End of Year Interview 2020 SynergyGod3773: ‘2021 will be a life changing year’

At Bandit Gang, the end of the year means the end of year interviews. All members are put to the test one by one about the events of the past year that shaped them. Private as well as business. In these interviews in which no mince of words will be stated, no taboos exist, sometimes harsh words are used and where you get a nice insight into the soul life of the interviewee.

Babyjosus: The God himself sits with me today. This year was a year that you did a lot of things for Bandit Gang. But how would you reflect on the year 2020 in your private life?

SynergyGod3773: 2020 was a rough year for the most part. Most of the time I was secluded from friends and family due to COVID. So in an essence, a lot of previous and current members of BG became my family. I spent more time with you all playing Gwent and other games then I did seeing them.

BJ: Bandit Gang is basically a second family for every member. And you joined Team Bandit Gang after Team Rankstar got disbanded as one of the first Pro Players this year and are now considered one of the veterans of the team. How have you experienced this year in BG?

SG: Being called a veteran is cute. But I am honored that BG decided to take me in after Team Rankstar (TRS) faded into time. This year has been a great year in general for Gwent and for the team. We participated in multitudes of community tournaments, many people of qualifiers, and made new friends.

BJ: That’s true. What was it like to compete in season 2 of Gwent Masters under the BG banner?

SG: Season 2 of Gwent Masters had its high and lows. Obviously not making it to a Gwent Open was disappointing, but I did make a few top 64 qualifiers which was very nice. It was good to compete against some of the best minds in Gwent. Overall, competing this year in 2020 was a lot of time committed, you kind of had to with so many people having extra time to play due to COVID.

BJ: With season 2 having come to an end. What do you want to achieve in season 3 of Gwent?

SG: The achievement goal has always been to make a Gwent Open, that will not change. Ultimately, it will be also utilizing good time management skills in order to be efficient with my play times. To maintain a good social/work/family life I will need to make every game count.

BJ: You also became a coach for the coaching program, what made you decide to become a coach this year and what would you like to achieve next year as a coach? 

SG: Knowledge transfer and learning have always been kind of a soft spot for me. I currently work in the IT industry and teaching people new things specifically about technology has been internalized in me. This has also been the case for me with Gwent, as I love teaching people the tricks of the trade for Gwent. Now can I coach up people and prepare them for any given scenario? no, you cant, but you can give them an awareness of plays that might not otherwise existed. Ultimately, I want to share the love of this game with other people and give them a sense that anyone can compete in Gwent.

BJ: Aside of that you had a big role in organizing the very first Duel of Dogs tournament, how do you look back at that?

SG: The Duel of Dogs tournament was a big deal for Team Bandit Gang. While it didn’t have a lucrative prize pool like some of the most recent community tournaments, it allowed us to establish a footprint in the community tournament landscape. Overall the experience was very positive, but at times can be stressful especially when you use the CDPR tournament client. I have no doubt that additional tournaments will happen in 2021.

BJ: Is there anything that you would like to do outside of Gwent next year?

SG: Yes, I need to get back to the gym. I have been saying this on my streams for so long. COVID has obviously put gym participation on the back burner this year. Additionally, I will be moving to Houston this year to finally live closer to my girlfriend. 2021 will be a life changing year.

BJ: That all sounds great and I hope that you can make it all come true. In addition to that, do you have any new year’s resolutions?

SG: I don’t have any new resolutions this year, I am still working on some previous resolutions. No need to add more, haha.

BJ: Haha, shocker. Anything you want to say to the reader in anticipation of 2021?

SG: Never stop making goals for yourself, whether its in life or in Gwent. Always setting a new bar for yourself gives you something to strive for and makes life more interesting. Good luck out there on the path everyone!

BJ: Thanks for your time!


*SynergyGod3773's Top 10 Cards of 2020

*Synergy decided to kick off his top 10 with his number 1 card of 2020.

1. Orianna – I piloted the small vampire cult earlier in the year and it was all thanks to this broad. She is Bae!

2. Braathens – While I am not a fan of NG much. The art on this card is just too good to ignore.

3. Triss Telekinesis – While Orianna is my vampire bae. Triss is my Witcher 1/2/3 bae. I will never betray her.

4. Passiflora – While syndicate is currently not in a great spot. This card was great for spawning all the lovely novigradian ladies. Not to mention the thicc elf in the background.

5. Kiki Queen – While the days of Kiki Queen reigning supreme are over. She was a very pesky bug that shaped the meta for many months.

6. Letho Kingslayer – This greedy card caused nightmares for people, whether they were copying an elder bear, a defender, or now even Kolgrim. The card deserves respect.

7. Angouleme – This card is pretty memey. But I it found its way into a challenger with Freddy babes and almost ran the gambit with it. Now its found a new home with NG Assimilate with all the new locations.

8. Bribery – This card was such a divisive card for a LONG time. Paired with hefty helge and elder bear Stefan, this card could potentially spell doom for opponents. #saynotobribery

9. Vissegard – This card no longer has inspiration. But this dual wield sworded knight was a force to be reckoned with when paired with a boosted board and draug.

10. Saul De Navarette – This was by far my favorite SY card. The tempo pass at 7 cards with potentially 2 other engines ticking was great. Especially when you see opponents dont have an answer to it in round one.

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