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Deck Guide: Skellige Blaze of Glory

From the creator of Gudrun Shupe and definitely 100% independent creator of Triple Siege, Triple Masquerade Ball, Triple Haunt and Triple Passiflora. Babyjosus presents you: Skellige Blaze of Glory. If you consider yourself a person troubled in life, but someone that perseveres in the end. Someone who goes beyond all obstacles but still manages to be successful. Then you could very well be a warrior, and then this deck might be the deck for you.

Blaze of glory is the brand-new leader ability for the Skellige faction. With this ability you can move a Skellige unit from your deck to the graveyard. And deal damage to an enemy unit by its power. This ability adds 15 provisions to your deck which is the middle ground for provisions. Whenever I play this ability it makes me do a war cry. A call made to rally my warriors for battle. I hope my neighbors are not worried about me and that they won’t call the cops on me.

But you might be wondering now: ‘’BJ, why don’t you just netdeck FreddyBabes and play Ursine Ritual that deck is so crazy’’. Well dear reader, this leader ability has amazing combo potential and I just wanted to give it a shot. The combo that I go for is to use Blaze of Glory on Jutta an Dimun to deal 12 damage. And then play Ermion on Sigrdrifa’s Rite to summon Jutta an Dimun on the board. This is a 26-point play and if you happen to summon Crowmother, it’s a 30-point play.

This combo is quite strong so you want to use it whenever you think you can 2-0 your opponent or just in the last round. If you get bleed in round 2 you could consider playing your leader ability to make sure to keep your card advantage. But only if you are certain to win round 3 without it. It’s important to mulligan Jutta an Dimun back into your deck when it’s in your hand to enable the combo.

With this patch cards like Svalblod Totem and Primal Savagery got a slight buff because of the Bear abomination being 6 base power now. This is a significant buff if you ask me. Svalblod Totem is a 12 for 10 now. And I considered running Harald Houndsnout since you can play the totem in between two of the three skulls. If they then decide to kill a Svalblod Fanatic you still have a skull to trigger with totem. But I opted to switch Harald Houndsnout out for Dracoturtle because my opponents kept removing Harald Houndsnout with a 4-provision bronze. If they happen to lock or kill one of the Svalblod Fanatics you can also play Dracoturtle next to the totem and trigger it.

Primal Savagery is now an 8 for 5 when you trigger the deathblow. To make it easier to activate the deathblow ability I decided to add a Dimun Light Longship. These swift longships that sail many seas not only have synergy with Primal Savagery in this deck. They also work really well with Gigascorpion Decoction and Stunning Blow.

With Svalblod Totem and Primal Svagery being added to the deck. Paired together with Crowmother and Savage Bears. We can also play a Crow Clan Druid. She is an easy 8 for 5 because of the beasts that we can get on the board. Other than that, we run two Svalblod Priests and two Armored Drakkars. You usually play them in round 1 to secure the round. This will also setup your Freya’s Blessings for later. A cute play on blue coin is to trigger Magic Lamp and play Svalblod Priest to get immediate value.

Mardroeme works really well on Armored Drakkar and Dracoturtle. We also happen to run a lot of other Alchemy cards so putting in Gremist makes a lot of sense. Especially with Nilfgaard and Syndicate running a lot of poison cards. It’s a really good tech card to have to safe your Svalblod Priest from dying. Raiding fleet allows you to get an Armored Drakkar or Light Longship which thins your deck a little.

You can now conclude that the bronze core of this deck will get you a lot of value and supports the gold core very well. All that is left now is simply to go on a raid to succeed at our common goal- such as taking over territory and killing Nilfgaardians on the ladder!


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