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Deck Guide: Alzur’s Madness

This article has been written by iancm1997 and edited by Babyjosus.


The Way of The Witcher is the newest card expansion which is set to drop on December 8th, 2020 after World Masters. However, we were given the opportunity to craft one of the main cards coming in this expansion 3 weeks prior to release. That card is Alzur.

What Does Alzur Do?

Whenever you play a spell card, Alzur spawns a unit with provisions equal to the spell you played, but he has a 3 timer charges which means you have to time your spells accordingly. For example, whenever you play an Oneiromancy, there is a chance he could spawn you a 12-point Old Speartip. When I first saw this card, I thought to myself: “This guy looks like he’d be pretty good in a Harald Gord deck”. And as I predicted, after playing with the deck he seems to work well in the deck.

What Is The Deck About?

The deck is a very standard Harald Gord deck, including cards like Forest Protector, Novigradian Justice, Heatwave, and Bekker’s Rockslide. This version uses Mahakam Forge for Dwarf synergy with cards like Pyrotechnician and Dwarf Berserker. The leader also spawns another special card which in return helps protect your cards and gives an extra point to Gord.

Now since this deck includes Alzur, I’ve thrown in a few spells to proc his ability. The obvious inclusions are Oneiromancy and Bekker’s Rockslide, which are already commonplace in Gord decks. The other spells are Alzur’s Thunder and Pact, which if you highroll can get you some pretty valuable bronze spawns.

What Is The General Gameplan?

The general gameplan for this deck is to win round 1 while developing some carryover with Dunca. This can be done by using your dwarves and your Sage + a healthy mix of control with special cards. If you do get round control, you want to bleed your opponent in round 2 in order to get out some of their win conditions. You do this by using cards like Novigradian Justice, Figgis, and Alzur. If you don’t 2-0 your opponent, you then have Gord as a good round 3 finisher along with the other control cards you might not have spent.

Strengths & Weaknesses Of The Deck

Strengths: Very powerful bleed potential, good control options with Heatwave + Rockslide + Thunders, Gord will get 15+ points of value very easily due to all the special cards you have.

Weaknesses: Vulnerable to super control heavy decks like Shieldwall, you can get put into weird situations where you have to play a gold unit on your dry pass if your opponent takes you into a long round 3.

The Deck

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