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Deck Guide: BJ’s Blue Balls (89% winrate)

From the creator of Gudrun Shupe and definitely 100% independent creator of Triple Siege, Triple Masquerade Ball, Triple Haunt & Triple Passiflora. Babyjosus presents you: BJ’s Blue Balls. If you are a huge fan of Draug Commando’s and have always wondered what it would be like to play Commando’s every round, then this deck is the deck for you!

After publishing the deck on PlayGwent I had a big demand from people all over the world to write a Deck Guide for it, and so I have decided to please my fan base by writing a couple words down on pen and paper to grant you more success in Gwent. And maybe you become even as good as me with this deck now you get a peak into the creators mind by finding out how he pilots the deck.

Let’s start with round 1 because that makes the most sense doesn’t it? I mean, I could start by writing what you do in round 3, but that would only confuse you, the reader. So, here we go then.

In round 1 I like to play a ”naked” Blue Striped Commando and keep Roche: Merciless for round 2. People have called me weird for doing this, but after showing the 89% winrate they usually shut their mouth and just take it for what it is. I do this because without Roche: Merciless I tend to win round 1 anyways, and by keeping him for round 2 I have a bigger chance to either 2-0 my opponent or get card advantage.

Before I play the naked Blue Stripes Commando I decide if I want to play a Radovid’s Royal Guard and a Siege Support to avoid having to use a leader charge. Against Nilfgaard or Monsters this could be a strategy to go for. Otherwise you can also decide to use a leader charge and use Tactical Advantage on the second commando to protect it. After you do that, make sure to make as many copies of the Blue Stripes Commando’s. You can use the Blue Stripes Scouts, Zoria Runestone & Reinforcements to get more copies in round 1. Amphibious Assault (AA), Oneiromancy and John Natalis (Papa John) can help you tutor those cards out of the deck. Note: I prefer to use Amphibious Assault over Oneiromancy in round 1, because it can screw you over later on if you use both of them. Because then you are most likely to depend on draws in round 3, if you don’t 2-0 your opponent.

Once you have won round 1 and are in round 2, you always open with Pavetta to put back your commando’s. After that you can use Egmund, Aedirnian Mauler’s and/or Ballista to setup your Roche: Merciless. Although if you managed to avoid using your leader charge in round 1, you could use 2 leader charges in round 2 and keep your last charge for round 3. Now you got your Blue Stripes Commando’s out with Roche: Merciless you can decide to push more since you are sitting in a comfortable spot. You could take this opportunity to use your last resources to make copies (if you still have them) or simply throw your trash out. You could even play until you have your two key cards for round 3 in hand. This should either be AA and Oneiromancy or AA and Renew. Your renew is to play Pavetta from the graveyard to get your commando’s in the deck again to play them again with AA. This combo is strong enough for you to win in a short round 3 which resorts in your opponent throwing their computer out of the window.

But what do you do if you surprisingly don’t win round 1 and your opponent passes round 2? Well, you sadly have to play double commando’s instead of triple commando’s. You could use Renew on a blue stripes scout, but preferable you have Voymir or Seltkirk in the graveyard so your Renew doesn’t feel useless anymore. Note: Lyrian Scytheman is only good after you have played Voymir. So, only keep that card in hand if you have Voymir as well.

And that should be all, if you still have any questions, either about my sanity or just about the deck, you can ask them in the comments down below. You can also ask me questions when I am streaming the deck live on Twitch if that is something you prefer more. Cheers!

The Deck

Instantly download this deck with the following link:

TurboTommy Making An End To My Winstreak

13 thoughts on “Deck Guide: BJ’s Blue Balls (89% winrate)”

      1. nvm i milled like hell and made the deck, is my first deck made since i started playing gwent one week ago, such a good deck dude! After I understand how to play it only lost 1 match and got 1 draw, the rest are victories.

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  3. Why don’t you include Draug? Is it over kill?
    Also, what about changing the leader ability to mobilization to get another blue.?

    1. Hey Jed,

      Thanks for the comment! This version of the deck is slightly outdated, but in my most recent version I run Foltest and Maxii for more consistency. I no longer run Seltkirk, Egmund, Runestone and Scytheman.

      To answer your questions. You can’t afford Draug in a deck where you want to play the blue commandos in every round. Plus that your row is usually full already so you either can’t play Draug or don’t get any value from the Kaedweni Revenants except the 1 power damage.

      The leader ability mobilization is not good in my opinion when you want to play Triple Commandos, because you simply require the zeal for your commandos in every round. In the mobi version I would definitely recommend Draug btw.



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