Bandit Gang’s Guide to Syndicate- The Starter

Your Deck’s Foundations

Syndicate is a very unique faction and, unlike the others, it does not offer a starter deck as of yet. Because of that, there is no single foundation for your beginner deck. Instead you will be playing all sorts of archetypes which will prepare you for the meta version of the deck. The game plan is to put as many engines and point slam cards on the board as possible to out-tempo our opponent, and to use our control engines such as Whoreson’s Freak Show and Ewald Borsodi  to take care of our opponent’s engines.

Thin Cards for Consistency

It is important to play Sewer Raiders and Casino Bouncers in Round 1 to trigger their thinning effect, which will not only give you tempo but also improve your draws for Round 2 and 3. Try to mulligan the copies of each card to avoid bricking your hand.

The Casino Bouncers in Action
The Sewer Raiders in Action

Grow Your Points

The deck has a lot of engines that demand your opponent’s attention. Saul de Navarette, Tax Collectors and Borsodi Brothers can sometimes be played as bait to protect the more important engines of our deck such as Roland and Gellert with Lieutenant Von Herst.

Tax Collector acts not only as an engine to generate coins but also generates a lot of points when you have 9 coins. This little pencil-pusher will act as your main coin generator other than Eavesdrop and Fisstech

Roland Bleinheim, Gellert Bleinheim and Lieutenant Von Herst are the most important engines of our deck. The general game plan is to let Herst spawn as many tokens as possible and then poisoning and boosting them all with Gellert Bleinheim. If this combo is done at 9 coins, it will generate double the rewards, since both the tokens and Roland Bleinheim will receive boosts, as Bleinheim’s coin generation will be turned into boosts due to our leader’s passive ability.

He rarely lives though
Gellert without Roland(left) vs Gellert with Roland and 9 coins(right)

Shut Down Opponents

While putting our own engines on the board and point slamming we also need to shut down our opponent’s engines and win-condition cards with our control cards.

Payday is one of the many control options in our deck and is a really good 5 point removal card. It is, however, advisable to use this card only when really needed, since we are running only a single copy.

Graden is a removal on deploy on any card as long as it has the Bounty status, which can easily be applied through Kurt and Slander

Geralt of Rivia  is our tall removal, and is used to get rid of the biggest unit on the opposite side of the board. So try to save him for your last play and don’t try to damage or kill your opponents tallest unit with other cards of our control package. Because that would put poor Geralt out of a job.

The Strategy

The goal is simple: Play engines and point slam while killing your opponents engines and win-conditions. In Round 1, try to win while investing as few gold cards as possible. We also do not want to play round 1 overly deep. Our goal is to play our thinning package and some bronze engines to get our opponents gold cards and removals out. If there is an opportunity to tempo pass in round 1- do so.

In round 2 we basically want to use our good cards to bleed our opponent’s win conditions out. We can play the Bounty package, Borsodi brothers and Bleinheim brothers to bleed. In Round 3 we can play our Whoreson’s Freak Show and find good targets for Geralt of Rivia.

Is it good to pass here or not?
Can we defend the bleed?

Pros and Cons

Pro’s :

  • Very solid and flexible deck which will get you used to most of the mechanics in syndicate faction.
  • Able to point slam
  • A lot of control

Con’s :

  • Lack of tutors which can make certain situations awkward to play.
  • Bad against swarm and tall punish
Why did i save my Geralt till the end?

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