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Deck Guide: Nilfgaard Imposter

From the creator of Gudrun Shupe and definitely 100% independent creator of Triple Siege, Triple Masquerade Ball, Triple Haunt and Triple Passiflora. Babyjosus presents to you: Nilfgaard Imposter. If you have always wanted to take another’s name or identity, and use it to your own advantage, then this deck might be the deck for you.

Imposter is a brand-new leader ability for the Nilfgaard faction. What this ability does is to allow you to lock a unit from your opponent and spawn a base copy of it on the opposite row and boost it by 2. With this ability you add 13 provisions to your deck which is on the lower side when you compare it to the other Nilfgaard abilities. But that shouldn’t stop you from deceiving others.

What I decided to do is to dust off Operator so I could combine it with this ability. I play Operator in a long round 3 on a Thirsty Dame and then play the Imposter ability on it. This will get you two Thirsty Dames who will be 5 and 6 points. You can then start making copies of the opponents locked Thirsty Dame with Duchess’s Informants to get you more Thirsty Dames on your side of the board. These Duchess’s Informants truly serve the empire well.

Playing Damien de la Tour gives you the opportunity to get another Thirsty Dame. Or if you are not in the mood to get some lonely time with another Thirsty Dame. You can always decide not to. Ffion van Gaarnel can protect your Thirsty Dames and Damien de la Tour. The bastard claims that he dies last. But in reality that’s usually not the case. After setting everything up you can finally start poisoning your opponent’s units. Maraal, Van Moorlehem’s Cupbearer, Rot Tossers and Fangs of the Empire will help you wipe your opponent’s board.

In order to get a long round 3, I decided to organize a Masquerade Ball in round 1. A Masquerade Ball is an event in which many participants attend in costume wearing a mask. A Masquerade Ball usually encompasses music and dancing. But this Masquerade Ball encompasses vampires and poison. These nighttime events are used for entertainment and celebrations. The fact that some attendees then disappear without a trace doesn’t seem to be noticed by anyone.

I figured this is the perfect way to celebrate the victory in round 1. Units with the Aristocrat tag definitely love to attend a Masquerade Ball. I usually prefer Van Moorlehem Hunters to get the party started. Joachim de Wett and Roderick of Dun Tynne are also units with the Aristocrat tag but most of the time I want to use them to secure the round 3 win. Royal Decree and Matta Hu’uri can be helpful to start the party going if you are not able to yourself.

So, now you are all set I would say get yourself a costume and mask and enjoy the eventful gameplay!

The Deck

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