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The Tunes of Gwent’s Elite – A Soundtrack for Climbing and Grinding

Written by Sawyer1888 and the seal of approval from Babyjosus.


Season 3 of Gwent Masters in full swing, with its first highlight releasing next weekend. The first Gwent Open of the season will also take place from the 24th to 25th of April, including a spicy line up: Pajabol, Tailbot, Redrame, Shaggyccg, kams134, Forever_Yolo, Bart933 and Gravesh. All will fight for a spot in the Gwent Masters 2021.

And since I wrote the first article of this series, which from now on I will call “Gwent’s Elite”, a few months have passed already. During that time, we saw Pajabol becoming the winner of Gwent Masters Season 2, experienced the Way of the Witcher expansion, and got introduced to the new road map of 2021 for Gwent.     

Games were decided, MMR was grinded, tournaments were organized and meanwhile we had daily streams full of entertainment, cardjamming, funny moments, and tilted reactions. But after the recent DMCA issues, I had the feeling that something was missing. Of course, certain song requests were allowed and we found alternatives in the in-game soundtrack or DMCA-free lists, but I guess we all agree that we miss the old ability to stream with our favorite music in the background. So I asked myself “Hey, what are all these people listening to anyway? Why not ask them and create a playlist full of everyone’s favorite tunes? What music helps the pros to focus, what music are streamers listening to in private? And what music do they enjoy the most?”  And that’s exactly what I did.

Additional Information

For the people in a hurry, you will find the Spotify link here. You are also able to check out this document, where every person involved is listed with their music, which is already linked for you. In addition, there is a list of everyone who helped me at the end of the article, where you can also see the links of their Twitch and Twitter accounts, as well as each homepage of their respective teams. As I am still only human, some might not be quoted or even questioned, but as I want to treat this as an ongoing project, feel free to message me your tunes on Discord! Thanks a lot for all the support!

Project Idea and Process

The idea of this project was to include as many people as possible from the competitive scene, but also streamers and content creators. I asked them what their favorite songs are, what they like to listen to while jamming cards and what tunes are their viewers’ most wanted.
Over 50 people from over 20 different countries responded and helped me create this unique playlist. I’m really glad to be part of this community and during my work, I talked to many amazing people from all over the world. I was introduced to Turkish rock music, Italian rap, jams from South Africa, Polish tunes, Russian gachi, Asian vibes and a mixture of nature sounds and epic game soundtracks – just to mention a few genres. 

This all showed me how easy it can be to connect to people, even if they’ve never heard of you and live a thousand miles away. It also made me realize that behind all these nicknames and MMR stats are real people, unique characters, who all have a different approach when it comes to playing and enjoying Gwent. Listening to people at 4am discuss what they think about classical music while grinding ladder, how dark metal helps them to get into the zone, or how they actually created different tracks for grinding in the morning, evening or for tournaments…it was a real exciting journey which comes to an end with this international playlist of over a 100 songs! 

But before I let you enjoy all their tunes yourself, let’s take a quick look at how important music might be in general for getting into the zone, staying focused and what some of them told me about their personal experience.

Music is the strongest Form of Magic

In the world of The Witcher and also Gwent, we were provided with an awesome and unique soundtrack by Marcin Przybyłowicz and Percival, but also by Mikolai Stroinski und Piotr Adamczyk. Even if Triss or Yennefer might disagree, I think Marilyn Manson was right when he said that “music is the strongest form of magic.”

It can get us into a romantic mood, it can push us, it can create memories, or it can help alleviate our pain. In terms of this article, I would say that all of these factors matter. When we are tilted, it can help us calm down (Sebasar); when we are eager to push, it can give us an extra boost (NingunoSirve); and when we might be tired or exhausted, it can cheer us up and keep us going. (Kolemoen, SuperSpock)
And after questioning almost 60 people, I can tell that there is no “universal” type of music that works for everyone. Even if some argue that classical music is the best way to focus, I would agree with Team Legacy’s InNomineSatanas that this is not true. What kind of music I listen to really depends on my mood (energiix) and apparently also on what I want to achieve“. (ceely) Some people need to listen to orchestral soundtracks which are generally calm, setting up “the correct ambiance […] to properly pay attention to [their] games” TiltBro93 says, while “anything loud or aggressive would be a distraction”. Meanwhile, Movius00 from Team ESC admits that he likes the kind of music that heats you up, tunes that empower you and give you energy. The kind of songs that when you win a difficult game you jump from your seat.” Music here seems to support two different approaches for grinding: being calm and collected to focus or being pumped up. 

Some people vary their tunes depending if its morning or evening (Count-Dooku), while some choose their music specifically for a certain faction they play. (Forever_Tabaki)

Interestingly, even if many people like to listen to music for a certain amount of time, for example Ci_87 who only listens to music in the first days of the season, some of them turn it off when they need to focus. darthlothins, Kolemoen, Saber97,_and wickedsyam don’t listen to music at all during their climb, while lerio2 for example does better without music anyway. 

So after all we can say that, for most of them, music helps to get into the “zone” (Shaggyccg) and has an important role in their attempt to grind, climb, and focus. Although sometimes music might be a distraction and can tank your performance, when you are too engaged in the lyrics and sounds (Gravesh), it is a way to not go crazy, [while] performing routine tasks, which helps to delineate a repetitive process so as not to drown in it.”(renova-) And let’s be real, as exciting the soundtrack and game can be, playing it over hundreds of games each season can feel kinda repetitive. 

With the recent struggles of the DMCA restrictions, many streamers were forced to create alternative playlists including various game or movie soundtracks. But some streamers still allow song requests and play their own tunes, which sometimes is very different from their private preference. So, let’s not keep you waiting any longer and get right into the playlist, where you can decide for yourself what tracks you like the most and whose tastes might surprise you!
(In this document you can find every participant with most of their submissions, to be able to get a detailed insight)



Final Word

This playlist contains almost every song submitted to me, while I had to make some cuts owing to the amount of songs I received. I hope that I did all of you justice, so don’t be sad if you might not find every single song in the list or document. 

The first part includes more rock-related tunes, going to what I would call “clubmusic” and hip hop. Followed by some chillin sounds, it will end in some unique songs and selected game or movie tracks.  Maybe some songs would fit in a different genre but I tried my best to structure them at least a bit. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and that it helps you to achieve whatever you want to achieve in Gwent. And if not Gwent, it might get you into the right mood for accomplishing other tasks!

