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ZigZak_Guy - Streamer, Youtube, Coach & Caster

Boom, or as guys probably know him, ZigZak, is from Thailand.  Even though his English isn’t perfect, he’s constantly working on it and improving rapidly. He started streaming around October 2019. He also has a Youtube channel, but most of his content right now is in Thai, because he’s trying to introduce Gwent to the Thai community and make it grow.

ZigZak is one of the first few streamers that joined BG, and the very first youtuber. He’s been playing Gwent since December 2018.
GhostArya- Streamer, YouTube & Caster

Arya lives in the ever so beautiful Prague, Czech Republic. Video games have always been a part of her life. She enjoys story focused indie games, but the Witcher universe stole her heart and thus she found her way to Gwent. Her favourite faction of all time would be Scoia’tael. She took part in the closed beta and played on and off but decided to come back in 2020 and started streaming as well.

Streaming is her safe space and she loves creating a welcoming community on her streams. She also owns a campbell hamster named Benny, which she never stops talking about. Outside of her stream, she works as a mental health professional and she is also a part of a game developing duo.

Branca93- Streamer

Branca is a young crazy cat lady and a melomaniac from Portugal. Videogames have been in her life since she was a child and she doesn’t think she’ll stop playing them anytime soon. The types of games that she loves the most are RPG’s, MMO’s and Strategy games. As a variety streamer, you can expect many different games in her channel. Nowadays Gwent and MTG are the ones that get most of her attention. Her favorite Gwent faction is Nilfgaard (“Praise be to the Great Sun!”) and her favorite card is Passiflora.

Zubedoo - Streamer, Podcast Host & Caster

Zubin is from Bangalore, India. He has been into gaming since he was about 5 years old and has not stopped gaming since. He got into Gwent during the Master Mirror expansion and fell in love with it. Gwent is what even got him into connecting with the Twitch community and it is where he met all of the wonderful members of Bandit Gang and other teams alike. He often streams on Twitch and tries to spread positive vibes to whoever comes by and hopes to get good at Gwent at a Pro level as well. His favorite faction is Nilfgaard followed by Monsters. Hael Ker’zaer!

NotRasheed - Streamer & Entertainer

Rasheed would describe himself as a washed up Artifact player failing at his 2nd card game in as many years. Gambling and smoking addicted. He wants to get away from Saudi so he can drink and eat bacon. The Leftovers is the best show ever in his opinion. He also has a cat whose name is Kitty.

He started playing Gwent in Beta but quit when Homecoming came out. He only returned right before the Master Mirror expansion. His favourite card is Uma’s Curse.

Carrost - Streamer, Article Writer & Voice Actor

Carrost is trying too hard to be hip and with it. His breath stinks too. But also he’s been playing Gwent for “long enough” and he joined Bandit Gang in 2021. His streams are pretty good and I- HE thinks you should check them out as he is trying his best to make a career of it.

True to the Bandit Gang creed he enjoys the path less traveled when it comes to deckbuilding. A self proclaimed “peddler of jank” he has gone on record saying “the harder the fight the greater the victory”. One day wants to make a deck that becomes a widely used meta deck but is also terrified of that moment because he knows he won’t be able to use the deck once it becomes popular.


Enz0plays - Creative Director - YouTube, Podcast & Caster

He doesn’t do much for the team except for uploading videos for the youtube channel. As the creative director and self-proclaimed “Master Editor”, his job is to make sure the final product is as good as it can be when it gets presented in the Bandit Gang youtube channel. A lot of people who play this game compete to get better at the game, but Enz0 competes to make sure he reaches new levels on how to present card game/witcher content by learning new edits and techniques every time a new video is being made. You won’t see him often on streams unless you happen to run into him, but he likes to let his video work do the talking and advertising for him.

MoriartyUK - Script Writer & Voice Actor

Tom, also known under his alter ego of MoriartyUK,  is a Highschool English teacher by day and an all-inclusive Shadow-realm tour guide by night. He’s tall, dark, and his mum thinks he’s handsome.

He played Gwent a lot in the Beta stages, and then didn’t touch it again until July 2020 where he reached pro rank in his first month! Now he streams a variety of decks in standard and seasonal modes whilst subjecting chat to dramatic readings of whatever they send him. Pretty new to the Gwent scene and the Streaming scene but he’s loved every minute of it so far, and looks forward to putting out plenty of content going forward. Also Lord forgive him, He’s a Northern Realms Fan boy.

Decode789 - Assistant Video Editor, Article Writer & Streamer

You may know him from Twitch as Decode789, or just Decode for short. He has been playing video games ever since he was in kindergarten. He loves music and basically listens to anything that vibes with his soul. He loves to create stuff, be it pixelart, photoshop manipulation, games, applications, and in the case of Gwent – deck building. He was not a huge fan of CCG games until one of his friends decided to drag him into Gwent and that was when Gwent was in open beta. He has been utterly impressed by the combinations you can do in deckbuilding and it triggered his inner creativity, this got him genuinly hooked! His favorite faction is Monsters. Now as a part of BG, he is working as an Assistant Editor and Article Writer.

