Deck Guide: Deathwish MidRange


Deathwish is back on the menu! With the latest provision and point buffs to many important cards of this archetype, the classic Monster list focused on consuming units looks quite tasty indeed and is very much on flavour for this exciting Savoine season.

Game Plan

Mulligan: Ideally we want Yghern, Adda Striga and Haunt with some added bronze Deathwish and Consume units in our hand. To complete the shopping list, you would preferably add some additional Deathwish units like Manticore or Miruna to our stew pot to be able to disrupt any nasty surprises your opponent might have in store.

Round 1: You can start playing your cheap bronze Deathwish units such as Archespore to thin your deck as well as  play Yghern to establish Dominance for Adda Striga. Your main goal should be to win the round, so you can decide whether you want to push the opponent or not. If you flipped the Blue Coin, make sure to use your stratagem to draw any important card that you missed before getting out of the round.

Round 2: Usually Deathwish decks prefer a short Round 3, so feel free to bleed your opponent vigorously in Round 2 to leave them starved of win conditions. That means that you can unload pretty much your whole pantry in this round but your choice cuts would be Haunt with Succubus for tons of tasty points as well as Golyat and Yghern to prepare a tasty treat for your Round 3 Ozzrel.

Round 3: Ideally this round should just be a short dessert. Playing Dettlaff Higher Vampire and then consuming it with your leader charges will net you a hefty amount of points. After that tabling Ozzrel to consume the previously prepared Yghern or Golyat should leave you gorged on points and your opponent both hungry and in the dust.

The Deck

Pros and Cons


  • Lot of Point slam potential
  • Enough control to deal with opponents important engines


  • Lack of tutors can lead to us missing out on important cards
  • Bad against Lock heavy decks


You can replace the stratagem with Urn of Shadows to synergize with Miruna or Manticore but i chose Scroll because of the lack of tutors in this deck. Xavier Lemmens is also a good option to counter any graveyard shenanigans that opponent might want to pull off against you.


Haunt is one of the most important cards in this deck as it not only provides you with more consumes but also gives you the option to proc your Deathwish units the same round you play them.

Heatwave may look out of place at first but its usage as removal of any pesky defender, scenario or tall unit is very important in the current state of the meta.

Toad Prince is a card that many players would be looking forward to using this patch as with its buff it’s now possible to consume any unit at 4 points or less allowing you to deal with almost any engine on your opponents side of the board.

Succubus is basically a bronze Dettlaff with no counter restriction, netting you a nice 5 points each turn, provided you can afford the consumes. It’s best used with Haunt.

Adda Striga is an exceptional 4 point removal piece that can take care of most of your opponent’s engines with the small condition of Dominance which can be achieved easily by this deck.

Yghern or Golyat should be played before you reach round 3 so your Ozzrel can get decent value from your graveyard.


With Bomblin’s help I present you a deck that is more than sufficiently capable of earning a spot in this season’s  meta lists. A very simple deck that offers lots and lots of points while also providing a decent amount of removal. Please try this deck out and tell us how your games went.

Thanks for reading, and happy gwenting!

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  1. I fought against this deck and I lost. I missed the heatwave which was detrimental to stopping these shenanigans.

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