Gwent Coaching

What we do.

We proudly offer coaching suitable for players of all skill levels. When you sign on for coaching we will make sure to match you with a coach that is best for you. Every coach has a fundamental understanding of the game, ready to help you achieve your goals.

It starts with a booking – simply fill in the form to get in touch with us and we will swiftly match you with the right coach for your needs. From there, you can arrange your 1 on 1 coaching session with your coach. Beforehand you will be able to chat to the coach about any details or questions you may have. The coaches are adept at quickly evaluating your strenghts and weaknesses as a player, and therefore assessing how to best help you as a player. We do this by closely analysing a game to pick up on areas of potential improvement in your gameplay and strategic approach to the game.

Why us?

Because of this service being run by a team, we are able to split roles for those involved. This means that the coaches can get straight into coaching and doing what they do best, while the management team will take care of bookings and payments to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Between all of our coaches we are almost certian to find a time that works for you, if you have very specific scheduling requirements then please note this in your booking so we can make sure to get a coach who is able to accomodate that time.

Those who have made use of our services thus far have given overwhelmingly positive reviews as to how this has taken their gameplay to the next level. We also send you a form with all the coaches notes so you can continue to improve after the session to see defined results.

Because our coaches work under the umbrella of our team then it ensures that we can offer a consistently high level of coaching. The accountability each coach is held to as part of our team guarantees that they can maintain a high standard meaning that your confidence is well placed in us.

All of our coaches are experienced in both teaching and playing to a high standard. Their strong understanding of the fundamentals of Gwent as well as the matchups you will find in the current meta ensures they will be able to provide detailed analysis, helpful for players of all skill levels.

Meet the Coaches.


enerGiiX has previous competitive experience in other games such as Gears of War - but now he focuses on Gwent and consistently pushes through to the top 64 and beyond in Pro Ladder. At the time of writing this he is currently in the top 10. Coaching available in English and Dutch.


JSN991 is a high level Gwent player who's fairly new compared to most other pro's, meaning he knows what it's like to be at each of the different ranks on ladder. In his coaching he focuses on building fundamental skills that allow players to climb quickly and efficiently, as well as teaching them how to adapt to new metas in terms of deckbuilding. Coaching available in English.


Mercernn is a Gwent streamer with over 4500 hours played merely on his main account. With focus on non-meta archetypes, deckbuilding and unorthodox ways of playing the game, he's been consistently reaching Pro with unusual decks such as Hattori traps or Vattier Imposter and offers help to beginner or intermediate players trying to learn the basics, sharpen their skills or build their own viable decks. Coaching available in English and Czech.


Thai veteran Gwent player, that has been playing Gwent since December 2018 and consistently stayed in pro rank since then. ZZ focuses on beginner and general players. For beginners he will cover the basics on how to play and understanding the game. For general players he focuses mainly on how to get you to pro rank and how to play around the meta correctly. Coaching available in English and Thai.

Payments & Refunds.

   -Coaching is $10 per session. Once the date(s) have been booked then a total cost can be established. Half of this is paid upfront and the other half at the end of your last session.
   -Currently, we only accept payments via PayPal and an invoice will be sent via email.
   -If you want to change your booking date after it has been finalised, then you must do it within 3 days. If it is done after this period, we will incur a 10% fee to the total cost.

Refund Policy
   -Once your session(s) have been booked then the payment is final.
   -If at any point you feel the coaching is being handled in an unprofessional manner then you can appeal for a partial discount. We do not foresee this however we do have measures in case of this exceptional and unacceptable circumstance.
   -If there are technical issues that make coaching impossible, then a new date will be booked. If the issues persist even then, we shall try to match you with a different coach in an attempt to solve the problem. If issues persist still, then a full refund will be avaliable.

Book now!

To place your booking simply send us an email on with the subject of Coaching Request and we can book you in. Please make sure to attach the following information:

  1. Your name 
  2. Discord username (Including #)
  3. Ingame username
  4. Number of sessions
  5. Other comments/requests

Once we recieve your email we can discuss and eventually lock in a specified date over the email or discord. Subsequently, we will send an invoice, half of which must be paid upfront. Once the first payment has been sent then your booking has been finalised – from here on a manager and/or coach will contact you via Discord to discuss any potential issues or questions in the meantime.

Terms and Conditions

    -You must have a Discord account, as that is what we use for sessions. You must also be able to screen share with Discord as this is what our coaches use. Failure to do this will result in either cancelling or re-booking the session to a point where you are able to use Discord. You must also ensure that you have working speakers and microphone to be able to communicate over discord.

    -It is encouraged that you have some sort of screen-recording software to record games for the coaches to analyse. If you are unable to then the coach can also record the games, however the quality may be decreased because of this. Therefore we reccomend that you record your own games.

    -It is the coaches right to stop at any time during the session and cancel it if you behave in a disrespectful or unpleasent way. If this is the reason for the coaching session to be stopped you will not be refunded.

    -Similarly, it is also your own right to request to stop or cancel sessions at any time due to the reasons above being exhibited by the coach. Although unlikely, if this situation does occur we will look into the situation to determine whether or not a partial refund is avaliable however we can not guarantee it.

    -If you are unsatsified with our coaching for any reason we will look into the matter, however we do not guarantee refunds will be avaliable unless it is determined that the coach has been unable to fufill their obligation to provide the coaching session as advertised. If you feel unsatsified through fault of the coach as opposed to yourself then you are welcome to contact us and we can look in to the issue.

    -You are welcome to record the session if such a dispute does occur.

    -Once the date has been finalised, you are unable to change it. Should an emergency situation, technical issue or something of the sort occur for either you or the coach, then we will allow free re-bookings.

    -If you want to change your booking then you must do so before it has been finalised. Once it has been finalised then you have 3 days to request a change of date, after this time then it will cost an additional 10%.

    -The date is finalised as soon as the first upfront payment is processed.

    -Payments are listed as USD however we will accept the equivelant of other currencies.

    -Payments are to be sent through PayPal to

    -Upon recieving your booking email, the total cost will be invoiced. Half is to be paid upfront and the second half is to be paid at the end of your last session. Failure to pay will result in termination of your bookings. Failure to pay at the end of your sessions is a violation of our Payment terms and conditions and we withhold the right to prevent future bookings, as well as participation in any other services/events we host/offer. We use PayPal invoices that can request future payments, therefore not completing the purchase may have consequences on your own account. If the coach or manager at any point has reason to believe you won’t pay then we may put the sessions on hold indefinitely.

    If you have any questions about our terms and conditions do not hesitate to email us These terms and conditions are in effect as of 08/07/2020. If they are updated at any point then we will not apply those changes to bookings made before that date. The last update to these terms and conditions was on 1/10/2020.