in tip top shape again and lay the foundation for my purchasing a house. I have already started on both of these journeys and by the summer time I hope they become a reality.

BJ: Best of luck with that. Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

SG: My only new years resolution is to drop about 15-20 pounds, I know it’s a traditional resolution, but hey… you have to start somewhere.

BJ: Best of luck with that too! Anything you want to say to the reader in anticipation of 2022? 

SG: Live life to the fullest, don’t let COVID-19 or any other obstacles hinder your life. Set your own terms and break down those barriers that prohibit you from being the best version of yourself!

BJ: Cheers and happy new year!


*SynergyGod3773's Top 10 Cards of 2021

*Synergy decided to not include a top 10 this year.

End of Year Interview 2021 Sawyer1888: ‘I am proud on every success I can get’

At Bandit Gang, the end of the year means the end of year interviews. All members are put to the test one by one about the events of the past year that shaped them. Private as well as business. In these interviews in which no mince of words will be stated, no taboos exist, sometimes harsh words are used and where you get a nice insight into the soul life of the interviewee.

Babyjosus: Welcome Sawyer, you are the next in line after Mercernn! How would you reflect on the year 2021?

Sawyer1888: First of all, nice to see your End of the Year Interviews are back and glad to be part of it again. This year was, interesting I would say. It had its ups and downs for me in my personal life, with some unique moments, like being announced to be the best mate of a friend at his wedding, winning some Gwent Tournaments or making some process elsewhere. Corona still has a big influence, so I am proud on every success I can get. 

BJ: Thanks man! Its a lot of time and commitment, but all worth it in the end. And I know you achieved certain goals with the academy team since you became their manager this year. How do you look back at your journey as an academy manager?

S: It was and still is a very exciting experience. One of my highlights was the Charity Event with Shupe TV for sure, as I could feel the team spirit while everyone was helping each other. But it was also stressful from time to time, as you have to organize things through different time zones and when I felt my motivation to play Gwent slacking, I had to still keep in touch with the game to be a good manager. But after all, I am very proud of how the Academy has improved and would call everyone in there a friend.

BJ: That surely was awesome to organize. You also have been working on a variety of projects regarding your writing for the website. What has that been like?

S: Actually I miss the writing from time to time, while I was to busy managing or organizing stuff. So with the introduction of the Skill beats Luck Series I found the perfect format for me I think. Having so many different guests from different communities and countries is amazing, and for 2021 I can promise you guys some exciting new interviews coming as well. Maybe I will even find the time again for a Gwents Elite #3, as the last two parts were pretty successful; I am still listening to some of those songs from the Spotify list I created.

BJ: I love how much that playlist was appreciated by people in the community. Hope to see you do more stuff like this in 2022! How was the year 2021 for darts?

S: Oh, it was very entertaining. Gerwyn “The Iceman” Price started the year with becoming world champion and world #1, won both of the European Tour events and also the Grand Slam in November for a 3rd time already. Kinda sad that he missed the whole Premier League dure to a Covid Infection, but he came back strong.      

Also his fellow Welshman Johnny “The Ferret” Clayton was producing magnificent darts this year…now it’s nice to have the framed picture signed by them both, even before Price won the Worlds and Clayton the Premier League or Grand Prix.        

Currently the World Championships are running again till January 3rd, while many top ten players are in decent form, it can be very interesting to see who goes through in the end. Hopefully Price will defend his title, so I can let everyone know again in our Discord 😊

BJ: Looking forward to watch the match tonight! Is there anything that you would like to do next year?

S: Well I want to finally finish my Master Thesis and end my study time with a success. Maybe trying to find an internship, to get going again in a fitting work environment, as I am currently having a study-job in an office which is cool, but has nothing to do with Geography and Spatial Planning.  The next steps would be to find my physical form again, as I was kinda slacking during the pandemic and joining a Darts Team, which turned out to be very difficult with all the restrictions. But I know from the past, that with a bit of routine, I can throw a decent dart, so I want to keep pushing forward.

