Bandit Gang’s Top 5 Cards of Price of Power Expansion: Thanedd Coup

This article has been written by Babyjosus in collaboration with Bomblin.

After the latest expansion, Price of Power (PoP), got announced, we know that you all were eager to find out what we think about it. And so, we have decided to make a Top 5 cards of the PoP: Thanedd Coup expansion. All members had the chance to put in their votes based on card art and/or ability. In the end 16 members voted, including 8 from Content Team and 8 from the Competitive Team (Pro Team & Academy Team). We ended up with the following 5 cards, from least voted card to the most voted card.

So pay attention now, you might just learn something!

#5 Offering to the Sea

Nobody wrote a reason why this card should be included, but Bomblin and I assume that it was included because it has a cool interaction with self-harm, such as Witcher decks that are build around Bear Witcher Mentors

Since we always use pink and grey colors, we decided for this one to give it a blue color to honor our underrated Academy Team.

#4 Artaud Terranova

While nobody picked Artaud because of the bug people were abusing, we did pick him because of his great meme potential. It’s an amazing inclusion for assimilate and spy decks. But, perhaps it will also benefit the return of Masquerade Ball?

Most of the votes came from the Content Team, hence the pink color.

#3 Bloody Mistress, Mammuna & Selfeater

First time in the history of the Top 5 we have three-way tie for cards that support the same archetype, so there was no way we couldn’t have a shared #3. Bloody Mistress, Mammuna & Selfeater were recognized by our team members as a powerful trio that will dominate the meta. 

For no specific reason, we gave them the pink color.

# 2 Melusine

Melusine has a really unique design which is considered ”nice” by most of the team members. It also introduces one of the old abilities from beta that is called Strengthening. It enhance the graveyard power of Skellige, especially in a short round when you play Melusine from Sigrdrifa or Bride of the Sea.

There was 1 more vote coming from the Competitive Team, hence the grey color.

#1 Simlas

Simlas can be both competitive and memey. He can be very strong with the Orb of Insight and has lots of meme potential with cards like Waylay. He also potential with Lacerate and Bone Talisman, but so far it hasn’t been chosen by many players. This is a card that can only improve as more bronze special cards are introduced to the game. 

10 out of 16 members have voted for this card. 8 out of 10 were competitive players, hence why we have given the grey color.

And that’s it for Team Bandit Gang’s top 5 cards of the Price of Power: Thanedd Coup expansion. We hope everyone will have tons of fun in the upcoming weeks with these cards while we wait for the next installment in a couple of months. Let us know what your top 5 cards are in the comment section down below.

Best of luck,

Bomblin & BJ

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