Cheers to everyone, and have fun with “The Tunes of Gwent’s Elite”. I’m already looking forward to the next project!

Thank you!

Team Bandit Gang:
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Team Phoenix:
Ch.ase, Forever_Tabaki, Snow_Socrates


Team Swallow: 


And also:
ForeverYOLO322, Kerpeten96, MissLadyJay

Weekly Bandit Gang Content Update #2

Welcome to your weekly Bandit Gang content update.

Hello Strays of Spalla!

First of all, thanks to anyone out there that has been watching and showing support to our streamers play the game Trials of Fire live on Twitch, we hope you had a great time in this week of spotlight. Yesterday we concluded it and it was good to see that many of our content members worked closely together, by either hopping onto each other streams or just hanging out in the Twitch chat and helping out by giving tips & tricks.

Speaking of tips & tricks, Enzo has worked on a first impression and guide video for Trials of Fire regarding the Bandit Gang YouTube  which you can check out down below!

If  you want to see more of our videos then feel free to go our videos page on the website, we recently launched it . You can get directed towards it here.

A warm welcome to the latest addition to the Content Team!

Graphic Designer: NotKelseyArt

Carrost is the latest addition to the Content Team for Team Bandit Gang. During his 1 month trial we found out that he has quite the skill-set for when it comes to content creation. While he has been playing Gwent for over a year, he is relatively new to streaming on Twitch. His charisma and passion for memes is something that we liked about him. Not to forget to mention that he is a Voice Actor in his daily life and you can expect to hear his voice on a few projects that we have planned on the Bandit Gang YouTube channel. And at last, Carrost is a talented article writer as some of you might have already witnessed, so believe me when I say that you should keep your eyes peeled on this man.

Side Note: There will be an introduction interview released with Carrost this week on the Bandit Gang website.

A new series of columns called ''So You Want To Play!'' has been introduced

With Carrost getting out of his 1 month trial, he immediately put pen to paper and started a new series for the Bandit Gang website. Its a series of columns where he lifts a forgotten card out of the muck of disuse and attempt, just for one moment, to elevate it to something usable. In his first edition he wrote a column about the card Poor Fucking Infantry, also known as PFI. You can check it out here.

A video about the powerful spell Alzur's Double Cross and its creation

In case you missed it, our Lore Blast Episode 4  got published last weekend and has gained over 200 views already, not just from lore fanatics, but also from a lot of other members in the community. It has even received the Hugz Award and Snek Award on Reddit.

Lore Blast is a series of short videos covering various topics in the World of the Witcher through Gwent and the Witcher games. With the voice of Moriarty and the Master Editor Enzo to make it look pretty, this series has gotten a significant boost and more consistency.

We are thankful to anyone that has commented and shared our Lore Blast videos!

Bandit of the Month March

Graphic Designer: NotKelseyArt

It might not have come as a surprise to you, but of course we had to give the Bandit of the Month to Enzo who has brought life to our YouTube channel. Enzo is someone that has been constantly improve himself when it comes to content creation and video editing. If it wasn’t for Enzo, the Lore Blast series would not have continued. As Moriarty himself said that he wasn’t happy with his own video editing. Therefore, we want to congratulate Enzo with becoming the BOTM of March! 

This weeks uploads on the Bandit Gang YouTube

Illustrator: NotKelseyArt

Thank you so much for reading, and for supporting our content at Bandit Gang. Next week I will be back with more content to go through. But for now, I hope you will have a nice rest of your week!


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So You Want To Play PFI!

Illustrator: Marta Dettlaff

Odds are none of these cards are going to break the meta… are the netdeckers gone? Good. It’s not their easily-won-yet-fickle attention that I’m courting. No, I aim for a more sophisticated quarry: all you treasure hunters, memelords and/or lovers of bastards and broken things; this column is for you. Welcome to “So you want to play!” The column where we lift a forgotten card out of the muck of disuse and attempt, just for one moment, to elevate it to something usable. Will it work? Probably not. Will it be fun? Definitely.

So let’s inaugurate this column with one of the first cards I laid eyes on when I started this game: Poor Fucking Infantry.

Before we start with the statistics, a little lore dump and historical primer from yours truly. See the straw wrapped around their right foot and the hay wrapped around their left foot? In universe, the PFI were conscripted from the ranks of the peasantry. Being peasants, most were illiterate and didn’t have much use for “left or right”. If they wanted to know where something was they’d point, dammit. So the officers in charge of the PFI regiment attached hay and straw to the left and right legs of their infantry to assist peasant-turned military-men in marching drills. This mirrors the same real-life practice adopted by sergeants during the American Civil War for training new, less literate recruits in marching. The terms “hay-foot” and “straw-foot” later came to denote a new or inexperienced recruit. There are claims that the term is younger than that, originating in rural Ireland when young men-of-the-field were taught how to dance for festivals using this same method. 

The Card

With the mini Gwent/real life lore blast concluded, let’s look at the crunch of the card: 1 power for 4 provisions with the deploy ability to boost itself by 4. Essentially a (relatively) uninteractive 5-for-4 pointslam with a weakness for resets.  That’s right you’re playing an NR card with a weakness to Yrden. Shocking, I know. 

This card has other problems however. Most obvious of these issues is its efficiency. The best 4 prov units outside of engines tend to find their value at 1.75 Power per Provision (PpP if you’re silly) usually with a condition attached: Aen Elle Conquerors require devotion while Tuirseach Invader only reaches that value by round 3 (worth noting that the latter plays on round 1 for the same value as PFI. Powercreep indeed.) PFI swings at a miserly 1.25 PpP. It’s a losing game vs most newer 4 prov cards.

The Build

With that established, how do we make this ragtag group of conscripts work and what can we build them around?

Well I’m glad you asked dear reader. PFI instantly synergizes with Lyrian Scytheman. No setup needed. Vysogota, Anna Strenger? Never heard of them and neither have the PFI. Maybe because the PFI can’t read. Next up is “Smoke them out.” Again, the PFI serves as your ready-made boosted unit to provide the cheeky buff to your spawned volunteers. Maybe throw in Idarran for some extra spice. Continuing with the “stuff that does things when other things are boosted”: we have Temerian Infantry. “Damage an enemy unit by 1 for every boosted unit you control”. Well how about that? With PFI, boosted volunteers from “Smoke them out” and a Scytheman, we’re dropping a cool 27 points by turn 4 with 4 of those being removal value.

