End of Year Interview 2021 Dream: ‘2021 was fine’

At Bandit Gang, the end of the year means the end of year interviews. All members are put to the test one by one about the events of the past year that shaped them. Private as well as business. In these interviews in which no mince of words will be stated, no taboos exist, sometimes harsh words are used and where you get a nice insight into the soul life of the interviewee.

Babyjosus: Welcome Dream, you are the next in line after Hawg! Could you tell me something about yourself?

Dream: There is nothing to say, I’m just Dream.

BJ: Fair enough! How would you reflect on the year 2021?

D: 2021 was fine, I guess that’s all I can say.

BJ: What was your most memorable moment this year Dream?

D: I have no idea to be honest…

BJ: Alright! You joined Team Bandit Gang as a Data Analyst this year after you finished your 1 month trial, how are you liking it?

D: It’s fine, there’s no pressure or anything, everything is done calmly so for me it’s nice. 

BJ: Sweet! How have you enjoyed your team members so far?

D: They are very nice and helpful so I can’t complain.

BJ: Is there anything (else) that you would like to do next year?

D: It’s hard to say, maybe be better at Gwent.

BJ: Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

D: Nope, I don’t like New Year’s resolutions.

BJ: Anything you want to say to the reader in anticipation of 2022?

D: Stay safe and be nice for others.

BJ: Cheers and happy holidays!


*Dreams Top 10 Cards of 2021

*Dream’s top 10 is actually a top 5.

1. Bride of the Sea:  I really like the combined abilities with the amount of rain, and the art is wonderful.

2. Sorceress of Dol Blathanna: The card defends itself with art alone, but its ability is very cool, it allows you to make chains.

3. Torque: Very nice support for handbuff, one card allowed this archetype to come back to the game for a while, I hope this is not the end of support for this archetype and something more will appear.

4. Rioghan the Undying: On the one hand it is a card that is easy to counter, but on the other hand if the combo works it is great.

5. Fucusya: A powerful card from skellige, very strong and it would be hard not to have a target in your graveyard, and art 10/10.

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