Article Writers

Escanbryt - Article Writer
Escanbryt or most often just Escan started out as an article writer for seasonal mode guides when he joined the Bandit Gang. He’s been around since the launch of open beta and always considered the deckbuilding itself just as important as playing actual games. While custom deckbuilding felt a bit easier in Gwent beta, the arrival of the seasonal mode made it rewarding again with its unsolved niche metas and some sort of creative freedom.
His work has lately not been exclusive to the seasonal mode anymore though. He is participating in standard deckbuilding, releasing deck guides from time to time or contributing to the Bandit Gang meme snapshot for example. People also claim that he has a certain obsession with pirates, who knows why.
LawAndOtter - Article Writer & Graphic Designer

Yes, her handle sounds like a dumb pun on Law and Order, but it actually started out as LawnOtter because she has an actual lawn ornament of an otter (don’t ask). She also loves otters. Feel free to call her Eva, it’s easier.

She played Gwent in open beta, then left when Homecoming was just too much change for her brain to handle. She came back last year in the wake of the great Hearthstone battle pass debacle, and she is not looking back. Her lukewarm take is that Gwent now is better than it has ever been.

She’s nowhere near the top levels of competitive Gwent, but tries as much as time allows, usually hitting Top 600-700 every season. She loves Gwent strategy, so expect lots of beginner’s guides and strategy deep dives.

cat selfie
akaean - Article Writer & Attorney

Akaean is a mid thirties hobbyist Gwent enthusiast and aspiring writer. He is also an active member of the Reddit Gwent community and has signed on to Team Bandit Gang to create new and exciting content aimed at helping new players and veteran players alike.  Favorite factions?  Scoia’Tael, Northern Realms and Monsters.   Favorite Card?  Barnabus Beckenbaur.  Team Yen or Team Triss?  More like Team Zoltan, what a scoundrel.

Outside of Gwent, akaean enjoys miniature wargaming such as Warhammer 40K and Bolt Action and, in the before Covid times, used to travel to tournaments across the United States.  But we aren’t here for that, are we?  Lets strap in and talk about Gwent! 

Bigdaddy843 - Article Writer

Often found riling up the crowd in various Twitch streams and Discord servers, BigDaddy843 is really mostly average. They also go by:

In Gwent as in Life, their central principle is FUN. Look out for the dankest articles and the hypest chats. Admittedly, they are not yet a great player/builder. But, whether it’s meta or memes, BD/SM/MP/843’s insatiable desire to learn things and lecture people will ensure everyone gets something out of their flailing. 

If you see them, do say “Hi”. They’re always up to talk about anything. 

AcidBunny - Article Writer
AcidBunny or just Acid, lives in Lahore Pakistan and he has been playing card games ever since his childhood. It all started from Pokemon TCG to Yu-Gi-Oh and Uno. Acid started playing Gwent in the mid master mirror expansion and has been playing Gwent regularly ever since. Although he is a beginner in article writing, he has been eager to learn and shows a lot of interest in creating content, especially for Deck Guides.

Acid’s favorite faction is Nilfgaard followed by Monsters and his favorite card is Master Mirror.

Resource Department

Graphic Designers

PotHuman - Graphic Designer

PotHuman has been good friends with the founder of the team for many years and after hearing about the team he helped make the logo and has since been involved with the team as a Graphic Designer. While he doesn’t play Gwent he has played a fair share of Dota Underlords. He occasionally posts his own content for a variety of games, most recently his Garry’s Mod short films, on his own Channel unrelated to the team.

Currently he is on-hand to help provide resources for our team if they are needed, and you may catch him in the discord every now and then.

McKathcat - Graphic Designer

Kelsey is an artist from Canada with a focus in layouts and landscapes. She’s done work as both a graphic designer and a background painter for animation. While She hasn’t played Gwent, She does enjoy a variety of games including DnD and Legend of Zelda. Along with creating art and playing games, she has been a competitive athlete for many years. You can catch her on any of her socials creating art and hanging out. 

Data Analysts

AndreNL - Data Analyst

André is a computer scientist from Brazil, who loves analyze data. He has been playing Gwent since the beta times, but became more active in the community only after Homecoming. Last year he started collecting and analyzing data from pro ladder. Eventually he decided to make the data public through the site starting at the beginning of 2021.

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Dream - Data Analyst

Dream is a 21 years old young man from Poland. He’s been playing Gwent since 2019, so unfortunately, he never had the opportunity to play the mythical Beta version of Gwent. He started his adventure of putting together statistics thanks to Mettie, who taught him everything. In fact, they prepare them together to this very day. He never tried to achieve high placement on the ranked ladder, and instead, he prefers just chilling and playing for fun and enjoyment of the game.

His favourite factions are Scoia’tael and Skellige, and his favourite card is the best druid in the game – Heymaey Flaminica.