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Koshchey decks have been played ever since the card was released with varying success, but the recent expansion’s relict package has not only given this deck a boost in provision efficiency but also a lot of tempo and point slam potential.


A very straightforward deck.

Game Plan

Mulligan: Try to get at least 1 Endrega Larva and since our Ghoul depends on eating Gan Ceann from graveyard in round 2 or 3 we don’t need it in our hand in round 1. We also need to avoid drawing both Archespores so they do not get bricked. Other than these, it’s pretty straightforward mulligans as we need Endrega Larva as well as Witch Apprentice to contest round1. Try to get as many crones as possible to progress their abilities as early as you can.

Round 1: First and foremost, the most important thing you need to understand for this deck is to play on the same row to activate your Sabbath as soon as possible. Summoning your Sunset Wanderers on even is acceptable to win the round but try to avoid summoning it on blue coin. Usually in round 1 you want to establish your thrive engines and activate your Sabbath for Witch Apprentice.  You can also use She Who Knows if you can activate her Sabbath ability.

Round 2: If we win round 1, we always bleed in round 2 and if you still have your Sunset Wanderers, it can enable you to bleed the win conditions from your opponent, and if we lose round 1 it is easier for us to defend the bleed with Sunset Wanderers. Because of the tempo this deck provides in round 2, it is more than capable of 2-0ing your opponent. 

Round 3: It’s all about Koshchey in round 3. Make as many as you can and then win. Simple as that.

The Deck

Pros and Cons


-Generates a lot of tempo.

-Can win you round 1 easily and very cheaply.

-Good in both long rounds and short rounds.


-Not enough control in the deck.

Koschey is a crucial win condition, so if you don’t draw it you will likely lose.

-Predictable enough for your opponent to play around you.


Because of the provision efficiency this deck offers, there are a lot of different variants of this deck. One of the most played variants of this deck consists of Heatwave and Parasite to make up for the control this deck lacks.


Oneiromancy is the only tutor in this game and makes up for the deck’s lack of thinning.

She Who Knows can activate her resilience once you activate her Sabbath ability allowing you to have 10 points of carryover.

Whispess allows you to have a bit of control if you advance her ability by playing the rest of the crones before her.

Brewess is a really important card and as well as the only card in our deck that has a consume ability.  We will usually use her on Archespore.

Witch Apprentice is basically a 5 provision version of The Beast with a Sabbath condition. This card is one of the reasons why winning round 1 is so much easier with this deck.

Gan Ceann is a solid 9 for 5 bronze when you place it between relict cards, acts as a point slam card and also the best target for your Ghoul.

Archespores will be always played with Brewess and allows you to thin your deck.

Cave Troll is a defender that can protect your She Who Knows and Koshchey and is usually going to be the target of your opponent’s Korathi Heatwave.

Caranthir ArFeiniel can make another copy of our Koshchey and is essential in this deck, allowing you to have 1 Koshchey in each row.

Rat Catcheress increases her base power by 1 whenever you play a relict, so be sure to play her before your other relicts for the best value.


A very straightforward deck that can win round 1 easily with its bronze engines in a long round, while also having the tempo to win in short rounds. It is strong against many decks you will see in pro ladder, and i have been using this deck for my monster faction’s placement for this season and have managed to get 2482 fmmr in 25 games,  so I highly encourage you to give it a try. 

Thanks for reading, and happy Gwenting!

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