BJ: Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

S: Difficult to say, but probably to follow my words and keep fighting. Maybe it is time to stop putting the pandemic in front as an excuse and start finding ways to achieve my goals again.

BJ: Anything you want to say to the reader in anticipation of 2022?

S: Be kind and humble. I experienced life over the recent past from a difficult perspective, so you never know who else currently is as well. Encourage yourself and others to think outside the box, no matter how the box looks like, as fear is the mind-killer.

BJ: Cheers and happy new year!


*Sawyer's Top 10 Cards of 2021

*Sawyer’s top 10 doesn’t contain any kind of bias for NG and SK at all.

Fercart: As it had the best reveal so far as well as the artwork and ability.

2. Fucusya: Is its flexibility levels up every Skellige deck.

3. The Mushy Truffle: As it allows a variety of interesting combos.

4. The Witchfinder: As I love bounty archetypes and this card can be very dangerous.

5. Blightmaker/Mage Assassin: As it’s such a strong thinning package, helping Nilfgaard to be more consistent.

6. Artaud Terranova: Because with a decent set-up and timing, it can be devasting.

7. Skjordal: As I loved his ability before and with the new King Bran it’s even better.

8. Gedyneith: because of the provision changes for the druids it becomes much more playable, together with Bride of the Sea for example.

9. Gorthur Gvaed: As it carried me to victory in the Nilfgaard Tournament.

10. Witch Apprentice: Because it’s a flying pig.

End of Year Interview 2021 Mercernn: ‘I’d lie if I said that I wasn’t nervous about such a big change initially’

At Bandit Gang, the end of the year means the end of year interviews. All members are put to the test one by one about the events of the past year that shaped them. Private as well as business. In these interviews in which no mince of words will be stated, no taboos exist, sometimes harsh words are used and where you get a nice insight into the soul life of the interviewee.

Babyjosus: Welcome Mercernn, you are in line after Christo. How would you reflect on the year 2021?

Mercernn: To be fair, 2021 was very similar for me in comparison to 2020, in fact it’s a bit difficult for me to distinguish these two perfectly, as they blend together a bit. The one thing that was different, I’d say year-defining even, was that my grandfather got a stroke in July and moved on with us as he needed someone to take care of him. This changed our everyday lives completely, but I think it actually helped us to work together as a family more and for me to get closer with my granddad, so I see it as a very positive change, actually, though I’d lie if I said that I wasn’t nervous about such a big change initially. A lot more has happened, I re-evaluated my opinions on a lot of things, got to know (better) a lot of people that became an important part of my online life, such as Weissenberg whom I cooperated with on a bunch of his projects, or our Number 1 Meme Customer, Repek, or Bomblin whom I used to get in touch a lot more than before, as he started streaming right before my timeslot. I’d say that overall it was a very cathartic year, full of tension, stress, radical changes, but in the end also relief, satisfaction, acceptance and positive view of the future.

BJ: How the tables have turned in your life. Glad it all resolved in a positive end of the year. You have been quite involved behind the scenes of Bandit Gang. How do you look back at this journey?

M: Right, so once again, things kinda blend for me, but I think we’ve managed to accomplish quite a lot. I’d say the highlight of our team efforts was the second iteration of Duel of Dogs, but there have been other cool projects and a lot of individual achievements that just connect together in a really nice way. Me, personally, I never looked at the team as a way of gaining some benefit for myself, rather than to provide for others and make their experience better. I could paraphrase JFK by saying: „Ask not what your team can do for you, but what you can do for your team.“ 😀 Right, and “working behind the scenes” as you called it is exactly what allows you to do this. You can help other people with their personal projects and just feel good about it even if you don’t necessarily like the task or activity you helped them with. I’d say that would kinda summarize my involvement with the team, I don’t really do much of my own projects, but I provide assistance to other people a lot in a variety of things, a bit of a jack of all trades, and this experience fulfills me a lot.

BJ: And we are forever grateful of your assistance! A somewhat personal project of yours is of course streaming. What has it been like to stream Gwent on Twitch this year?

