Guide – Double Down

This article is part of a Bandit Gang series covering the many different seasonal modes, each with brief descriptions, strategies, and deck ideas. Not every deck will always be up to date, given the weekly rotation. Instead, we display the date of creation, so that you can retrace what may have changed in the game since then. Feel free to adjust the decks with new cards or old cards that you like better and have fun! – MAIN PAGE

Whenever you play a unit from your hand, play a unit with the same provision cost from your deck. Your starting deck is doubled in size at the start of the match.

This one was once connected to the Season of the Elves, and it’s very rewarding for good deckbuilders. Double Down can be very random with the units that are being played from deck, so all units that share the same provisions should have similar or at least compatible purposes. And if this is done well, it enables quick engine setups, particular two-card-combos or strong finishing moves. Another thing that favors engines here is the fact that few special cards are being played. So effectively, there is less control around.

Now what are the options that you can play? Assimilate is an obvious choice, since half your cards are not in your “starting deck”, so they will trigger the mechanic. One thing to note here is that all the duplicates are non-premium cards. So if you play a deck with full premium cards, you can distinguish the assimilate triggers from the starting deck cards.

But this mode is more than just Nilfgaard. Northern Realms have great engines and Pincer Maneuver in combination with an early double Erland brings so much value. Monsters have a strong relict archetype and the crones are just awesome as a sixpack. Combine that with some quick thrive cards or maybe some rat clogging and you are good to go. And there is certainly much more, because all the greedy strategies are more likely to succeed. Have fun!

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