Deck Guides: Saskia’s Gift & Milva’s Witchers


Saskia: Commander has arrived on the battlefield to lead your Scoia’tael commandos to victory! Prepare to summon your troops and topple some kings with the full arsenal of the Scoia’tael. Saskia said it best herself: “We’ll win!”

Saskia: Commander’s ability revolves around being mindful of the tags (Witcher, Human, Dwarf, etc.) you have on board and in deck. In this deck, you specifically want to utilize her to summon your bronze units onto the board in Round 1. Her Immunity ensures she cannot be easily countered by your opponents and allows you to thin the deck multiple times. 

With Round 1 secured, you can push Round 2 as much as you want. You have a big point slam card in Barnabas Beckenbauer, which you can play for 15 points with an Elf, Dwarf, and Dryad target on board. Saskia (the one with Harmony) serves as a Swiss Army Knife, providing any tag you might end up missing.

Round 3 is reserved for the final form of Eithné: Wrath of the Brokilon with a few Nature cards and Harald Gord.

Your Nature’s Gift leader ability enables many of your bronze engines and adds points to your Nature cards. Saskia: Commander, ensuring an early round victory, allows you to decide how best to approach the later rounds with your multiple combos.


  • Round 1 plan is solid on both Red or Blue coin
  • An overwhelming amount of engines
  • Can be very consistent with all your thinning
  • Multiple finishers
  • Can survive if bled or combo missed round 1


  • Devotion 
  •  Minimal control, no tall punish
  • Difficult mulligans
  • Can over swarm in a long round

The Deck

Core Cards

Saskia: Commander An amazing thinning tool which also gives you bronzes you want to have early. You have 5 sets of bronze units for her to call forth into the fray. Mulligans in Round 1 are crucial, since you want to guarantee a wide selection of targets for your draconic general. Your Cursed Scroll stratagem is very useful to guarantee her and put any unwanted bronze back in deck.

Eithné: Wrath of the Brokilon– Round 3 form is a big payoff for being Devotion. Adds 3 points to your Nature cards.

Simlas Finn aep Dabairr– A carryover play with Orb of Insights which can be used on Elven Seers to create multiple copies or on Hamadryads to gain an extra point for each vitality.

Saskia– Spawns an Elf, Dwarf, or Dryad specifically to be combined with Barnabas’ deploy ability.

Harald Gord– Usually gets to his 12 point cap thanks to Elven Seers creating multiple copies of your specials. Our ultimate Round 3 finisher card.

Abandoned Girl Never want to have abandoned girls in hand the same round you play Saskia: Commander as you want to utilize their transform into a Dryad ability to summon the other Human copy from deck later. 


Pierce your opponents heart in a flash with Milva: Sharpshooter, the lightning fast removal card! Your opponents will be left wondering how their units disappeared and all the while you will be setting up for a devastating combo of your own thanks to your various Feline Witchers and their leader Gezras of Leyda.

Milva: Sharpshooter turns your Guerilla Tactics leader ability into 5 damage removal! She jumps from the deck whenever you move a card (you have leader and many cards to do this). Her Deathblow is very important as it allows you to use her multiple times in a turn and throughout the game. Deathblow must be achieved by her 2 damage order so do not leave her on board if you don’t have a way to kill a 1 or 2 point card! She can be combined with your many offensive movement cards to remove opponents’ threats. 

This powerful control tool allows you to remove any threatening engines your opponent throws at you in Round 1 supported by your various offensive movement bronzes. We have multiple carryover plays to set up for a devastating short Round 2 or a long Round 3 with a fully set up Gezras of Leyda.


  • So much control 
  • Flexible game plan
  • Good carryover 
  • Tall punish 


  • Unitless decks 
  • Can be inconsistent (Cursed Scroll is a consideration)
  • No Heatwave 
  • No Purify 

The Deck

Core Cards

Gezras of Leyda– Does this legendary Witcher need any introduction? Loves a long Round 3 with a full back row to boost! Also is known for cheeky 2-0s when the opponent is unprepared.

Simlas Finn aep Dabairr– Your targets in this deck are Bountiful Harvests and Rock Barrage! Usually best to go for Harvests in an early round to thin and get 4 points of carryover.

Milva: Sharpshooter– with Rock Barrage she can remove a 7 power unit. If you have a Dol Blathanna Sentry on melee your movements will deal an extra point of damage which can be useful but often makes Sharpshooter’s Deathblow more awkward to achieve. 

Stygga Castle– Most often spawning you a Cat Witcher Saboteur who’s very useful to target a unit on a crowded row but also works just fine with Sharpshooter on a row only consisting of 2 units. The carryover location order is very useful to move a Sentry from Melee to Ranged or to move any 3 cards to ensure Gezras value.

Brehen– Your one destroy card is pretty easy to set up thanks to all your movement cards. Pairs perfectly with Malena or Vrihedd Dragoon as they do not deal any damage themselves and take away from your destroy value. 

Gaetan– Used to move a full row of cards from one of your rows to the other. Usually melee to ranged to give Gezras guaranteed value. Loves to be combined with Cat Witcher Mentor from Stygga Castle.

Milva– A very useful proactive play to force your opponent to play something worth removing. We play many units to trigger her ability. She can be a cheeky target for Harvest’s hanbuffs too.

Malena– Specifically combined with Sharpshooter she turns into a 3 power removal. She is also used on your side of the board with Treant Boar or to set up your own back row for Gezras

To improve the Madoc match up an Elven Swordmaster at 4p could be swapped for a Squirrel or Milva at 7p could be swapped for Xavier Lemmens at 6p and Elven Swordmaster at 4p could be upgraded to a Cat Witcher Saboteur at 5p. 

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