Content Team

Manager: Babyjosus

Weevil89 - Streamer & Editor

Weevil has been streaming Gwent since January 2018. He joined the Gwent Partner programme in April 2019. His streams are wholesome and filled with joy, like a really good apple pie. Self-proclaimed Siege Ambassador. All memes are his own.

He is our first streamer of  Team BG, and is consistently playing Gwent at pro rank with a huge variety of different decks, with over 1,000 wins in almost every faction (Looking at you, Syndicate).

ZigZak_Guy - Streamer & Youtube

Hi everyone! How are you guys doing? My name is Boom or you guys can call me ZigZak_Guy. I’m from Thailand, so sorry if my grammar is not very good (try working on it) I started streaming around October 2019, but I’m still a newbie in the whole Streaming thing and still have tons of stuff to learn. I also have a Youtube channel as well but most of my content right now is in Thai, because I’m trying to invite more Thai people to enjoy this game. I’ve been playing Gwent since December 2018, and currently in Pro-rank.

ZigZak is one of our first streamers, and our first youtuber of Team BG. You can find his Twitch and his Thai Focused Gwent youtube channel below, with deck guides and patch overviews.
Mercernn - Youtube, Streamer, Article Writer & Video Editor

As he always says, there is a reason why people don’t play with the cards that he does. Mercernn is a native Czech and thus, as a true squatting Slav, he fell in love with the Witcher saga and the video games that followed it. Gwent was no exception and since the first days of the closed Beta he’s been there, infatuated with the game’s mechanics as well as gravy-thick atmosphere. Deck building and experimentation is the most fun part of the game in his opinion, especially with underused, undervalued or straight up terrible cards and archetypes. He would like to encourage other players through the means of his videos to believe in themselves and don’t give up on cards that might not seem very attractive at that very moment. His favourite faction is Nilfgaard, though he would rather save Poison for Alice Cooper and go for Deck manipulation or Spies instead. Apart from Gwent, he’s interested in history, other video games, politics, literature or cinema – each of which he tries to smuggle into his videos every now and then in the forms of commentaries or reviews. Oh yeah, and he can clap with one hand. But that’s a story for another time…

TweedleDumDee - Streamer & Youtube

Hiiiiii! I’m tweedledumdee and I stream and make content mostly for GWENT. 🙂 I usually stream my struggles while playing the game in ranked or upload beginner friendly videos. If you’re into watching someone make weird noises while making misplays to the tune of a weeby anime playlist, be sure to catch me on twitch! If you want actually useful GWENT tips and advice, check out my videos on YouTube! Otherwise, I’m always available for everyone who wants a great conversation! 🙂

Goodnightnello - Streamer

I am Goodnightnello, 20 in Korean age, 19 in global, and Korean gwent streamer. But don’t ask me if it’s North or South cause that’s kinda painful 🙂

Sawyer1888 - Article Writer

Cheers guys, my Name is Sawyer and I would describe myself as a meme deck creating specialist, rather than being a fulltime pro. I love to play weird stuff in Gwent and would suck in Pinball, cause I need to tilt once in a while…Also I hit the 100% achievements in Witcher 3, which is always a nice opener to tell on partys. Hope I can make you smile with my content and to see you soon!

Escanbryt - Article Writer

Hey there, I’m Escanbryt or just Escan, 30 years old and from Germany. I started playing Gwent right after the launch of open beta and got into the Gwent community back when Repelmer had his streams running. I loved participating in the deck creations that he put forward, creating one or two solid lists myself back then.

Deckbuilding lost a lot of appeal after Gwent left the beta, since these wonky meme decks you could utilize before just didn’t succeed anymore after homecoming. So you can imagine that I really appreciated the arrival of the seasonal mode, where strange strategies and custom deckbuilding can be very rewarding. Subsequently many seasons had me just ranking up to rank 7 for reward point efficiency while resorting to the seasonal mode for the rest of my casual playtime. I eventually ended up writing a few guides for some lists that I were playing and that’s how i got here.

