Are you seeking a fun and  competitive tournament with large stakes? The Casino Gwent Cup is presented by Peluchon, Team Viper, and Team Bandit Gang, where each game has a unique twist to it.

Registration and Donations

The registration to the Casino Gwent Cup N°2 is totally free!, just register your information in the following links:


It’s necessary to fill this document:

You can donate in the following streams:



You can also donate directly via the following link

Note: Paypal can take some fees in some transactions. This can affect the final prize pool. Keep in mind that 50% of the total prize pool will be given to a charity that will be announced over the duration of the tournament!


The 32 meme decks that make up the tournament pool will be randomly distributed to all players between rounds. Keep a watch on the CGC streamers’ broadcasts as they will conduct the draws live.
The designated streamers for the Draws are listed below:



The 32-deck pool will be divided into 3 random decks for each player.

They must be played with; it’s a BO3, thus you can ban one deck from the opponent list.

It’s a best-of-fives format for the Grand Finals, so plan accordingly as it’s possible for there to be a total of 10 games.

You have to use the Aretuza Ban Tool, this will give you the coin you get to play and the bans.
Aretuza Ban tool:

Due to the double-elimination format of the competition, each participant must lose two games in order to be eliminated.

If you lose again after being sent to the losers brackets the first time, you are eliminated from the competition.

The winner of the upper bracket will face the winner of the lower bracket in the tournament’s grand final, and the winner of the losers bracket must defeat the winner of the upper bracket TWICE.

You are not permitted to play a deck again throughout the match after winning with it.

If a player utilises a deck that is prohibited or modified from the one chosen during the draws, that player will immediately lose that game.

Players CANNOT CHANGE the assigned decks.

The player who achieves two victories win the match.

You must be on the Discord Channel if any problem shows up or if you have any question/suggestion:


Main Event, Casino Gwent Cup: from September 8 to September 30 (This may change)

Players will see their opponents on 6th september.

After getting to know your opponent, you should speak with them to determine when is the best time to play your matches.

If for any reason any player couldn’t play the match the day they talked about before, the player who shows up will pass for the next round.

After 15 minute of waiting, if for ANY reason the opponent still hasn’t arrived, the player who did wins the round.

Every round will start at 00:00 Hrs in Mexico (GMT-5).

All players will have until 16:00 Hrs (GMT-5) of the same day to get in contact with your opponent, then you must inform the staff on Discord at what time you will play, use the Discord Section called #Time-Matches.

If for any reason you tried to contact your opponent and he didn’t respond, you win this round.

The agreement of the pairings may have some issues because of the time zone differences. Both players will be eliminated if they cannot agree on a time for their matches to take place

Ties, disconnections, bugs or cheats

If there is a tie, the game must be played again with the same deck and coin.

The player who encountered a bug or error must take a screenshot of the issue and submit it to his opponent so that he can determine how to proceed with the game in that situation.

If they are unable to come to an agreement, they should speak with the tournament moderators to resolve the issue.

Here are the Moderators of the CGC Discord:

mcm5392#3609 (ESP)

The Winners Bracket Final, Losers Bracket Final and Grand Final will be held on the official CDPR tournament platform.

The match must be restarted if a platform error occurs during the match that prevents the players from finishing the game or from watching the broadcast of the game.

The final of the winners’ bracket, the losers’ bracket, and the grand final will be broadcast live on the CGC Streamers simultaneously, players are NOT allowed to stream the Finals.

The practice of cooperative gameplay* or stream sniping is prohibited. If any participant is caught (with evidence) doing one of these practices, they will be eliminated from the tournament.
*Cooperative gameplay means that you get help from friends to play the match, telling you how to play or what is the best way to play, this can happen when sharing your screen to your friends or teammates via Discord. This is considered a disadvantage since you are supposed to play the tournament alone by yourself without any help.

Every player has the ability to broadcast their games on any streaming platform. Because the streamer is in charge of his chat, he must take care to ensure that no one gives advise during the games. To avoid any suspicion of coordinated gameplay or stream sniping, we recommend a few minutes of delay.

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