M: So, streaming Gwent on Twitch has been a little tricky for me this year, since life got a bit busier for me, in particular because of school, so I haven’t been streaming as much as I would have wished, but I still am able to stream quite regularly, so can’t really complain. Outside of that, I attempted to hit top 500 on pro ladder twice and each time failed because of stroke of bad luck. The first time, right after Way of the Witcher I made it to top 300 with a day or two left and then CDPR prolonged the season by a week. 😀 I was so burnt out that I just gave up and naturally didn’t make it. The second time I placed 502nd and I had moved by the 2 places in the last 15 minutes of the season. Had I gotten 1 more mmr I would have stayed in there! So this is something that will definitely stay with me. Also, it’s been a great pleasure for me to help Weissenberg with multiple of his projects on Twitch and I couldn’t leave without mentioning that the one thing that helped me with overcoming all the tilt and burnout coming from the game was Nickelback… no, just kidding, it was the incredibly kind people in my chat, but there was a lot of Nickelback too this year!

BJ: May you continue to enjoy listening to Nickelback in your streams, even when its often at times forcefully… I know you are a huge fan of total war games since we play those games together. Which total war game got most of your attention this year and how so?

M: Yes, we do! Every Thursday after our meetings, it became a tradition that I am very fond of. We’ve finished Shogun 2 at least once, I believe, played Rome, Napoleon, Thrones of Britannia, yeah, it’s been an amazing experience. Back to the question, so, I’m not a big fan of Warhammer which is what the games have been focusing on for a while, so I’ve been looking more to the past and I think the most fun I’ve had was with you when we played Shogun 2. It was my favourite entry in the series before we started our campaign coops, but playing these together and just talking about nonsense really adds to the experience. In any case, I absolutely love Shogun 2 for it’s simple design, unique setting and superb atmosphere, easily my favourite strategy game.

BJ: May we continue our tradition in 2022! Is there anything (else) that you would like to do next year?

M: I would like to read more. It’s been something I’ve been trying to get back into for some time, but I keep on avoiding it, because I’m lazy. A few days ago I started reading The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus which I’d like to finish soon and after that, I’d like to just move on to another book and don’t stop for the rest of the year. I hope it will last, because my reading list is almost as bloated as the list of films I’d like to watch, that’s another thing I should get to, actually!

BJ: Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

M: Not really, I don’t really give them much value.

BJ: Fair enough. Anything you want to say to the reader in anticipation of 2022?

M: I wish you and your closed ones happy holidays and I hope you are safe and well. While I don’t think the world will change radically, I hope at least your personal lives will get/stay warm and calm and if you ever found yourself lonely, remember there are dozens of friendly Gwent streamers on Twitch that can help you with that problem. Stay awesome, Gwent community!

BJ: Cheers and happy new year!


*Mercernn's Top 10 Cards of 2021

*It seems that Mercernn is trying to send a message to the reader with his top 10.

1. Ignatius Hale

2. Ignatius Hale

3). Ignatius Hale

4. Ignatius Hale

5. Ignatius Hale

6. Ignatius Hale

7. Ignatius Hale

8. Ignatius Hale

9. Ignatius Hale

10. Peasant Militia

End of Year Interview 2021 TheOneChristo: ‘For me 2021 felt like 2 distinctly different years to me’

At Bandit Gang, the end of the year means the end of year interviews. All members are put to the test one by one about the events of the past year that shaped them. Private as well as business. In these interviews in which no mince of words will be stated, no taboos exist, sometimes harsh words are used and where you get a nice insight into the soul life of the interviewee.

Babyjosus: Welcome Chris, you are next in line after AcidBunny. How would you reflect on the year 2021? 

TheOneChristo: For me 2021 felt like 2 distinctly different years to me. While the whole year was great and I look back on it fondly with many highlights, the second half of the year started to get a lot busier with things moving towards being “more normal”. That meant that streaming took a back seat to additional social functions and a busier work schedule.  

Nonetheless I still feel like I accomplished a lot.

I was able to participate in the Aretuza World Cup Qualifier representing Canada and while we fell short I felt like I had an amazing tournament, only losing 1 series (gg Santuu), while defeating a few players who had regularly finished in the top 64. 

