EnerGiiX - Gwent Pro Player

EnerGiiX, or Maikel, is from the Netherlands. He has always been interested in playing games on a competitive level. For years he competed in Gears of War and after playing the Witcher 3 he got hooked on Gwent. He has always been an Xbox gamer and since Gwent was killed on Consoles, he made the move to PC, just for Gwent. The X in his nickname actually stands for “ex-Xbox player” since his tag on Xbox has always been enerGii without the X.

Sonneillon - Gwent Pro Player

Morten is a veteran player from Germany that you might know from the game under the name of gwentsonneillon. His favorite aspect of Gwent is its competitive nature and even though it can be sometimes frustrating, as he says, you never stop improving when you put in the effort. His favorite card will forever be – Scorch.

Sikamouk (Koumakis) - Gwent Pro Player

Sikamouk is a young French man living near the German border. He likes to observe birds and drink tea. Some people think he’s decent at Gwent, others only see a dirty leftist. What’s sure is that he’s a very sensitive person. He regularly abuses cards that burn multiple things on ladder. Known for his acuity when it comes to Alchemist plays, he often attracts the wrath of less gifted players. His favorite faction is Scoiat’ael.

JSN991 - Gwent Pro Player & Streamer

JSN991, or Jason for short, is a 17-year-old Gwent player from England. He likes basketball, pizza and Gwent, as well as some other games.

He started playing Gwent in June 2019 played Skellige until reaching pro rank.  Self-wound Skellige is still one of his favourite decks and his favourite card is probably Olaf but there are lots of great ones. At the moment his favourite faction is probably Syndicate, as he thinks it has quite a unique playstyle, and its been his highest score faction for the past few seasons.

Wickedsyam - Gwent Pro Player

Syam is an Indian living in the United States. He found Gwent through Witcher 3 and has been playing the game since closed beta. He took a break after homecoming came out and came back just after Iron Judgement. He has been a video game lover ever since he can remember. Gwent is his passion and probably the only game he plays now as time is a luxury when one is a software professional and a father of a 2-year-old. He is trying to improve his game so as to efficiently climb the ladder. His favorite faction is Skellige. To arms, all o’ youse!

SuperSpock9000 - Gwent Pro Player & Streamer

SuperSpock, or Nick, is from the US. He’s been playing card games for as long as he can remember. He used to be a long time Yugioh player before he shifted his focus to Gwent shortly after open beta and he’s been playing the game ever since. His current goals are to improve in Gwent, make it into a qualifier, and eventually get into an Open. His favorite card is Moreelse.

Hawgplex - Gwent Pro Player

Hawgplex, or Drew, is a 30 years old Gwent player from Wisconsin, USA. Among his favorite hobbies you could find playing video games, hiking with his fiance and dog Louis, and reading scientific articles, as well as sci fi or fantasy books.

Right now he is working on climbing the Gwent leaderboards as a member of our Pro team and his career as a digital mapper.

Zoz97 - Gwent Pro Player

Zuhair, aka “zoz97”, is a Jordanian currently living in Alberta. He started playing Gwent as soon as it was released on consoles but left the game until after Homecoming when it became his favorite game to play, especially when he wanted to chill and eat pizza. He has been playing competitively for 8 months now and really enjoys the competitive aspect of the game in general. If he’s not playing Gwent he’s probably at the gym, playing beach volleyball or playing the guitar.

Renova - Article Writer, Streamer & Gwent Pro Player

Nova is a Russian girl, who makes her way to the top of the ladder slowly but gracefully. Having tasted the temptation of Gwent’s competitive life one day, she jumped from the creative side of the team to the front of the Academy division and does her best to improve her skills and become better at the game. She loves to write, but rarely does so, and this contradiction can briefly reflect her whole essence. She hopes that she can leave at least a tiny, but her own, mark in the game, and make people’s lives brighter with the help of creativity.

Remember that most things, even the greatest movements on Earth, have their beginnings in something small.

Sacrebleu11 - Gwent Pro Player

Michał is from Poland and currently studying logistics while playing Gwent since closed beta. Starting rather casually he’s now trying to improve his game after Homecoming and is eager to take part in community tournaments, besides grinding ladder. When not playing Gwent, he is interested in football, loves to watch movies and also reading books in his freetime.

Xhanthiax - Gwent Pro Player

Corentin is a 24 years old French person. He started playing Gwent in the middle of lockdown and it brought him back to his long lost passion for CCGs. He has found himself motivated by the competitive aspect of it and he constantly strives to improve his results on the ladder. His favourite faction will forever be Nilfgaard and his favourite card is Cantarella. Other than that, he has a weird passion for Japanese mascots and he spends a lot of his free time looking for new indie, emo and punk music, while also going to shows and concerts.

Neolink - Gwent Pro Player

Neolink is a 25 years old Frenchman, currently living in Thailand. He’s been playing Gwent for well over a year now, always trying to reach competitive potential and pushing himself step by step further to this goal.  What he enjoys in particular about his journey of a competitive Gwent player is the interaction with the community. Be it sharing knowledge and experience with other people, helping one another with building and optimizing decks, or exchanging ideas and just having fun together.