Team Bandit Gang


Welcome to BG JSN991!

Another Academy Player arrives… 

With JSN being a 17 year old, he is one the youngest team members and thus we like to think that he is a Gwent
prodigy to keep your eyes peeled on. He also will be representing the blue colors.

You can read more about JSN991 here.

Bandit Gang Present: Duel Of Dogs, A Gwent Contest

The Duel of Dogs is a Gwent contest of skill that will be a fantastic community tournament with some of the best teams and names in the Gwent scene. Question is, are you ready to fight?

The Duel of Dogs will feature a 250 USD Prize Pool with a variety of prizes for the top three winners of the dog fight.

If you would like to participate you can register for the Duel of Dogs Qualifiers here and have a shot to qualify for the Main Tournament.

For more information & ruleset, please join our Discord and locate the tourney channels. We look forward to you participating in the Qualifier and watching this big event on the last weekend in October!

Gwent Beginner Resources Page is Live

Hello! We’ve just updated our website to host a page dedicated to a beginners experience in Gwent. It is still very much “under construction” however we want to get it out there as soon as possible to establish a place for beginners earlier rather than later. It will be constantly updating, and while it’s fairly empty for now we would love to hear what you want posted there! It will include exclusive content aswell as links to our articles published on the main page that fit in with the section.

If you are a new or returning player to gwent (or even an experienced player who struggled with something at the start) then now is the perfect time to let us know what you would love to see topics on! The new section of the website is planned to hold Articles, Videos and possibly infographics to hold content that is designed to be understood from a beginners perspective.

Any suggestions/ideas you have can be sent to us on either twitter, email or discord. Check out our Contact page for more information! In the mean time make sure to keep checking the page for more updates.

Currently planned are more faction guides, resource guides (i.e. Most efficient reward point paths), the completion of our Keyword series and more. However one of the most important reasons for releasing this page early is so that we can fill it overtime with exactly what is needed for a new player, as the last thing we want to do is put more information there that already exists from other sources. We want to fill the gaps so new players can enjoy the depth of the game as soon as possible.

The page can be accessed here and has been added to the site menu.


Team Website is Live!

We’re here lads. In fact I’m actually writing this when the website is barely finished but the homepage is about done, and no one is going to see this until the website is actually live anyway. If you find any errors on the website please let me know ASAP, but hopefully it will run nice and smoothly. -Joe