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Deck Guide: Death March (Cursed NR)

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The key part of this deck is using Forbidden Magic to create Revenants and swarm your board with them, making it very difficult for your opponent to keep up with them. Triss gives you a way to spawn a third forbidden magic, which means you should always be able to access one although she is less reliable against decks with bronze specials of their own, such as NG Tactics. This is reinforced even more by the inclusion of Royal Decree, however that can also be used for whatever the situation calls for. All of the bronzes deal damage (aside from Royal Guard, however these are used to enable your Archers) and therefore all make it much easier to start damaging units and set up 2-point targets for Forbidden Magic. Once revenants are on the board, you can use the damaging bronzes to set up 1-point units for those as well. Most of the bronze units in our deck are great proactive plays meaning that you do not need to target any opponent cards on deploy. You should try to open with a bronze card that deals 2 damage, which hopefully will allow you to use Forbidden Magic as soon as possible.

With the bronze synergies out of the way, we can now move on the key gold cards. Ronvid the Incessant is a great card for this deck as it provides a Revenant target if you have no others, and it also provides carryover throughout all of the rounds if you play him in round 1. Vincent is primarily there to make 1 power units, to then be finished off by any of your engines. Remember that it ignores armour, too, so it can see great value against Savolla if you’re against Syndicate. Voymir can be used to re-active the Archers although in some situations it can also be a decent finisher if you have lots of revenants on the board. Then we have Adalia, who can spawn a shielded bronze card which keeps your damage flowing and makes it much easier to set up revenants whilst also giving your opponent yet another card to deal with. A high priority to use her with is an Archer as they have the highest potential and are also the most vulnerable, as well as giving Voymir more value if he is used on them.

The leader ability in some rare cases can set up a revenant, but mainly it represents good value and having flexible removal is always handy. Especially when against heavy engine decks if you are stuck in a long round 3, such as Harmony or Greatswords. It can also be used to remove a Defender, even against the SY or NR defender you still have plenty of small pings of damage to deal with those. The bleeding it gives also lets you squeeze in a few more points allowing you to get up to 15 value, although that is very situational you can still reasonably expect 8-10 value since you can deny engines and set up revenant targets with it.

It is good against engine decks such as Greatswords and Harmony since you have plenty of tools to shut down their engines before they get started. It’s also good against poison since you are focusing on spreading your units thin, and swarming the board with many lesser power bronze engines which will leave your opponent with a hard time picking what to poison as most of the time nothing will seem like a great choice. Finally, it can work well against uprising since you can shut down any targets that they want to boost before they even get the chance.

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