Not the best when I read it out like that but considering we did so by playing 3 4-provision cards and one 5-prov I’d call it a good trade. Is it totally mind blowing? Of course not. Is it pretty good for base set cards? Sure! Top it off with a sneaky Vissegerd at the second-to-last turn of the round and you’ve got a fair amount of cards synergizing with these plucky recruits.

The Good, the Bad or the Ugly

Now that we’ve tried to squeeze the juice out of the rind, as it were, let’s get down to the brass tacks. We’ll play a game that I like to call, “the good, the bad and the ugly”. The good are the cards just waiting for a shift in the meta or even a new card that allows for new synergies. The bad are the cards that have been victims of powercreep or are inefficient. The Ugly are the unsalvageable cards that won’t see play until they receive a complete rework.

With these criteria in mind I hereby consign PFI to “the bad”. PFI is a victim of powercreep plain and simple. Seeing its boost ability increased to 5 or even 6 instead of 4, turning the card into a mostly unconditional 6-7 for 4, would allow the card to better compete as a cheap, zero-setup pointslam option for NR. Do I think it would see play after that? Ehhhhhh, maybe, maybe not. You may see decks that take it as 4-prov filler and with more cards that combo with already buffed cards you may see this card really take flight alongside the likes of Redanian Elite and King Belohun. 

So that’s it for Poor Fucking Infantry. Did I do the card justice? Let me know in the comments below and drop a suggestion for the next card that we’ll dust off in next week’s “So you want to play!” This has been Carrost your friendly neighborhood jank-peddler, signing off.

Carrost is a Content Creator for Team Bandit Gang. He has quite the skill-set for when it comes to content creation. While he has been playing Gwent for over a year, he is relatively new to streaming on Twitch. His charisma and passion for memes is something that we liked about him. Not to forget to mention that he is a Voice Actor in his daily life and you can expect to hear his voice on a few projects that we have planned on the Bandit Gang YouTube channel. And at last, Carrost is a talented article writer as you have all been able to witness today yourself, so keep your eyes peeled on this man.

Weekly Bandit Gang Content Update #1

Welcome to your weekly Bandit Gang content update.

Hello Strays of Spalla!

Thank you so much for opening up this article, we hope you’ve had a lovely month so far.

It has been quite the month for Bandit Gang already, with the #SayNoToNetdecking  video that went live on April 1st, episode 3 of Lore Blast and the week of Spotlight for the game Trials of Fire.

The overwhelming response for the #SayNoToNetdecking video on our YouTube  and coverage on Reddit  with receiving the Helpful Award & Bravo Grande! Award  has delighted us at Bandit Gang. Especially considering that it was a group effort, its nice to see that the work payed off.

It has already reached over 700 views and is nearing the 1k views, thanks to all of you sharing and viewing the video!

Every year, Bandit Gang decides to say no to something on April Fools, while its a joke there is always some truth hidden within it. Last year we said no to the card Bribery, this time we decided to say no to Netdecking. While we have nothing against Netdecking itself, we hope to encourage people with the video to simply be open minded and try to build their own decks, even when it means that you will be playing bad cards and fail with them.

Usually when a meta snapshot releases, or a video regarding a deck that gets published by a popular streamer/content creator, you see relatively quickly that the meta starts to shift. Simply because people start Netdecking like a herd of animals, resulting in Homebrews disappearing, and that while encountering those decks in my opinion give me more pleasure when playing against them in Gwent.

One could say that a Homebrew is like a fine pearl. As long as its hidden in the shell, at the bottom of the sea, no one thinks of admiring it. But if you can bring it into the sunshine, this pearl will shine and attract all eyes. Thus the Homebrew, which is hidden from the eyes of the world, will one day shine before the Angels in the sunshine of eternity. A Homebrew, like a pearl, must be brought to the light for people to appreciate it. However, even if no one sees a Homebrew, it will always last in eternity and stand the test of time.

A video about the lore behind Viraxas and the Kingdom of Kerack

In case you missed it, our Lore Blast Episode 3  about Viraxas and the Kingdom of Kerack got published last weekend and has gained over 300 views already, not just from lore fanatics, but also from a lot of other members in the community. It has even received the Helpful Award on Reddit.

Lore Blast is a series of short videos covering various topics in the World of the Witcher through Gwent and the Witcher games. With the voice of MoriartyUK and the Master Editor Enz0Plays to make it look pretty, this series has gotten a significant boost and more consistency.

We are thankful to anyone that has commented and shared our Lore Blast videos!

Bringing spotlight to the game Trials of Fire

This week is a special week for Bandit Gang. We got the opportunity from Neon Bedlam  to bring spotlight to a game called Trials of Fire that is getting out of Early Access tomorrow. Weevil and myself wrote a piece for it which you can check out here.  But, you can expect a lot more from Bandit Gang. There will be an impression video on our YouTube tomorrow and many streams from our Content Creators tomorrow and in the weekend too!

A weekly spotlight is something that might happen again in the future for us at BG, where we are able to give spotlight to a game and work together as a group of Content Creators to give our fans some extra content aside of the regular Gwent content that we produce. In my opinion, its always a good to thing to abroaden your horizon when it comes to gaming in general. Because in the end, Gwent is not the only thing in life. Although Geralt might disagree with me there…

Thank you so much for reading, and for supporting our content at Bandit Gang. Next week I will be back with more content to go through. But for now, I hope you will have a nice rest of your week!


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40 Card Foltest – Archetype History (EP2)

This article was written by Bomblin and edited by Mercernn. Make sure to check out Bomblin, the self-proclaimed meme ambassador, on his Twitch channel. Furthermore, if you found this article interesting, let us inform you that this is the second episode of Archetype History and we’ve also published one dedicated to the first iteration of the most beloved and cherished archetype in the history of Gwent, NG Mill. Thank you for your attention and we hope you’ll enjoy the article!

Introduction – How Did It Work? 

One of the most fundamental rules of all card games is to make your deck as consistent as possible. Be it 25, 40, or 60 cards,it doesn’t really matter, as there always seems to be a minimal amount of cards in your deck that you usually do not want to go beyond. Why is that so? Well, to make it on average as reliable as possible, and to make sure that you always draw your win conditions. For this reason, you want to put in as few cards as possible. What if I told you, though, that during the Beta Gwent times there was a deck, a deck so unique and unusual, that broke this rule, yet was still more than playable? Ladies and Gentlemen, let me tell you the story of 40 Card Foltest.

