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If you're interested in joining

We are currently looking for competitive players (starting date: Season 4 of Gwent Masters).

If you’re interested in joining the team, then let us know by sending us a message  at All you need to do is to introduce yourself, your skills and abilities, and we’ll take it over from there. We’ll be also more than glad to answer any questions regarding the team itself as well as your position in it.

Not sure yet if you want to join? Just visit our Discord and we can have a talk! Please contact our managers respectively:

  1. Babyjosus#6844 regarding joining the Content Team.
  2. SynergyGod3773#2863 regarding joining the Pro Team.
  3. Mercernn#0492 regarding any of the above or other inquiries.

Alternatively, you can also send us a DM on Twitter, or visit any of our streamers and talk to them. We’ll make sure to forward your message to the right places!

We sincerely value your feedback!

 If you had a negative personal experience with any of our team members or services, please let us know. We take our values seriously and will look into any issues you may have. Suggestions, ideas and any other queries are also welcome to be emailed to us at or alternatively, by using any other contact media.