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Deadeye Ambush has been a very popular leader recently due to the Traps buff and the introduction to Eldain. But this encourages more non-interactive gameplay. If you are someone who wants to play an elf deck without any traps, do not worry as this is the right deck guide for you!

Main Strategy

The main strategy of the deck is to make use of the Elven Deadeye tokens to swarm the board for Gezras to get full value on his Adrenaline phase. The deck also has movement packages like Dol Blathana Sentry, Dryad Matrons and Cat Witchers as bronze engine cores. Feign Death plays a huge role in swarming the board for both Gaetan and Gezras. Vernossiel is great for a short round to setup for Gezras or Isengrim finishers. The deck is very straightforward as to what it needs to accomplish.

General Gameplan

The mulligan is very simple, if you draw Aelirenn you mulligan her as she will drop onto the Melee row when you control 5 elves on the board. If you have Sentry and no movement-based cards, you can mulligan it away. More than mulligans, the positioning of the cards play crucial role in this deck. All details regarding rounds and positioning will be explained below:

Round 1:
In round one, we want to try to get Aelirenn out from the deck as quickly as possible, so the more elves we have in hand, the better. We should commit the Swordmasters, Bombers and Bowman in this round to get as many elves on the board as possible.  We can mix this up with Cat Witcher and Dryad Matron to have multiple engines going at once. If a good situation arises for a purify or a lock, Ida or Ciaran can be used.

Round 2:
If you lost round one, we either have to commit Feign Death with Gaetan or Gaetan with Gezras. If we do not have Feign Death, our option is Vernossiel and Gezras, as Vernossiel can only spawn the tokens in the Ranged row.  You also have an option to commit Vernossiel and Isengrim. These are the kinds of commitments you need to be aware of if you are being pushed. We have to plan in such a way that we either save Feign Death or Gezras for round 3.

The Deck

A Page Out Of Decode's Match History

Round 3:
The final round is basically the same as round 2 – we set up the tokens for massive Gaetan value, and then we play Gezras and finish with Isengrim. It all depends on whether you used these cards up in an earlier round. If we give up Gezras in the first two rounds, then we can save Feign Death for round 3 and vice versa. Assuming you have held on to your main combo pieces, it is quite straightforward. Gaetan always played on Melee to setup GezrasVernossiel always plays on Ranged to setup Gezras


  • Dol Blathana Sentry with Cat Witcher, Dryad Matron and Gaetan is a very good combination.
  • Feign Death on the Melee row with Gaetan
  • Vernossiel on the Ranged row with Gezras
  • Double Matrons on same row so they can move and boost each other each turn.
  • Feign Death swarms easily, which will allow you to pull Aelirenn out of the deck if you have not been able to do this in earlier rounds.
  • Vrihedd Dragoon with Dol Blathanna Sentry is a classic movement combination.
  • Dol Blathanna Bowman to trigger the final Chapter of Feign Death is a great combination to get full value from both cards.


Looks can be deceiving when looking at this deck because at first glance it does not seem that great,  but when you try it for yourself I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The main thing to remember is the positioning and the board space for your Gaetan and Gezras. So far I have been enjoying this deck a lot. If your opponent didn’t draw an answer to your Feign Death, you almost always win that round. Well, I hope you like the deck as much as I do. 

Good luck out there!


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