The main premise of the deck was to get the most out of the old Foltest leader ability: “Boost all units in your hand and deck by 1.” To get the best of this ability, you would play a lot of easily tutorable units that could flood your board and overcome your opponent, as the more units you played, the more you got ahead of the balance curve, as each and every unit played was boosted by the extra one point thanks to your leader ability. There was a downside to this strategy, of course, that being bad draws and bricks, especially due to the extensive inclusion of tutors and summon targets such as Temerian Infantry. Due to its draw-dependant nature, the deck was never a tier one material but was considered a solid off meta pick that could compete with anything provided it got the stroke of rng luck for its opening draws. 

With introduction out of the way, now let us take a look at a few specific examples that gave the archetype its identity. 

Deck Building in Beta Gwent.

The provision-based system was introduced in Homecoming, before that players were restricted by the amount of cards of a certain color that they could include in their deck. These restrictions distinguished:

Golds – Most powerful/unique cards in the game, often finishers with limited leader/special card interactivity. Max amount in deck: 4. Max copies of each: 1.

Silvers – Slightly weaker but with a higher degree of interactivity. Often spells (Scorch) or tech choices (Locks or Silver spies – Could provide card advantage). Max amount in deck: 6. Max copies of each: 1.

Bronzes – The backbone of your deck. Often your finishers too, e. g. you could have 3 bronze Harald Gords in ST in the presence of Dol Blathana Sentries (I know, crazy!). Max amount in deck: 30. Max copies of each: 3.

Your deck needed to be between 25 and 40 cards in total so most decks included 4 golds, 6 silvers, and 15 bronzes. 40 Card Foltest Included the standard 4 and 6 set up  but differed in having either 30 or 27 bronzes.

The Leader

All leader abilities in beta Gwent were effectively cards that you deployed on the board similarly to Morvarn or Dana right now. King Foltest wasn’t any different in this regard. While his ability changed over time and he started as a card similar to the current Mobilization (spawning the copy of a friendly bronze unit) he became a staple, unique leader with his all-boosting potential. Interestingly enough, CD Projekt also had to change the ability to not copy spies after the introduction of the Nilfgaardian faction. In any case, the power of 40 Card Foltest emerged in the final version of the ability – Boost all units in hand and deck (and eventually on the board as well) by 1, similarly to the (as of now) very popular Erland of Larvik. The ability rewarded you for playing more units in the deck than you would usually do, but only if you managed to get them out… But how could you get so many boosted cards from the deck?

Broke Peddlers

If you know my stream, you might know this guy very well. He is the original broke-as-shit pedler – not only the author of my favorite voice line in game but also one of the most powerful bronze cards in Beta Gwent that has seen play in almost every NR deck. The all-mighty: Reaver Scout. The cards ability was simple, yet powerful: Choose a different Bronze ally and play a copy of it from your deck. This allowed you to thin your deck and capitalize on the boost from Foltest. Just in this simple combo you got +2 value on playing two units in a single turn and the tutored unit could of course summon/play more units on top of that as well! I hope we will see this guy again in the near future, even if CDPR decided to change the card’s ability. One could ask, though, was Reaver Scout enough to make this humongous deck work?


Of course not, but here comes a card with one of my favorite abilities in the game! I hope it will return one day, maybe in a modifed form to suit the new direction the game has taken. Before we talk about it, I need to explain one thing. Card advantage was a very important aspect of beta Gwent. You only drew two cards after Round 1 and one additional card after Round 2. This is much less than the current 6 cards one can draw in Homecoming Gwent. You really didn’t want to go first and you really did not want to fall behind as that could translate into game over for you. Well, unless you had Dun banners in your deck, always ready to relieve you in the toughest fights. That’s not where it ends, though, remember that your Foltest boosted everything in your deck by 1. And furthermore, don’t forget that you had 3 copies in the deck. This could change the gap of 20 points to 5 points for „free”? Very nice!

The Temerian Package

Ok, how about we pick up the pace now and talk about 3 different cards at the same time? Yes? Perfect! There are just way too many cards in this giganormous deck, trust me! The staple of many NR decks: Temerian Infantry was a classic thinning card with a simple ability: Summon all copies of this unit to this row. Blue Stripes Scouts let you boost all Temerian infantrymen on the board and deck by 1 and finally Blue Stripes Commando would be summoned from the deck every time you played a Temerian ally with the same power. Do you see it now? Boost, boost, thin, thin! That’s all you need! THIS I LIKE!

The White Frost is coming

To thin your deck even more people didn’t hesitate to add Aretuza Adept to the deck. Her ability? Simple. Play random bronze weather from your deck. Why would you like to play weather in a swarm deck? 3 reasons! 1) Thinning. 2) For a long time weather in Gwent had NO TIMER. That’s a lot of damage for a bronze card. 3) A lot of carryover value for a card that we’ll refer to for now only as „Big Boi.”

The Traitor

To add a bit of control and even more thinning to the deck, Witch Hunter made its way to the deck. The same card that you may know from Syndicate in today’s Gwent. Yes, thats right. The Syndicate card used to be part of the mighty Northern Realms. Its beta ability was to reset the target unit. However, if you targeted a mage, you could play another Witch hunter from the deck. Let’s rimind that you’d canonically run Aretuza Adepts, so you could target your own unit too to thin two extra units units from the deck and then reset an enemy unit on top of that as a cherry on the top as more than often you could find offensive value from them too! Just imagine reseting three boosted enemy mages and pulling out three units from the deck in a single turn! Boom!

The Big Boi(s)

Bloody Baron was one of the main payoff cards of this deck. His ability changed many times in the Beta, but the one that made him work in this deck was: „Whenever an enemy is destroyed during a round, while this unit is in your deck, boost self by 1?” That’s nice Bomblin, I see the synergy with some damage filler cards and Frost ticking now! But Bomblin, I also need to draw this card from this mess of a deck! Well, what if I told you the card would always place itself on top of your deck? I’m not joking, this is what used to be a part of the card’s ability.