I was involved with 983’s Gwent Trivia (returning soon) and the ongoing Gwentfinity War.

I was able to cast a whole lot more than the previous year, including many high profile events. 

I also took part in the Beginner’s Series with Arya for Bandit Gang and became more involved with BG, becoming part of the partner group. 

BJ: An eventful year it was for you. I know you achieved certain goals as a caster this year. How do you look back at your journey as a caster? 

C: So many highlights! 

First off, I simply wanted to highlight the amount of casting I was able to do this year. Like anything else in life, practice makes perfect (well, in my opinion practice makes better, because I don’t know if there’s such a thing as perfect), but I was lucky enough to cast or host events almost every week and definitely felt like I gained a lot of experience and improved in the role. 

Second, was the opportunity to work with so many wonderful casters like Flake, Specimen and Ceely. I am a firm believer that practice helps, but working with people who are better than you also forces you to improve.

Third, there was of course the opportunity to cast 2 of the official Gwent Qualifiers, which was the first time I was able to cast something “official” for CDPR.

And finally, probably the biggest achievement, even though it is non Gwent related, was hosting many events for Kards CCG over the year. This led to me being selected to host their World Championships live in Iceland! 

BJ: An amazing progress you have made! As you mentioned earlier, you also started the beginner series with Arya, what made you decide to work on that? 

C: While there is a lot of content out there for Gwent, I feel as though certain aspects of the community aren’t as well served as they should be. There has been an influx of players over the last year with the pandemic forcing people into lockdown, the Witcher Netflix series, the return of Lifecoach for Masters Season 1 and the release on steam. 

Starting a beginner series just made a whole lot of sense. However, I want to take 0 credit for the idea as it was all Arya’s. I just got involved because I thought it was a great one.

Working with Arya, Enzo and Decode on the project has been amazing as well. 

BJ: Outside of your projects. What has it been like to stream Gwent on Twitch this year? 

C: I mentioned previously that it was an up and down for me, but mostly due to my personal schedule. 

The streaming itself was great. I broke 1000 followers and had my average viewers up over 60, which was a new milestone for me. 

BJ: Is there anything (else) that you would like to do next year? 

C: Two main things come to mind.

Get my streaming schedule back on track. To be clear about this, it doesn’t mean I want to or need to stream a lot, but I would definitely like to do so regularly. Even if it’s only 2 days a week.

Second would be to move on to the next phase of Gwent casting, being able to cast an Open would be a huge goal for me in 2022. 

BJ: Do you have any new year’s resolutions? 

C: I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions because if there is something worth doing, it’s worth starting immediately and sticking with it regardless of the time of year.

One thing that I started applying this year was to unapologetic-ally focus on the things you enjoy. If it’s not something that brings me joy, I shouldn’t feel the need to do it just for the sake of doing it. That applies to work, streaming and my personal life.

BJ: Anything you want to say to the reader in anticipation of 2022? 

C: First off I wanted to thank everybody who has stuck with me during my casting, streaming and my absences. Even after not streaming for a while, it’s great to see some of my regulars pop into chat to support me and tell me they miss me! It really means the world to me. 

I want to add that you have absolutely not seen the last of Christo’s Cafe 😉 

BJ: Cheers and happy new year!


*TheOneChristo's Top 10 Cards of 2021

Christo tried to focus on new cards from this year.

1. King Foltest: Brought Commando decks back…..until he didn’t. 

2. Bride of the Sea: So much versatility, playing 2 Decoctions in a game is fun stuff, or at least I think so?

3. Rioghan the Undying: Sometimes I like cards for ironic reasons. Rioghan was touted as being pretty powerful when revealed, went on to have some highlight reel plays in the first week or two he was released and then completely vanished. 

