Deck Guide: Siege Mages


Although pretty similar to the popular Siege Mage list in the last patch, this deck is still going strong with bunch of mages to terrorize the ladder once again.

Game Plan

Mulligan: In an ideal situation our main goal for mulligans is to get at least 1 Ban Ard Student, Chapter of Wizards, Meditating Mage and Aretuza Students. Try to also look for Siege if you are lucky enough to draw it.

Round 1: The First thing we need to do as soon as we start round 1 is to play our Ban Ard Students to get the patience value going on it while our main goal in this round is to just play mages such as Aretuza Adept and Aretuza Students. You can however invest Chapter of Wizards to play an additional Mage.  Seltkirk of Gulet can be used to win Round 1, but only if it’s really necessary.

Round 2: Depending on your hand we can bleed the opponent in round 2 with siege, Raffard’s Vengeance, Queen Adalia and other siege engines. Another thing we can do in this round is to play as many Meditating Mages as possible. This calm little mage will soon turn into a huge threat, which can can carry over its points into the next round, thus putting the opponent at a huge disadvantage. Combined with Aretuza Adept, who buffs herself every time a unit’s Patience keyword is activated, your points can quickly snowball far beyond what your opponent might be able to handle.

Round 3: If you successfully bled your opponent in round 2 and got his win-conditions out we can play Gerhart of Aelle to close out and win the game, if you got a long round 3 instead you can just repeat everything we should have done in round 2.. and do that in round 3 this time with the difference of not playing Meditating Mage in round 3 as  we will not gain any value from potential carry over in the final round.

The Deck

Pros and Cons


  • Lots of tempo
  • Enough control to deal with opponent’s engines


  • Lack of tutors can make the draws awkward
  • Weak against control heavy decks


One of the changes you can make is to replace Queen Adalia with Bloody Baron for tall removal or Tissaia de Vries to get some additional value from your mage engines.  Xavier Lemmens is a solid tech choice against several decks run on ladder nowdays, but he can be replaced with Sile de Tansarville.


Chapter of Wizards while at first may look a bit overpriced but his ability to play Runeword and then spawn the copy of a mage you played makes up for his 13 provision cost and is a very good tempo card to play.

Xavier Lemmens will look as a weird pick on first glance but his ability to counter Bounty setup, Mammuna and Skellige’s Graveyard shenanigans can  comes in clutch at unexpected moments.

Leticia Charbonneau can be played early in rounds to progress her patience, which will in turn boost our other mage engines greatly.

Aretuza Adept is a very important engine in this deck that will give us a lot of points which will be essential to win rounds.

Seltkirk of Gulet is one of the only tall removal we have in our deck and is very important for us since we dont really have any tall removals in this deck, the reason why i picked him over Prince Anseis is because we can tutor him with our Amphibious Assault.

Raffard’s Vengeance is one of the best cards in this deck not only can you play this card for a card advantage but it can also act as constant 2 point per turn engine which is beneficial for both siege and mage archetype of our deck.

Meditating Mage is an excellent 4+ potential carryover with its Resilience and Vitality keywords, but the main use of this card will always be to be used with Chapter of Wizards to spawn as many Meditating Mage’s as possible which in turn will grant you a lot of carryover.


This is a very fun simple  yet very strong and competitive deck which can still be viable after the meta settles down in a few days. Also approved by our one and only meme master Bomlin so please try this deck and tell us how your games went

Thanks for reading, and happy gwenting!

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