Then the midwinter patch came to Gwent. Dark Clouds came to our friend Bloody Baron and he lost the tutoring part of his ability. However, we got one new big boi in his place.. Hubert Rejk, or Hugebert as some called him. His synergy with the deck was perfect, even better than the one of Baron’s. The ability itself was quite simple: „Drain all boosts from units in your deck.” This means, that you no longer needed to draw Baron for a finisher, but also all units boosted by Foltest could still be useful, even if you didn’t manage to thin them from the deck! We could once again draw a comparison with Erland of Larvik here.

Speaking of the Mulligan nightmares, the biggest problem with the deck was of course its inconsistency. The number of units that you wanted to keep in the deck was enormous. There was one feature in Beta Gwent that helped it a bit, though. Blacklisting. How did it work? If you mulliganed away one card, you could NOT draw the same card, or a copy of it, from a Mulligan. This meant that for example: If you had one Dun Banner in hand and you want none in hand, you wanted to Mulligan it away first, so you are sure that you can’t get it and in fact reduce the possible draws by taking away two more cards out of the selection. Blacklisting was removed in Homecoming, but in return we got a flexible mulligan system and the amount of copies you could draw was reduced by limiting bronzes to two copies, so we could argue that the removal of blacklisting made sense.

The Future of 40 Card Foltest

I love concepts that reward you for unusual, original and out of the box deck building. Putting more cards in your deck was something fresh and very rare in card games in general, which I really enjoyed. Unfortunatelly, there is not really a space to do this tn Homecoming Gwent apart from meme decks such as Enslave 7 that requires you to play at least 29 cards. We have , however, been many throwbacks to the Beta Gwent times with cards like Erland, for example, (basically old Foltest + Hubert in one card) or recently added King Foltest that feels like a tiny nod to the old idea of puting more units in your deck. Nonetheless, Homecoming Gwent also heavily reduced the number of tutors in the game, especially bronze/cheap ones. Moreover, provisions keep you in check now, so the dream of a similar deck might be actually impossible.

I personally hope we will some more throwbacks to old days with perhaps returning ability of Dun banners and of course, I am also still waiting for the return of Broke as a shit peddlers.

Final Thoughts

40 Card Foltest was one of my favorite decks ever in Gwent. It had a unique playstyle and made mulliganing feel meaningful. It was also a swarm deck and I adore every single swarm deck. I genuinly hope we will see more support for creative deckbuilding with unique playstyle and win conditions. For now, though, all I can say is AYE AYE SIR and bid you farewell!

Thank you very much for joining me on this historical adventure. Furthermore, thank you Mercernn for giving me this opportunity. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and make sure to comment to share your thoughts about 40 Card Foltest!

Driftbling – What’s In My Deckbuilder?

This is ”Whats In My Deckbuilder?”, a series by Babyjosus where he asks Bandit Gang members and other people from the community to give an insight about what kind of decks they have in their deckbuilder. The decks in one’s deckbuilder often says a lot about the person. This person could be a deckbuilder at heart and plays with his/her own homebrews and even personalizes them by giving them names. But of course you also have the person that looks up a meta snapshot and starts netdecking the best decks from it and might not even bother to give them unique names. Oh well, there is only one way to find out and that is by exposing them through this series!

Driftbling's Deck Picks

Shirtless Hunks
Thanks to the magical evening of Stand For Thea, this deck is forever here. Every card is shirtless….. yeah that’s pretty much it.

This deck contains cards that contain exclusively horses. Funny enough the reason Denpai got shirtless that stream was that he bet me I couldn’t get a win with this…… 1 game later :slight_smile:

Swarm AQ
A wonderful swarm AQ deck Sonneillon made a long time ago….. my god it’s bad but there are the brilliant attempts to find hidden value that is why Sonne sometimes through Gwent history finds the deck everyone else is missing.

Infernz Carryover Pile
Infernz carryover pile…. um….. it’s what it sounds like.

Driftbling Approved
This excellent pile was named “Driftbling Approved” as it was originally something RedRame made that we edited a bit. It did have a free 8 provision and I don’t remember what was there before so I put in Iddaran because it sounds pretty funny with Siege and Royal Guards. They can’t heatwave everything 🙂

Chat Deck
And the final funny one you’ll remember BJ, a deck simple enough that even chat can play it. You just play your cards from the smallest number to the biggest, then stop when your opponent stops, make sure your number is bigger, then pass. If their number is bigger play a card that makes your number bigger. Repeat until top 64.

Who Is Driftbling?

Driftbling is someone that does all kinds of things for Team Aretuza. Just like he did for Team Bandit Gang back in the day. One of his latest work is Viy Trance. It even got included in TA’s Meta Snapshot. In this case it was the music speaking for the deck itself, that there was no need to say anything about the deck.

Aside of the variety of things he does for TA, he also does a variety of things on his stream. From streaming Gwent, Witcher 3 and Thronebreaker with DriftMum to streaming Pokemon Nuzlocke with RedRame.  If you want to witness all this yourself then you can find Driftbling on Twitch here.

If you missed the sixth edition of ”What’s In My Deckbuilder?” then you can check that out here. Also please consider checking out our article section where you can find plenty of articles. From member interviews to deck guides and more!

Sawyer1888 – What’s In My Deckbuilder?

This is ”Whats In My Deckbuilder?”, a series by Babyjosus where he asks Bandit Gang members and other people from the community to give an insight about what kind of decks they have in their deckbuilder. The decks in one’s deckbuilder often says a lot about the person. This person could be a deckbuilder at heart and plays with his/her own homebrews and even personalizes them by giving them names. But of course you also have the person that looks up a meta snapshot and starts netdecking the best decks from it and might not even bother to give them unique names. Oh well, there is only one way to find out and that is by exposing them through this series!

Sawyer1888's Deck Picks

As creative as my content sometimes seems, when it comes to decknames I’m pretty dull I suppose. All of my decks have rather efficient names, so I always know what’s in there. Every deck seems to follow a strict control routine, except my Assimilate list and I never have more than one deck for a leader. My seasonal decks are always called “Seasonal”, so I never confuse it. Maybe I just fulfill the German cliché of trying to be effective. 

Midrange NR
This deck is called Midrange NR, for whatever reason, and is kinda an “optimized” tournament version of the Zeal Boys I made a few months ago, which actually ended up on the trending page of the week back then. I always loved to be flexible with single commandos and a siege, while not having to miss classic NR trades like Seltkirk for duels or the Frigate engine. This deck, except one change, also won me the first bandit gang intern tournament, which I am very proud of, so I always keep it. And yes, War Chariot would be better, but the artwork of Frenzied D’ao is way cooler.

