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Deck Guide: Syndicate Hidden Cache

From the creator of Gudrun Shupe and definitely 100% independent creator of Triple Siege, Triple Masquerade Ball, Triple Haunt and Triple Passiflora. Babyjosus presents you: Syndicate Hidden Cache. A “tightwad” and a “cheapskate” are people who don’t like to spend money. You could say that they got themselves a hidden cache. If you are saving your money on a bank account, without spending any penny. Then you could very well be a tightwad or cheapskate. And then this deck, might be the deck for you.

Hidden Cache is a brand-new leader ability for the Syndicate faction. Syndicate is the most skilled out of all the faction’s to play. Although there are rumors in the streets of Novigrad that people claim that with this leader ability, you can turn on autopilot and walk away from the game. So far, CDPR hasn’t confirmed any of the rumors yet. They might have concluded that these rumors are made by people that suffer from a Fisstech overdose and decided these rumors can’t be trusted.

With Hidden Cache you add 14 provisions to the deck since it’s considered as one of the stronger leader abilities for Syndicate. The leader ability gets your 3 coins every round, with the exception that you have to use your leader ability of course. Aside of that it has a passive that allows units with the Hoard tag to trigger with 3 coins less.

Units with the Hoard ability require a certain amount of coins to be saved in order to get the maximum out of them. Once you have saved enough coins they can be used with a greater benefit. For example, Saul de Navarette. You now only need 6 coins to boost it by 3. And no longer 9 coins. The same goes for The Flying Redanian. It will come out of your deck or graveyard whenever you have 6 coins in the bank.

With this deck we don’t make the most use out of its passive ability since there are no Sea Jackals or Passiflora Peaches to be seen. But the reason for that is because this deck is taking a different approach from the meta version. The order ability on the other hand. Is very neat with a card like Sir Skewertooth. Because the tribute ability requires you to have 3 coins and the leader ability can give us that. This is also the reason why the deck contains 9 crime cards. Sir Skewertooth boosts by 2 whenever you play a crime card. And because we are playing this many crime cards and play the special card Vivaldi Bank. We can put in a card like Harald Gord.

Other than that we give Portal another chance, but this time with Mutants. No, Mutants are not new cards. They have been there since the release of Iron Judgement. And the reason they are in the deck is because they have the Salamandra tag. So, what that means is that whenever you play Portal and the opponent can’t remove them from the board. You can play Assault as a 6-point removal card and boost both Mutants by 1 because they have the intimidate keyword.

Another cute play that you can do is to either play Line of Credit on Portal to summon The Flying Redanian in turn 2. Or if you don’t have Portal anymore. You can also play it on The Flying Redanian when its already out of the deck. Because you gain 6 coins with Line of Credit it will summon itself after destroying it. You could consider running two of them, nevertheless I like to have two Bloody Good Friends. Mainly to unbrick Congregation. But, it’s also a very flexible removal card.

The deck can win you round 1 very easily if you draw Portal. On red coin you can easily abuse this strategy, considering you have enough crime cards in your hand. Another card that you can consider playing in round 1 is Horst Borsodi. He gives you carryover for Ewald Borsodi which you want to play in a later stage in the match. If you win round 1 you most likely want to go for a long round 3 with a card like Saul de Navarette. Azar Javed will be able to protect Saul de Navarette against tall removal cards or cards that reset a boosted unit.

Although, against Uprising and Death’s Shadow you want to push in round 2. Cards like Sir Skewertooth, Novigradian Justice, Madame Luiza and Savolla are good for pushing. Your target for Novigradian Justice is the Crownsplitter Thug so make sure to mulligan him. If you get a relatively short round. Then you should be able to win the game if you have Harald Gord left in your hand and have last say. And to lift a corner of the veil, you can play Tatterwing either on The Flying Redanian. Or on a 1 point Bloody Good Friends after you gave bleeding with insanity. Tatterwing is also the ultimate counter to Vincent Meis. Since they usually play it on the Frightener from Savolla which makes Tatterwing a 16-point play.

You should now have gotten an idea what the deck is all about. And you are even getting away with committing crimes by playing with crime cards. What else do you want?


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