Bomblin - Streamer, YouTube & Doc Guy

Bomblin is a self proclaimed meme ambassador that plays Gwent (with breaks) since Closed Alpha. He is an excel Master and a data lover. He wrote a Master thesis about influence of streamers on their viewers (based on Gwent and Hearthstone Audience). In his free time he streams Memes and Dreams. Aside of that he is also a proud owner of a Pug called Hans Kloss.

TheOneChristo - Streamer, YouTube & Social Media Manager

Christo, aka Chris, is a Canadian streamer with 20+ years experience playing card games (yes, we’re approaching Boomer territory). From Star Wars CCG to Raw Deal, he’s seen it all. Having touched Gwent in closed beta, thanks to Flake, he jumped back into it when streaming Hearthstone turned stale and hasn’t looked back.
Jump into his stream, Christo’s Café, grab a warm beverage, enjoy the smooth jazz and watch Christo overcome his own misplays and shoddy internet to somehow maintain his pro-rank status.

When he’s not streaming you can catch Christo in Mercernn’s chat, redeeming channel points for Nickelback songs or putting together videos for his YouTube channel. You can find guides for tryhard and meme decks a like, as well as his ramblings about technology and streaming.

MoriartyUK - Streamer & Voice Actor

My name is Tom, but I go by MoriartyUK on the Gwent scene. I’m a Highschool English teacher by day and an all-inclusive Shadow-realm tour guide by night. I’m tall, dark, and my mum thinks I’m handsome.

I played Gwent a lot in the Beta stages, and then didn’t touch it again until July 2020 where I reached pro rank in my first month! Now I stream a variety of decks in standard and seasonal modes whilst subjecting chat to dramatic readings of whatever they send me. Pretty new to the Gwent scene and the Streaming scene but I’ve loved every minute of it so far, and look forward to putting out plenty of streamy content going forward. Also Lord forgive me, I’m a Northern Realms Fan boy.

Briberyplayer- Streamer & Voice Actor

Hello everyone, I’m briberyplayer! (eew, I know) I have gotten into Gwent through The Witcher 3 and fell in love with it with the release of homecoming. I try to provide both educational gameplay and entertainment in my streams as my goal in Gwent is to some day reach the top 64 and perhaps win a tournament.

Jhugs- Streamer & YouTube

What’s up everyone! My name is JHugs and I love to play Gwent. Although I haven’t been playing as long as most other people, I strive to become better every day while also bringing positive energy to the game. When I’m not playing Gwent I’m either playing other video games, watching anime, or hanging out with my cats and dogs. Happy Gwenting!

Zedi- Article Writer, Streamer, YouTube, Community Tournament Organizer & Caster

Zedi is a Canadian content creator, writer, editor, dank memer, and an absolute fiend on the ball court. He has been a competitive card game player since 2014, having recently picked up GWENT in May. After hitting pro rank within his first month using a budget-pile for Scoia’tael, he began streaming and making beginner’s guide videos for YouTube. Zedi is studying esports management in college where he plays for his school’s varsity Hearthstone team. He likes warm drinks and long walks on the beach, and offering loud, unwarranted opinions on topics he has no particular expertise in.

NovaLille- Article Writer & Streamer

Hey there! I am Nova, born in cold Russian Siberia. I am the main supplier of knives, pandas and bears in the Bandit Gang chats, and I do my best to resurrect the bygone era of Nickelback. All my life I was fond of writing, but I decided to devote my life to the IT sphere, so I wanted to revive my passion for literature by writing (high-speed, as my teammates know) articles for BG. I am always open to new ideas, so feel free to write me your suggestions! In addition, I started streaming a short time ago, so you can watch my masterpiece games at 2300 MMR on my channel. All the best and may the bear force be with you!

LDGambit- Streamer & Website Guy

Well hello there! I’m Gambit, hailing from the land of tea and crumpets.

So about me, I’m 26 years old with a hearty hankering for Gwent. My stream journey started early in 2020, driven by the desire to build a tight community of weird and wonderful people and offer a place where they can exist in perfect harmony.

By day I’m the marketing co-ordinator for a creative agency, by night a 200000IQ streamer who lives his life & bases his stream on one simple principle: “if it isn’t going your way, just order pizza.”

Streaming has given me an outlet that I’m very thankful for, it has offered me freedom and a new perspective on what’s important in life and how your happiness trumps all.

Let’s get it, gamers.