After I was annoyed by all this engine heavy decks during the late summer and autumn of last year, I created this abomination of a unitless control pile. “Savage” does the trick on red coin against Shieldwall, Hidden Cache, Assimilate or other engine decks, while also can be awkward to play against when you want to control yourself, because of the immune wolves. I actually received positive feedback when I shared a deckguide for its first version and while I also bring it to tournaments, it’s my “go to” deck to teach some meta players in casual a lesson…

SK Control
SK Control, a rather functional title, is one of my favorite decks. Every time I grind back to pro rank, I play a version of this deck. Also its original version was my first deck for what I did a Co-Op stream with team Kreves beefox3, which was really fun! Normally it used to play Lugos and Herkja as well together with Patricidal Fury, but the current meta kinda demands some flexibility and changes. I never play Totem, ever, because why playing self damage stuff when you could play controlling warriors?

Assimilate Ball & Lock Emhyr
Well, as NG is my most loved and favorite faction, I always have some Nilfgaard lists in my storage. Especially after winning the Tuvyean y Gloir tournament, where I experienced the Cantarella and Location combo for the first time, I always try to include this. So one of my decks is a classic Assimilate Ball list, including this combination, while the other NG list is more focused on the new card Emhyr, supported by a control heavy lock and soldier package. My favorite card Fergus always finds decent value, while I sadly cut Palmerin for Cupbearer, which seems the safer pic combined with the poisons and Masquerade Ball.

Who Is Sawyer1888?

Sawyer1888 has been known in his Gwent career for his amazing articles that he has been writing for the Bandit Gang website, but also for clapping players in Community Tournaments like he did in the Meme Series between KRV vs BG & in the Tuvean y Gloir by winning the whole thing.

And as of recent , Sawyer1888 has been promoted to Academy Manager. This because of his passion for competition in Gwent and his skill-set when it comes to organizing. We have faith that he can bring the Academy Team to the next level!

If you missed the fifth edition of ”What’s In My Deckbuilder?” then you can check that out here. Also please consider checking out our article section where you can find plenty of articles. From member interviews to deck guides and more!

Deck Guide: The Hook


Firesworn swarm has been one of the best devotion swarm decks out there. This time with the introduction of the new SY leader “Cleaver” this archetype has reached its new peak. Unlike Arachas Swarm, the firesworn can go tall and wide pretty fast. Every season I will try to recreate a type of swarm in at least one faction, this season I have chosen the Firesworn Swarm as Syndicate has received numerous buffs and changes.

Main Strategy

The deck has numerous combos, you have the Crownsplitters with Justice and Ferko for round 1. You have Cleaver to withstand any bleed. You have Ulrich into Fallen Knights for a push. You can create multiple Fallen Knights with Igor. Once Igor has been depleted you have Senior to convert Igor and a Firesworn token into Cutups.  Once you have swarmed the board you have the echo card Dies Irae for massive point swing in round 2. For round 3, you have the evolved Jacques and Gord for pretty strong finishers. These are the potential combos in this deck. The general strategy is to make use of the “Intimidate” and “Spawn” mechanics along with the Fallen Knights as much as possible. And during this process of making use of Intimidate you use a lot of specials to gradually increase the value of Gord for a strong finisher.

General Gameplan

In general, the deck plays itself as each and every card synergizes with each other even if your draws are super bad. The only draw that hurts so much is drawing Ulrich and having no Firesworn units in hand. This is where we have to be cautious as there are only 4 firesworn units in this deck. The rounds are as followed:

Round 1 Mulligans
Ideally in round 1 you need either Ferko/Justice and one Halfling Safecracker. If you draw Jacques or  Gord in round its good to mulligan them as they are your round 3 cards. If you have only Ulrich and no firesworn in hand it is okay to mulligan Ulrich for later rounds. In round 1, It is fine to commit Cleaver or Senior and save the Firesworn packages such as Ulrich,Fallen Knights and Igor to defend the bleed or push round 2. Ideally you need last say as Gord.

Round 2 Defend
Say for example you drew only bricks and could not even commit Senior or Cleaver round 1, it’s fine now you can commit Cleaver as he can easily withstand a bleed by him alone. If Cleaver is not enough you can commit Ulrich or Senior thereby saving 1 Fallen Knight for later rounds to combo with Igor. If the opponent is pushing you to a point where you have to commit Igor, it is fine to use Igor too for the bleed defense as you ideally need 1 Fallen Knight and any card that swarms for example Jacques in round 3.

Round 2 Push
If you have won round 1, you can easily push your opponent to their limit with Ulrich into Fallen Knights and Igor alone. As Igor also procs Fallen Knights as he spawns more Fallen Knights its too much tempo for the opponent to handle. By the time they get to Igor you can either Dies Irae or full leader so that your Fallen Knights are already hard to remove. This is where the deck shines, once Igor has given its value its very hard for opponent to catch up unless they have Yrden or Igni. If you feel like the opponent is not respecting you push you can commit Stage 2 : Jacques along with Fallen Knights which will be so much points for the opponent to catch up. Once you have swarmed enough the last Dies Irae will not only boost the units  on board but also procs all the Intimidates on the board.

Round 3
Ideally after a strong push/defend in round 2 the final round is usually short. Therefore Gord is the ideal short round finisher. Usually in my games, I always have Jacques,Dies Irae, 1 last Fallen Knight and Gord. These are plenty for a short round 3.


