Ceely – What’s In My Deckbuilder?

This is ”Whats In My Deckbuilder?”, a series by Babyjosus where he asks Bandit Gang members and other people from the community to share their insights about what kind of decks they have in their deckbuilder. The decks in one’s deckbuilder often say a lot about the person. The player could be a deckbuilder at heart and enjoy running his/her own homebrews and even personalize their deck loadout by giving them names. But of course, you also have the person who looks at a meta snapshot, starts netdecking the best lists from it and might not even bother giving them unique names. Oh well, there is only one way to find out and that is by exposing them through this series!

Ceely's Deck Picks

This summary of decks consists mainly of any lists I built at the beginning of the season when the patch was released- some more refined than others. Shoutout to Shaggy from TA; he helped a lot with the deckbuilding and brought the pro aspect to my general deck ideas!

So I’ve started digging NG a lot lately, as a faction, although it’s been one of my least favourite ones in the past. And no, I did not play cloggers, swear on me mum. I think it was Morvrans voice lines that indeed sold it to me in the end. So let’s talk about Pogaverine – the old Cadaverine card is now a tactic and a very cool one at that, especially if you play it twice with the help of Stefan Skellen. This deck can pull some insane combos and is a bit of a blast to the past for Nilfgaard with it’s Hefty Helge and Single Elder bear inclusions. The new card Anna is also here, and she’s a fun one. Just make sure you have your invo handy!

What do you mean spies are disloyal?
This deck has competitive potential, in my opinion. It’s including the new card Emhyr var Emreis (powerful to play r1), who ensures his lil agent friends a safe return to the empire after their sneaky business is completed. With the help of Impera Enforcers and Fergus, you can slam many points on the board with even more substantial synergies this patch around, and boy, am I having fun with this deck! Ball is included because, well, despite the provision nerfs to it in the past, it’s still kind of auto-include for any NG list simply because of its strength.

Controlly Crimes
When I started playing on ladder with all the decks I had just built, I noticed everyone and their mum playing Lined Pockets for Syndicate. Sure, that’s cool and all, but if you want to be even cooler – like the hipster down at the local café who says ”Instagram understands me” then you need to play my version of SY crimes. We’re going a bit old school with this one, including Portal and Whoreson Sr, alongside the new super-strong cards like Cleaver and Tunnel Drill. Because we play enough Salamandra units, the Stolen Mutagens can get some great value – Azar is also fantastic in certain matchups. Bit of a smurf, if you will.

Carapace Leaches (no sparkles)
We all know Vampires have beautiful card art (calm down Chad, not twilight beautiful – hence no sparkles), and it’s so great that these arts were recently re-released into the game. Alongside other Vampire buffs, this is now a playable deck rather than an unfortunate The Shining moment that keeps losing you MMR. Trust me. I’ve given Vampires a go every season since they fell off the radar, everything from nova Vampires to triple Orianna. So we’ve established Vampires are back; why the Carapace leader, you ask? Well, there is so much bleeding you set on the board utilizing your bronze Vampires, as well as Unseen Elder, Crimson curse and so on. Hence, the Blood Scent leader feels kind of overkill in terms of bleeding. With the Carapace leader, you can protect your engines which is excellent, with the added perk of this leader being stronger in a short round.

Me dorfs me points
This one is self-explanatory. Dorfses have pointses, simple as that. Brouver is probably one of my favourite leader cards that were released this patch. After playing a bit, this is the version I settled on. A nice bit of carryover cards, as well as a one-off lock to control any engine you might not be able to answer otherwise. We’re skipping the Heatwave in this version, but feel free to add it in if you long for some extra control. So sit back, relax – let yer hearty hanker for Gwent, and listen to the soothing voice lines the dwarves have to offer you. Oh, and you be careful now, no lusting after their ladyfolk, alright. They’ll come after you with axes.

This one’s a fun one. I played this deck a lot late last patch, and I had so much fun with the list – I decided to include it in this article. Aglais is a card that doesn’t see play very often, but it’s kind of solid here with your leader and a bunch of carryovers. You usually try to set up carryover and win round one to guarantee last say for your tallglais, but even if you don’t manage to do that – don’t fret! This deck can fend for itself in a long round and can be explosive in a short one. Your biggest weakness is not drawing your cards, but who cares! There’s nothing more liberating than yelling at the PC and picking up your hair from the floor after unfortunate draws manipulated your hairline. Personal experience? Certainly not.

NR Midrange
This is my baby, alright. If you’ve ever visited my streams, you know I have a Radeyah addiction and can’t help it. This deck is a throwback to the good old days of Northern Realms, and we’re bringing those glory days back! So get nostalgic, and play some Midrange NR! This deck is also known as Draw Your Golds, Baby! Which is key. This deck has changed a lot and keeps changing. Right now, the list looks like this. If you struggle finding leader targets (the main one being archers), consider putting in a Drummer or a Kerack City Guard. Probably go for the Drummer; I’m not sure I’m in the mood to have a pecker on my forehead (I mean 5head) today.

Eist Pirates
This deck is only here because I wanted to include a list from every faction. It’s mainly created so that I can put an eye-patch on and yell ”YAAAAARR MATEY!!!”, ”Why is the rum gone? – Remix” and ”Walk the plank, landlubber!” as I play my million point Eist finisher. You know the drill. It’s a bit worse than Warrior SK, but the ships and pirates compensate for that. Also, pirates.

Who Is Ceely?

Even though she is not the most active on her own Twitter, she is the PR Manager for Team Aretuza and makes sure their Twitter is. Although, most people are likely to know her from her streaming on Twitch where her welcoming nature and graceful presence have helped her grow her channel by quite the margin in the last two years. And not only that of course. She takes streaming quite seriously, as you can see that she has put in a lot of time and effort in it, even resulting in getting accepted to the Twitch Partner Program.

If Ceely is not playing Gwent herself on stream than she might be casting Community Tournaments, Online Qualifiers or even her own Sunday Showdown. This and her streaming has all contributed in establishing a wholesome community that engages with each other outside of her stream in the bestestest squad, where such things as game and movie nights are being held. You can find her on Twitch here and on YouTube here.

If you missed the fourth edition of ”What’s In My Deckbuilder?” then you can check that out here. Also please consider checking out our article section where you can find plenty of articles. From member interviews to deck guides and more!

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