Bandit Gang’s Guide to Scoia’tael – Overview

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Elves, dwarves, dryads, gnomes, and treants: Scoia’tael is the home for all the “bloody nonhumans” of Gwent. Scoia’tael specializes in guerilla warfare: dealing damage, laying traps, moving units around the board, and swarming the board.

In this section, Gwent beginners can learn how to play and win games with the Scoiatael starter deck. While no starter deck is particularly competitive at higher ranks, the Scoiatael starter deck can win you games with the right strategy at lower ranks. Read this guide to learn how to pilot the starter deck, or continue on to Part 2 if you want to know how to upgrade the deck to compete better at higher ranks.

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In this section, you will learn how to upgrade the starter deck into a more competitive deck. This guide includes must-have cards in Scoiatael, as well as a variety of archetypes you can work to build toward. If you aren’t sure if you like Scoia’tael, we recommend checking out Part 1 of this guide and playing with the starter deck first.

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If you want to get better at playing Scoia’tael, you will need to learn the concepts and keywords essential to the faction. This guide will help you learn all things Scoiatael, as well as build a foundation toward making your own custom decks. 

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If you have questions about Scoia’tael, we’ve got answers! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions in this concluding guide. 

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