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Deck Guide: Imposter Vattier

This guide was written by Iancm1997 and edited by BanditPig. The video guide was made by Mercernn

Imposter is one of the leader abilities that was introduced in the leader expansion back in April. While this is not the best option as a leader ability for Nilfgaard decks, there are a few interesting combos that can be done using this ability. This deck is built around the inclusion of Vattier and Vanhemar, the two main control options in the deck. Vattier is a card that seizes a Locked enemy unit on Order, and Vanhemar destroys a Locked enemy unit on Deploy.

With the inclusion of both of these control cards, Damien de la Tour fits quite well into this deck. Having the ability to reactivate your leader ability in Round 3 helps if you draw both Vattier and Vanhemar and you don’t have lock cards in your hand. Since this deck has no way to protect Damien other than Defender, it is incredibly important to play this card after you’re opponent has spent most of their movement or removal cards. The same goes for Vattier, since he is Melee locked and his ability is on Order.

Lambert is an inclusion that helps against the recent influx of Swarm decks that are appearing on the Ladder. Lambert damages an enemy unit and all its copies by 2 on Deploy. This can make for some incredibly high tempo swings that can win you the game if you’re opponent is relying on boosting all their units (Uprising or Elf Swarm).

Ramon is one of the best cards for Nilfgaard, especially when you include a bunch of Bronze soldiers as the core of your deck. The versatility of this card is almost unrivaled, and can be used to create an engine, boost other cards, or play for high tempo. When making a Nilfgaard deck, this guy should almost always be included.

Ffion is the only protection that you have for both Damien and Vattier, so sequencing him properly is quite important. If your opponent is able to remove him, there is a high chance that you won’t be able to re-enable your leader ability or use Vattier’s ability. No need to worry, however, since Vanhemar is good to fall back on if your Vattier plans fail.

Helge is included as a control option which can easily play for upwards of 12 points, which is great for an 8-provision card. With the inclusion of this card, this deck also runs 6 tactic cards to help give it charges. This card can be played in any round, which makes it quite versatile. It does work best however in Round 3 in tandem with Ffion. Sweers is a good inclusion into any Nilfgaard list since he’s 9 points (or more if you’re able to seize an engine) as a low provision Gold, and Menno is included to help tutor your Tactic cards for Helge.

The Bronze core of this list is pretty standard for a Nilfgaard soldiers list. Ard Feainn Crossbowman and Alba Spearman work well with Ramon, and Nilfgaardian Knight is a good proactive play. Deithwen Arbalest helps to get rid of pesky cards like Crowmother and Flying Redanian, and Alba Armored Cavalry synergizes well with both Vattier and Vanhemar.

The original version of this deck used Vincent van Moorlehem as the main control option for leader, and didn’t include Vattier, Damien, or Vanhemar. It also had a combo between Matta and Cynthia, where you would play Cynthia to spawn The Guardian in your opponent’s deck in Round 3 and use Matta afterwards so they would draw into it. Alternatively, Vilgefoltz could be used with Cynthia to destroy a tall unit on your opponent’s side and bring out The Guardian to their side. The issue with the old version of this deck was the fact that it lacked point output, despite having Ramon, Lambert, and Helge. This shows the importance of tuning a deck, trying to optimize how cards work with each other. In this case, Vincent did not work as well with the soldier package compared to Vattier and Vanhemar. The Vilgefoltz – Matta – Cynthia combo is cool but doesn’t output enough points for how much each card costs. Optimizing for the soldier package is quite tricky, but when done correctly can work wonders for you.

A video guide done by our Team Bandit Gang member Mercernn can be found below:

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