  • Ferko -> Justice -> Halfling Safecracker: This gives you early game thinning,tempo and an engine on board. It is a very good opener.
  • Cleaver in-between Cleaver’s muscle/Ferko/Safecracker for more Intimidate points as there are a lot of specials in this deck.
  • Fallen Knights with Cleaver’s Spawn this is a devastating engine proc, each spawn from cleaver will proc ALL the fallen knights on the board plus a 5point muscle on board it is too good for a cost of 4 coins.
  • Igor with Fallen Knights Spawn, Ah Igor what a card! Igor on deploy with Insanity alone is a strong proc for Fallen Knights as well as Cutup Lackeys from Senior. Senior and Igor go hand in hand.
  • Ulrich -> Fallen Knights -> Leader spawns, Ultrich devotion ability allows your Fallen Knights to be safe from 5point removals such as payday,coated weapons,etc. Once the copy has been played from hand the synergy with leader is very good as you have two Fallen Knights instead of one with the help of Ulrich.
  • Leader Spawns -> Senior, this is a classic combo among the Firesworn leader as it also enables Tribute ability on Senior. Other cards that enable Senior are Smuggle and Dip in the pontar as they are Profit 3.
  • Igor -> Cutup Lackeys from Senior, If your fallen knights and one of your Cutup Lackey has been removed you can use Igor to recreate another Lackey and keep the bonded ability active.
  • Smuggle procs Intimidate and Spawn along with a profit of 3. This card is highly underrated, it procs ALL Intimidates and Spawn ability that’s insane. Also allows you to pay Tribute to Senior for more threats for you opponents to handle.
  • Using crimes over the course of the game allows Gord to be very big as a finisher.
  • Fallen Knights->Jacques->Dies Irae. Note: Jacques in round 3 will benefit profit 1 for each firesworn card played after Jacques is on board. That card can either be a unit or special. It is very good in round 3.
  • Fallen Knights -> Fire Disciple is a lot of points for a 4 provision card. Disciple also has the Smuggle syndrome of being underrated. For a 4 provision card, it gives you profit of 2, also can spawn a token for your Excommunication. Once the Fallen Knights are on the board, the single proc of this 4 provision card is almost equal to Cleaver’s spawn. That’s how strong this card is in this deck. You can even create a copy of this with Ulrich if you never drew Fallen Knights.
  • Excommunication on a firesworn token is a great tutor as you can see you top three cards, Ideal round 2 tutor. If you want to be cheeky, you can Excom Joachim to stop your opponent’s Quadruple combo 😀


There are not that many replacements to be made in this deck. The only replacement I can suggest is Dip in the Pontar -> Shakedown. The main purpose of Dip was for Dies Irae deathblow and removing pesky bronze engines like Larva etc. Other than this, I do not see any replacements.


This deck is by far the most fun and powerful deck I have played this season. It gives you that satisfaction of spawning and proc’ing the Fallen Knights and have a huge Gord as finisher. There are too many threats for the opponents to handle. So far my loses with this deck are game deciding not to give me either a tutor or not give me Gord. Hence I conclude that, if you get a chance to thin in this deck please do. If you succeed in thinning earlier the deck itself will suggest combos per round. 😀

The Deck

My brief love affair with Idr and the importance of playing bad cards and failing

When Idr was initially teased, I was excited. It was a monster card that did something out of the ordinary and lent itself (in my admittedly overeager estimation) well to the at the time beleaguered MO swarm archetype. Hindsight is a better teacher than the theorycrafting of one excited MO main. Deckbuild after deckbuild trying to make the plucky centipede work led me to the inevitable conclusion that the bug was bad, the worm had turned and the many-legged freak was, in fact, a flop. And there are players all over, many of whom are either new or experienced, who are going through the same experience with fever-dream deckbuilds that usually end up as discarded dreams at the bottom of the deckbuilder after a few crushing losses. Bear with me now as I explain how that’s a good thing.

I’m not saying you should go out and play all-in harpies but if you have fun playing a deck that is sub-optimal then I encourage you to do so! Find the fun where you can. My argument here is that playing bad decks and more importantly failing will make you a better and more knowledgeable player. The best players that inform the meta with their deck picks aren’t just shaking the deck builder until a good deck falls out. They are playing sub-optimal decks and, through often exhaustive trial and error, rebuilding them into behemoths you see and fear on the ladder today. The difference between the pros and the perma-low-pro players is in experience. Think of it as the opposite of Bruce Lee’s famous quote, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

I’m not afraid of a player that has only played thrive their whole career. I’m terrified of the player that has tried out every other combination in the game at least once.

Seriously, try it. The next time you match into the big-dog meta deck think about how well your cards interact with their deck and how easily you were able to execute your win-condition. Think: “do I have anything in my deck that can give me the advantage over their deck?”, or “could I have out-pointed them?”, or “what cards do I never seem to be able to use?”. Approach the deckbuilder with those questions in mind. Assuming you’re rank 1-3 or a high-MMR Pro Rank player, odds are you’ll be running into the same few decks that define the current meta and you’ll have a much easier time sculpting your deck to give you a leg up. Doing so will not only create a depth of knowledge about the cards and systems that you may initially overlook but it will also offer a fresh perspective on some of the better cards in the faction. Not to mention: once the monthly patch rolls around you’ll have that much more experience with the cards that are receiving some much needed attention. The players that will benefit the most from the inevitable archespore buff will be the players that have attempted to use archespore in the past.

In the end, you won’t learn how to ride a bike by using training wheels, and you can’t learn Gwent if you let someone build your deck for you. So I’ll be over here trying to make Idr work. Who knows, you may see my deck in a meta roundup one day.

Carrost is on a 1 month trial for Team Bandit Gang’s Content Team and has quite the skill-set for when it comes to content creation. While he has been playing Gwent for over a year, he is relatively new to streaming on Twitch. His charisma and passion for memes is something that we liked about him. Not to forget to mention that he is a Voice Actor in his daily life and you can expect to hear his voice on a few projects that we have planned on the Bandit Gang YouTube channel. And at last, Carrost is a talented article writer as you have all been able to witness today yourself, so keep your eyes peeled on this man. – Interview with the Website’s Developer, André Peres

The community of Gwent is without a doubt a very diverse group of streamers, youtubers, pros, artists, writers and every-day players that share their thoughts, emotions and ideas with one another on social hubs and forums. Today, we’ve got an opportunity to interview a content creator falling into a category that could be easily forgotten about in such as wide selection, a developer. In our case it is not a developer of the game itself, but of a data gathering website by the name of André Peres

Q: Hi, thank you for sitting down with us today! First of all, can you tell us something little about yourself?

A: Hello, I am grateful for the invitation of Team BG for this interview. My name is André, I’m a Computer Scientist and a Brazilian Gwent player. I love digital games, mainly RPGs and I am also a very curious person, I like to know how things work and to analyze it.

Q: Working on such a project must require a lot of determination. How did you find your way to Gwent and would you consider yourself to be a „hardcore“ Gwent player?