4. Idarran: Once you’ve seen Crozyr play 5 Cat Witchers in 2 turns, this card has to make the list

5. Toad Prince: Buffing Monsters/Deathwish makes me happy!

6. Mushy Truffle: While this card might be a bit OP – I like that it’s given bonded a bit of a boost and opened up possibilities for a lot of other gameplay options

7. Crach an Craite: Pirates were borderline playable this year and it was tons of fun – especially with the addition of Fucusya meaning you can play Crach twice 

8. Vanadain: Because Vanadain & Simlas = Fun Waylay shenanigans 

9. Torque: Because one day handbuff will be good – just not today 

10. Rience: Such a cool concept for a card – I wish it was better but I have high hopes for the future (I also love the art). 


End of Year Interview 2021 AcidBunny: ‘Absolutely loving it here as a member of bandit gang!”

At Bandit Gang, the end of the year means the end of year interviews. All members are put to the test one by one about the events of the past year that shaped them. Private as well as business. In these interviews in which no mince of words will be stated, no taboos exist, sometimes harsh words are used and where you get a nice insight into the soul life of the interviewee.

Babyjosus: Welcome AcidBunny, you are the next in line after DrDenuz. Could you tell us something about yourself?

AcidBunny: hello, I am known as acidbunny or just acid, i live in lahore pakistan i work as a real estate dealer/agent and i am also an article writer for team bandit gang- my hobbies are playing cricket football and videogames, my fav faction is nilfgaard and monsters 🙂

BJ: How would you reflect on the year 2021?

AB: It has been a very stressful year if looked at from my personal life due to some restrictions because of the covid situation but if looked at from my gwent life experience then its been pretty fun, i joined bandit gang and started working as an article writer I was a bit anxious in the start but it started working out pretty well and now I just enjoy making content 🙂

BJ: What was your most memorable moment this year?

AB: I would say winning one of the shupe tournaments and making articles with decode has been pretty fun.

BJ: You joined Team Bandit Gang as an article writer after you finished your 1 month trial, how are you liking it?

AB: Absolutely loving it here as a member of bandit gang! loving the community in and around the team and the atmosphere and the help i received from some of my fellow team mates.
BJ: How have you enjoyed the atmosphere in the team so far?
AB: Really liking it here as I said before the help I got from from my team mates has really helped me a lot!
AB: Join as much tournaments as I can and perform to my best as well as create as many articles as I can.
BJ: Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
AB: Improving at gwent and getting better would be I would say one of my many new years resolutions
BJ: Anything you want to say to the reader in anticipation of 2022?
AB: I love reading the feedback from you guys and it actually helps me improve my articles and overall i think you guys supporting the team motivates each and every one of us to perform even better 🙂 so thank you for cheering for us! and we will keep pumping out the good stuff for you guys in the next year as well! 😀

BJ: Cheers and happy holidays!


AcidBunny's Top 10 Cards of 2021

1. Master Mirror: I must admit the reason why i like this card so much is due to my bias towards this character from the witcher 3 game , as I loved gaunther o dimm in the game i love him in gwent as well, the ability to bamboozle not only your opponent but your self with making your bad cards into good cards is just rng in its pure form!

2- Braathens: being able to procc your assimilate engines 2 times in 1 turn is something that very few cards do and out of them i must confess braathens is my fav from his abilities to his premium i just love everything about this card

3- Usurper: while being out of meta i still will not forget the times this card made me won many games, his usefulness as a card that can be played in not only ball decks but in spying decks is just very good in my opinion.

4- fucusya: relatively new card but its function of giving you the ability to play any skellige card you want for 10 or less provisions and giving you rain on top of that is just too much and being flexible enough to be played in from rain decks to reckless flurry and warrior decks has given this card a stable position in the current meta.

5-shupe: shupe wow wow inside! 😀

6- coup de grace: is a very unique card in this game that allows you to not only to replay your disloyal units but also having the ability to play any of your opponents unit as long as they have spying status is just too precious to not include in list of top 10 !

7- cantarella: must I really say how annoying this card can be for both you and your opponent? being to steal anything from opponents 4 prov useless cards to his 13+provision game condition give you this adrenaline and an amazing feeling while the card may disappoint me sometimes but alas it is a risk i am willing to take.

