Bandit Gang’s Top 5 Cards of Price of Power Expansion: Once Upon a Pyre

This article has been written by Babyjosus in collaboration with Bomblin.

After the latest expansion, Price of Power (PoP), got announced, we know that you all were eager to find out what we think about it. And so, we have decided to make a Top 5 cards of the PoP: Once Upon a Pyre expansion. All members had the chance to put in their votes based on card art and/or ability. In the end 18 members voted, including 12 from Content Team and 6 from the Competitive Team (Pro Team & Academy Team). We ended up with the following 5 cards, from least voted card to the most voted card. Side Note: 5 cards of the expansion pack didn’t got any votes at all.

So pay attention now, you might just learn something!

#5 Gerhart of Aelle

The main reason why this card is in the Top 5 is because Content Team member Mercernn got to reveal this card. And the second reason must be of course that its a legendary card that supports the Mage archetype that has been neglected for a very long time by Jason Slama and co!

Most of the votes came from the Content Team, hence the pink color.

#4 Fulmar

Fulmar, Hjalmar, whatever its name is, it got included in our Top 5 because just like Gerhart of Aelle, this card supports a forgotten archetype in Gwent, which is the druid archetype. Fulmar is a great card to use alongside Gedyneith.

Most of the votes came from the Competitive Team, hence the grey color.

#3 Megascope

Megascope gets the third spot in our Top 5, mainly because it has great potential with Idarran, paired with a high value bronze like  Cintrian Royal Guard. A more meme approach is to play it on a Crow Messenger.

All the votes came from the Content Team, hence the pink color.

# 2 Francesca Findabair

The ability and card art from Francesca Findabair is a blast from the past. It allows you to play specials twice, and because it’s not faction restricted, you can play Shupe twice. Nuff said.

Most of the votes came from the Content Team, hence the pink color.

#1 Blightmaker

Blightmaker is flexible because it can be played on a Mage or a special card, but it will be at its most powerful paired with the Mage Assassin.

Pretty much everyone that voted voted for this card. Since the card will see a lot of play in the meta, we decided to give it the grey competitive color.

And that’s it for Team Bandit Gang’s top 5 cards of the Price of Power: Once Upon a Pyre expansion. We hope everyone will have tons of fun in the upcoming weeks with these cards while we wait for the next installment in a couple of months. Let us know what your top 5 cards are in the comment section down below.

Best of luck,

Bomblin & BJ

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