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Deck Guide: Make Greatswords Great Again

Welcome to the first official Deck Guide from Team BG! This spicy new deck, brought to you by Driftbling in collaboration with VilleKSK, was created live during a co-op stream. Its main focus is harnessing the power of Greatswords, a 6 Provision bronze card that has seen its fair share of play throughout homecoming but never seemed to really stand out. Until now. Not only is this deck incredibly fun to play, but there’s something  satisfying about watching the boost animation play for each ping of damage, creating huge point swings as every single ping of damage is essentially doubled in value as long as you have at least 1 Greatsword on the board.

The main goal of this deck is to use An Craite Greatswords & Dagur Two Blades, which has the same ability but without a row restriction, to generate insane value. This is done by utilizing multiple-ping cards such as Morkvarg: Heart of Terror, Lacerate, Delirium and so on. Meanwhile cards like Armored Drakkar & Svalblod Priest are cost effective, hard to remove engines that can either bait out removal or if not, generating very high value. It can be a challenge for your opponent to decide what to remove as they usually have limited options, but even if your Greatswords end up being destroyed, Freya’s Blessing allows you to bring them right back onto the board. Your leader ability, Reckless Fury, deals 8 damage in a series of individual pings which can create a 20 point swing if used with just one other card, Dagur Two Blades, possibly even higher if you have other Greatswords already on the board.

The deck aims to utilize the Greatswords ability by using lots of cards that deal damage in small pieces AKA pings, so engines such as Dimun Corsair are used, which can spread bleeding accross your opponents board.

Important Combos:

-Tatical Advantage can be used to keep Dimun Corsair alive, which provides bleeding to keep those pings up and running.
-Crowmother acts as carryover, helping short rounds in which Greatswords might not be as effective aswell as having good value on deploy if your other draws aren’t great in R1.
-Royal Decree & Ermion are tutors which are essential in a deck that has a core focusing on only a few cards. These, aswell as Freya’s Blessing, mean you should always have access to a Greatsword or Dagur Two Blades to maximise your ping value.
-It’s important to not get too greedy with Greatswords, especially earlier on in the game, however Triss can act as a Third Freya’s Blessing if you need it. She can also create Lacerate, meaning she’s flexible depending on what you need and is reliable when it comes to filling the role of needing damage, or a damage ‘reactor’.
-In most cases, you want to save Dagur Two Blades as your last card in order to combo with your leader ability, generating 20 points. However sometimes you may want to play him Second to last, and save another ping-damaging card (Such as Morkvarg, Lacerate, Delirium) if you need the extra points to win.

Spooky Matchups:

This deck is vulnerable to control, as it lacks purify. Decks such as Nilfgaard Poision, which feature good tall removal, are a threat. In cases such as this you’ll want to focus on getting your damage engines going first as they’ll do more for you in the long run and generally have a lower base power, making it a sub-optimal choice for your opponent as a poison target.

The Deck

Instantly download this deck into your client with the following link:

Final Notes

This Deck was created by our team member driftbling, who you can find at It was also co created by villeKSK, who you can find on

If you want to see this deck being played, you can check it out here The gameplay of this deck starts at 3:12:20.

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