8-gezras: his versatility to be played in movement, natures gift and dwarf decks make him a very good choice to play in your decks and arguably one of the best st high end golds

9- vincent: I cannot stress this enough at how many times vincent actually made me not rage quit against greedy meme decks running defender – being able to take down the defender without using any high removal cards like invocation and heatwave is what makes this card so good.

10-morkvaarg: heart of terror – tired of those pesky kolgrim/tall unit decks? well fear no more because morkvaarg will pew pew them all! 😀

End of Year Interview 2021 DrDenuz: ‘It was an uphill battle but fortunately I have managed to prevail in the end’

At Bandit Gang, the end of the year means the end of year interviews. All members are put to the test one by one about the events of the past year that shaped them. Private as well as business. In these interviews in which no mince of words will be stated, no taboos exist, sometimes harsh words are used and where you get a nice insight into the soul life of the interviewee.

Babyjosus: Welcome Denuz, you are the next in line after Spock. How are you liking your return to Gwent?

DrDenuz: My return to Gwent was quite shaky as there were many new cards and many changes to the old cards that I had to learn and re-learn. It was an uphill battle but fortunately I have managed to prevail in the end. Also my deck-building skills seemed to have ceased, but they have returned after I have managed to create multiple creative meta breaker decks that were hella fun to play! Another obstacle that has shown up at the start was me mistaking Beta Gwent abilities and functions with Homecoming as I watched a lot of Repelmer’s videos before coming back. The confusion was extraordinary at times but in the end I have always laughed it off as it was quite funny. But single-handedly the part that outshines every obstacle was my ability to finally stream with other people and mainly my best friend Babyjosus, who has made my return a truly warm experience and I felt as I had never left! Love you BJ <3

BJ: Love you too bro <3 What’s it like working on content with Bandit Gang again as a guest writer?

DrD: I feel like a slave being bullied if I am not on schedule! :’( Just kidding, it’s an experience that
gives more than it takes. Yeah, it takes from my free time,however the possibility to work withsuch an interesting and neat group of people is rewarding. Especially Mr Editor Gabelheld, who has taught me how to be better with my words and always gave my articles that little
something, that gave them an edge over articles from other sites and blogs

BJ: Gabelheld is a life saver. How would you reflect on the year 2021?

DrD: Gwentwise, I wasn’t around for too long to fully assess the year but from the bit I was around I feel like the developers took a better direction than previously but on the other hand I would appreciate them taking a look at unplayable cards. Personally, my year was quite hard and is going to be hard until the very end but that’s for me to cope with all the challenges and
obstacles. Fortunately, I have a great bunch of friends who are there to help and cheer me up!

BJ: What was your most memorable moment this year?

DrD: The most memorable and the moment that I paradoxically remember the least was when I
played the Knickers drinking game with my bro Babyjosus. We were two hours into the stream
from the total five and we had like 25 shots each in our systems, so you can imagine it made for

Another great memory that I have is the overwhelming support from CDPR and Pawel Burza as
they helped sharing my articles about the Slabic Mythology in Gwent and the ability to reveal an
amazing card for Gwent! The reception I got for the reveal was also exceptional and I will keep
the memory along with the warm feelings for the rest of my life! 🙂

BJ: Truly. Is there anything (else) that you would like to do next year?

DrD: Next year I would love to stream more than I managed in the end of the year and also I would like to introduce new fun game-shows and competitions for the community on my streams andmy videos!

BJ: Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

DrD: I do not really make any resolutions for the New year, however I would love to keep streaming and be involved in Gwent! When it comes to my personal life I would love to continue working out(yes a cliché but am going strong so far!!) and most of all I SHALL QUIT PROCRASTINATION haha.

BJ: Anything you want to say to the reader in anticipation of 2022?

DrD: My few words to the reader would be “Keep calm & meme hard!” ALSO KEEP IN MIND THAT BABYJOSUS MAY NOT STREAM ANYMORE, BUT HE IS STILL THE HOTTEST STREAMER EVER!!!!

BJ: I 100% agree with that statement and happy holidays!


DrDenuz's Top 10 Cards of 2021

*DrDenuz didn’t include a top 10.