A: My first contact with Gwent was in The Witcher 3, as I believe it must have happened to a decent part of the community. During my first playthrough, I didn’t have much interest in the cardgame and ignored most of the opportunities to play Gwent. However, in my second playthrough I really loved the game and took every opportunity to have a round of Gwent 😊 . After that, I figured that a standalone version of it should exist and searching for it I found that there was a beta version of Gwent Online. I immediately started playing. Unfortunately, at the time due to studying for a master’s degree, I ended up moving away from the game and only returned after HC when I had more time to play and get involved. I don’t consider myself a “hardcore” player, at least not recently, although I play Gwent every day in a more casual way, I like to test different decks and mechanics that are not very used in the meta.

Q: Could you introduce the website to us? How can we access it, what can it do and what would one use it for?

A: The website is called (Yes, not a very original name 😊). You can see with the website the current Gwent Pro Rank stats and how each faction is performing. There are data such as winrate and playrate for each faction and an overview of the players with the best winrate per faction. You can also filter this data by date, and adjust the number of players in the sample (Top 100, 500, 1000, etc.). Data is collected every 4 hours. There are also charts showing the historical behavior, day by day, of the same data, showing how each faction evolved during the season. In addition to that, we have a table with the Leaderboard of the 500 best players, again with a filter and the possibility to sort the data. Also, an interesting feature is that you can see the individual profile of the players that contains a series of charts and information about their performance on the Ladder. It is important to emphasize that the site is still in the early stages of development and may have bugs and a lack of resources. The site can be used by people who are interested in more detailed Gwent data, can track the performance of each faction and the players at the top of the Ladder. If you are in Pro (in the top 2800), you can also track your individual performance, see what your status is and how you have progressed. I believe it is a tool that would help both the curious and competitive pro players.

Q: Where did the idea to make your website come from? Do you have any experience with similar projects?

A: Ironically, the idea came when CDPR restricted several data. This caused a certain level of discomfort in a part of the community at the time. Until then, I had not thought about collecting data at all, nor that it would be possible. Nonetheless, from there I started the project as a personal hobby, developing some algorithms, collecting data and analyzing it through spreadsheets. After the algorithms reached a certain maturity in the collection and compilation of the data, I started to work on a page to present this data that would create charts in an automated way. Basically, I showed it to some people in the community that were also fond of data, and they found it interesting, so I decided to create a page to share it with them easily. After that I also decided to make it public for anyone interested in having access to such data. Yes, I have some experience in data collection and analysis, I worked on some internal company projects and I also have a master’s degree in Computational Intelligence which helps in the development of the project too.

Q: What method does the website use to gather the data? Have you encountered any difficulties with extracting it from the game, or rather the players’ statistics?

A: Unfortunately, CDPR is not very generous when it comes to making data available, let alone raw data for analysis. So, the biggest source of data is the Gwent Master page and the public Profiles. Unfortunately, there are some limits to this. The Masters page, for example, allows you to consult only the 2860 players with the highest MMR. Despite this being a generous number, the way the MMR is calculated can cause for good players to end up appearing later in the statistics, as they possibly can focus on a certain faction until they have a good fMMR and only then work on the other factions which increases their MMR and makes them visible. There are several difficulties in collecting this data, as mentioned, but beyond that, there is also the fact that any player has the option to make his profile private, which makes it impossible to collect several pieces of information. This affects the quality of the data heavily. For instance, approximately 9.5% of Pro Ladder players have their profile set to private. In many cases, I do a manual data feed by looking directly at Gwent in-game profiles, as it is possible to obtain more information within the game than on the website.

Q: Do you have any plans for the website to the future?

A: For now, the only plans are to make more charts and add some search feature and filters, perhaps the publication of some data analysis articles. The lack of data makes development very difficult.

Q: CDPR regularly shares data with the community too, such as the monthly leader ability winrates. Would you say that the community is well-informed by the devs in this regard? Could something be perhaps improved in your opinion?

A: The monthly release of the leader abilities’ winrates was a great initiative by CDPR. It definitely helps the community to understand some changes made in the balance patches. I believe, however, that many things could be improved, such as the availability of an API for obtaining public data such as the leaderboards and some other information that  is only possible to obtain within the game today and not on the website. Also, reverting the format of the Masters website to show the fMMR data of the players again, I honestly did not get why this was removed, while the opposite should have been done in my opinion. I believe that the more transparent the competitive scene becomes, the better it will be for everyone.

Q: Have you by a chance noticed any interesting phenomena coming from the visualised data that wouldn’t be as obvious in the game alone? I was personally shocked by the very low play-rate of NR at the beginning of this season… Dark clouds gather over Temeria indeed!

A: Yes, it is common to see some trends, though it is difficult to say if it would not be possible to observe in the game, as it depends a lot on the level of MMR the player is at. A phenomenon that I always find interesting is the popularity of Nilfgard, even when the faction is underperforming, its playrate is greater than one would be expecting. Apparently, people really like the faction, maybe because they find it fun or feel more comfortable with the play style. There are also temporary changes due to a particular deck becoming popular. Recently, for example, there has been a huge jump in the popularity of Nilfgard after the release of a certain deck. Indeed, NR is going through a bad phase in its popularity, despite having presented slight improvements on the last days it is still well below the others. Scytheman and Vesemir nerfs, and Yrden being a thing have made the faction become much less attractive perhaps. Furthermore, the new cards didn’t help too much with rekindling the interest. What I realized is that normally any nerf NR has a significant impact on the popularity of the faction. NR is my favorite faction and, although I don’t like the witchers deck personally, it is very sad to see it so low on the ladder.

Q: Is there any way we can help you as a community? Are you searching for more people to help you with mantaining or expanding the website?

A: As it is a small project, no more people are needed right now, however, any suggestion is always welcome. I believe that the best way to help as a player is to turn your profile public, because your profile can still be seen inside the game if you are on pro, and thus restricting it only makes the data analysis difficult, but does not prevent anyone from accessing it if they want to do the extra step.

Q: Final Question: If you were forced to name your first-born child after a Gwent card, which one would it be and why?

A: Hard question. I’m thinking if it was for a girl, I always liked the names Yennefer and Philippa. Not to piss off Triss fans, I’ll stick with Philippa 😊, I like the name and I think she is a super interesting character from the Witcher world.

With the last and arguably most important question having been answered, I would like to thank again to André for sharing with us his insight into the fascinating world of Gwent data and also to you, our dear readers, for making it to the very end. If you were interested in this topic make sure to let us know by commenting and we will see you next time.