Deck Guide: Condor’s Devotion Precision Strike


The list was created  by Condor of Team Kreve during the Season of the Cat. Pilots of this list have reached over 2600 MMR in both the seasons of the Cat and Mahakam.

What Is The Deck About?

This deck was designed to maximize Gord value while having a good balance of removal, points, tutors, and thins. This deck excels at getting round control in round 1, safely bleeding in round 2, and playing a 14-point Gord finisher. This deck is highly consistent because it contains 7 thins.

Duen Canell Guardians, Freixenet, and Eithne give this deck synergy with its nature cards. Oak serves as a great bleed finisher. Novigradian Justice gives this deck great reach and helps thin your deck. Ida serves as a guaranteed Isengrim’s Council pull in early rounds and can answer opponent’s defenders. 

What Is The General Gameplan?

The general gameplan is to win round 1 with your symbiosis engines, Freixenet and Guardians, followed by nature cards and tutors/thins. The only cards you should completely avoid playing round 1 is Gord and Eithne. Try not to use Oak and Justice in round 1.

If you get round control, you want to bleed round 2 by filling up one row with 8 units and playing Oak for maximum damage. You also want to use your leader during round 2 to maximize Oak value and thin your deck down before your round 3 draws and mulligans.

In round 3, you want to play Eithne, followed by nature cards, and last play Gord. If you aggressively thinned during round 1 and round 2, you will have only 5 cards left in deck before your round 3 draws and mulligans which means you can select the most optimal round 3 hand.

Strengths & Weaknesses Of This Deck


  • Good balance of points and removal
  • Very consistent
  • Powerful bleeds
  • Great finisher


  • Has a learning curve for knowing when to thin, what to mulligan, and row manipulation
  • Has 4 bricks that have to be managed
  • Could be outpowered with less consistent lists if opponent draws well enough

The Deck

The Video Deck Guide

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