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Deck Guide: Northern Realms Uprising

From the creator of Gudrun Shupe and definitely 100% independent creator of Triple Siege, Triple Masquerade Ball, Triple Haunt and Triple Passiflora. Babyjosus presents you: Northern Realms Uprising. Uprising is an act of a rebellion. Someone who joins a rebellion could be considered a rebel. A rebel is a person who stands up for their own personal opinions despite what anyone else says. A true rebel stands up for what they believe is right, not against what’s right. If you are a rebel, then this deck might be the deck for you. 

Uprising is a brand-new leader ability for the Northern Realms, also referred as the Four Kingdoms. The Uprising ability adds 14 provisions to your deck. And with this ability you have 4 charges that allows you to boost any allied unit of your liking. Once your leader is fatigued you can spawn and play Lyrian Scythemen on the board. The Lyrian Scythemen has a deploy ability that boosts itself by 1 for each boosted ally. This can vary quite a lot. The longer the round, the more units you can boost, the more excited your Lyrian Scythemen can get. Which means the Lyrian Scythemen will have a happy wife at home.

To start of this rebellion, we want to play units that either boost other units or boost themselves. And with the recent patch the Cintrian Royal Guards got buffed to 5 base power. They boost themselves by 3 points for every Cintrian Royal Guard that is on the board. To get the most use out of this ability I decided to add Queen Adalia and Reinforcements to the deck. A counter argument to playing the Cintrian Royal Guards is to play the Caravan Vanguards. And as a professional mathematician I did the math’s on the matter of whether or not you should pick Cintrian Royal Guards or Caravan Vanguards.

You can make a total of 41 points for 27 provisions with the Cintrian Royal Guards. And you can get a total of 36 points for 29 provisions with the Caravan Vanguards. That is 5 points less value and 2 more provisions. Of course, Caravan Vanguards can give you an additional body, which in a Draug deck can come up handy. I personally never found myself in a situation where I didn’t need the extra body from Caravan Vanguard. So, in the end it’s probably a personal preference and if someone tells you otherwise they probably want coins to get tossed at them.

Aside of Draug, I put in powerful control tools like Falibor and Philippa: Blind Fury. But also, Prince Anseis and Bloody Baron. I usually play Prince Anseis on the melee row and use one leader charge on him to make him duel an unit. And I noticed that after our #SayNoToBribery campaign, I haven’t played against many Bribery players anymore. Which means I can use them freely once again. Yes, you read that correctly. I got too tired of my opponent creating them with Bribery every time I had to put them all out of my Northern Realms decks. This resulted in me losing a lot of games because a bronze only Northern Realms deck didn’t seem to be that good.

Anyway, after we have set everything up and finally have played Draug to transform all of our humans into specters. We can start playing cards like Sabrina, Vissegerd and Voymir. Sabrina and Vissegerd simply help us getting more Kaedweni Revenants. Because they can relatively easy make 1-point units to enable the deathblow ability of the Kaedweni Revenants. Ballista is also a card that we can use for this, that’s why we run it in the deck. Even though it’s a machine.

Winning round 1 is ideal with this deck to get yourself a long round 3. And if your opponent pushes you in round 2, then make sure to use the long round 2 start to your advantage. You should now be all set to start your own rebellion, and rise up against the Black Ones on the ladder!


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