Driftbling – What’s In My Deckbuilder?

This is ”Whats In My Deckbuilder?”, a series by Babyjosus where he asks Bandit Gang members and other people from the community to share their insights about what kind of decks they have in their deckbuilder. The decks in one’s deckbuilder often say a lot about the person. The player could be a deckbuilder at heart and enjoy running his/her own homebrews and even personalize their deck loadout by giving them names. But of course, you also have the person who looks at a meta snapshot, starts netdecking the best lists from it and might not even bother giving them unique names. Oh well, there is only one way to find out and that is by exposing them through this series!

Driftbling's Deck Picks

Shirtless Hunks
Thanks to the magical evening of Stand For Thea, this deck is forever here. Every card is shirtless….. yeah that’s pretty much it.

This deck contains cards that contain exclusively horses. Funny enough the reason Denpai got shirtless that stream was that he bet me I couldn’t get a win with this…… 1 game later :slight_smile:

Swarm AQ
A wonderful swarm AQ deck Sonneillon made a long time ago….. my god it’s bad but there are the brilliant attempts to find hidden value that is why Sonne sometimes through Gwent history finds the deck everyone else is missing.

Infernz Carryover Pile
Infernz carryover pile…. um….. it’s what it sounds like.

Driftbling Approved
This excellent pile was named “Driftbling Approved” as it was originally something RedRame made that we edited a bit. It did have a free 8 provision and I don’t remember what was there before so I put in Iddaran because it sounds pretty funny with Siege and Royal Guards. They can’t heatwave everything 🙂

Chat Deck
And the final funny one you’ll remember BJ, a deck simple enough that even chat can play it. You just play your cards from the smallest number to the biggest, then stop when your opponent stops, make sure your number is bigger, then pass. If their number is bigger play a card that makes your number bigger. Repeat until top 64.

Who Is Driftbling?

Driftbling is someone that does all kinds of things for Team Aretuza. Just like he did for Team Bandit Gang back in the day. One of his latest work is Viy Trance. It even got included in TA’s Meta Snapshot. In this case it was the music speaking for the deck itself, that there was no need to say anything about the deck.

Aside of the variety of things he does for TA, he also does a variety of things on his stream. From streaming Gwent, Witcher 3 and Thronebreaker with DriftMum to streaming Pokemon Nuzlocke with RedRame.  If you want to witness all this yourself then you can find Driftbling on Twitch here.

If you missed the sixth edition of ”What’s In My Deckbuilder?” then you can check that out here. Also please consider checking out our article section where you can find plenty of articles. From member interviews to deck guides and more!

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