Deck Guide: Reckless Flurry



While we see Eist decks fall out of Meta, Reckless Flurry remains a solid Skellige deck to climb the ladder with. Not only does the deck provide you with a lot of round control, but it also provides enough points to close out a round with.


A fairly easy deck to pilot.

Game Plan

Mulligan:  First and foremost, make sure we don’t have Madoc in our hands so we can summon him from the deck via bombs. Secondly, keep at least one bomb in your hand to get Madoc out of your deck in round 1. Avoid drawing and holding Bear Witcher Adept in hand because it bricks your Portal. And finally make sure to have at least some proactive play in your hand.

Round 1: Main plan for round 1 is to keep the opponent’s side of the board empty with bombs and potentially an early leader. If you are going second, you can even play cards like Portal for the tempo to potentially win on even. Starting on blue coin can be a bit awkward for us in case we miss our proactive cards and using Portal to gain tempo on blue can be an overcommitment. Our main goal is to thin Madoc out of our deck and potentially win on even so we can bleed our opponent.

Round 2: Depending on how round 1 went and whether you still have your Sunset Wanderers available, we can bleed our opponent with An Craite Greatsword and Megascope, as well as Bear Witchers and Haern Caduch. Our main goal in round 2 is ideally to shorten the round as much as possible so we can go into a short round 3 with only 3 cards.

The Deck

Round 3: At this point, we can close out the round with Svalblod Totem and Junod of Belhaven. I would recommend using your leader early in the round if you want to find a Junod target as the chances of finding one decrease as your opponent continues to play.

Pros and cons

-Good against engine decks as well as decks with slow tempo
-Very good on red coin resulting in you abusing Madoc and potentially win on even with Portal

-Lack of proactive cards can lead to awkward situations on blue coin
-Bad against decks that can point slam and swarm


There are a lot of variants of this deck and one of the other strong variants is Discard Package with Birna, Coral and Skirmishers. For that, you will have to remove the Portal and the Bear Witcher Adepts. Another consideration is replacing Djenge Frett with Champion’s Charge.


Portal is going to be your tutor for your Bear Witcher Adepts. This will not only to give you tempo, but also thin out your deck.

Haern Caduch would mainly be used to play Bear Witchers for some control options.

Maxii Van Dekkar’s true value comes when your opponent dry passes, in which case you can use her to look at your deck in order and put those useless bronzes at the bottom.

Haern Caduch’s Order ability will almost always be used to heal your Bear Witchers or any other cards that are damaged. 

Mask Of Uroboros is useful in case you draw your Madoc. You can use the stratagem to draw another card and ditch him until you play a bomb.

Northern Wind can be used to either banish your opponent’s Madoc or  Flying Redanian if you’re facing Syndicate. In some situations, you can even use it to banish a Joachim on your side of the board.

Hjalmar An Craite is a very good removal option and your Greatswords further improve its value. Slam those points!

An Craite Greatsword is vulnerable at first, but he can reach 7 power easily with just a single leader charge. The following turn, you can use Megascope to make another one – an easy 10 for 4.

Korathi Heatwave is self-explanatory. Use it to banish any threats you have no other way to deal with, such as enemy scenarios, Kolgrim, or Foltest. 

Djenge Frett’s bloodthirst is easily enabled in this deck with the amount of control you have with your bombs and as well as your leader ability. Use him to lock your opponent’s important engines that are out of removal range. 

Svalblod Totem is mostly used in round 3 to give us the tempo we need to take the game. 


Reckless Flurry is a fun and simple deck to play for anyone who wants to climb with Skellige. It has a lot of good matchups and is more than capable of holding a place in the current meta. But at the same time, it also has some bad matchups like Syndicate’s Lined Pockets and Jackpot, both of which are solid tier 1 decks. Keeping that in mind I would place this deck at tier 2. 

Thanks for reading, and happy Gwenting! 

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