Bandit Gang’s Guide to Nilfgaard – Overview

Devious intrigues, aristocratic elegance, ruining everyone else’s day, these are the things that make Nilfgaard great.
Subjugate your opponents in style with the empire’s huge array control tools.

Table of Contents


This guide will equip you with everything you need to know about Nilfgaard on your journey to Pro-rank. Know thyself and thine enemy and you will win a hundred battles. Whether it is cards, plays, concepts or deckbuilding, each part of this guide will progressively advance your skills from beginner to advanced levels. Though we advocate starting from the beginning, feel free to jump around as we made this to cater to a wide-range of skill levels.  Each following section will provide an overview on the topic and its purpose, and link to the guide. 

Part 1: The Starter Deck

Intermediate and advanced players may find subtleties here that aid in piloting other Nilfgaard decks. Certainly an essential read for beginners. Click here or the image below to learn how to pilot your Nilfgaard starter deck.  Particularly, round strategy, its most potent cards, and combinations. 

Up to date with new starter decks introduced in patch 8.5. 

Usurper Officer crop (Katarzyna Bekus)

Part 2: Beyond the Starter Deck

For beginners looking to upgrade their decks, read this guide. The list of must-have cards will ensure your scraps are well spent, while an off-meta and full-meta list will give you goals to work towards. Intermediate players may find key components that can help improve their decks, for instance consistency cards that are often underrated. For advanced players, the full-meta deck will serve well as a foundation for a climb to pro-rank.  

P.S. Updated to patch 9.0, click card images in the guide for their full text. 

Part 3: Concepts, Keywords and Leaders

The foundation to proper use of any faction’s cards and deckbuilding is recognition of its core keywords and concepts. This guide can help players of all stripe shortcut their way to combinations and custom decks. 

Part 4: FAQs

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