Honorable Mentions

BanditPig - Founder

Joe, also known as BanditPig or BP is the founder of Team Bandit Gang. In December 2019 he decided to start the team after someone made a joke that he should make one. After half a year of being the Team Manager and putting in a lot of effort to grow the team in any capacity, he unfortunately decided that he is going to be leaving us due to personal circumstances. Joe will always be a friend of Team Bandit Gang and you will probably still see him hang around in the discord and such. Thank you Joe, for everything!

kuma94 - Advisor

Kuma94, the legend, currently known for being an influencer for Adidas & FGC Manager at Brutal Democracy, but back in the day he was the Team Manager for Next Mulligan Esports. This is where he got befriended with Driftbling, VilleKS & Babyjosus and thus a friend of Team Bandit Gang. When in need for advice regarding building up the team, Kuma was always there for us. We appreciate you for all the help and hopefully will stay in touch for many more years!

fHmLjVUN.jpg medium
ThePixelSenpai - Digital Artist

Joannah also known as ThePixelSenpai is a Digital Artist residing in Georgia. At Team Bandit Gang we know her as the artist behind our logo. When in need of Twitch GFX, emotes, illustration and/or DnD character art. Then make sure to hit up ThePixelSenpai because she has done amazing work for us and we will always be thankful for that!

Driftbling - First Competitive Manager

Driftbling, known by himself as the greatest genius that Gwent could ever witness. And known by us for being the first Competitive Manager of Bandit Gang. He joined Bandit Gang originally as a streamer for Gwent & LoR when it got brought into existence by BanditPig. And was the brilliant mind behind the #SayNoToBribery video and the BG theme song. Driftbling is the main reason that Bandit Gang has a Pro Team and a Coaching program. Without his mentality Bandit Gang might have otherwise only be a team with Content Creators. And thanks to his mentality we later on decided to start an Academy Team as well. So, we are immensely happy to have called Driftbling a fellow bandit. After all the success and acknowledgment that he gained while in Bandit Gang, he was able to make the step to Team Aretuza. And thus, we want to say thank you for being part of the very first year of Bandit Gang!

JHugs - Streamer and Academy Player

Joshua originally joined Bandit Gang as a content creator at the end of August 2020. Nonetheless, with his competitive spirit and impressive results in the Duel of Dogs tournament, he soon decided to enter the path of a competitive player and progressed to the Academy section. Perhaps the main reason for why Jhugs wrote his name down the BG history book is that he became the first official dad of the team! With his daughter, Aubrielle, having been born, Joshua found himself to be rather busy. This combined with his wavering interest in Gwent lead to him biting the bullet and deciding to leave the team. Jhugs will be always welcome to join again, provided he finds his way back to Gwent, as well as enough free time and energy, and we wish him and his family the very best!

Neon Bedlam - Indie Marketing Company

Neon Bedlam is an Indie Marketing Company that was created to offer indie developers a launchpad to get their games seen. Bandit Gang has established a relationship with Neon Bedlam in 2021 to get access to a variety of indie games and help giving them the spotlight that they deserve. This is solely the reason why you will be seeing Game Spotlights alongside the regular Gwent content that we produce.

Benny - BG Pet

Benny is the loyal buddy of GhostArya and in-house pet of BG. His birthday is 12 April 2020 and has since his day of birth been eating his favorite foods, which are cherry treats and dried bananas. He loves to sleep a huge amount and when he is awake he likes to dig tunnels! Once in a while you will see him appear on GhostArya her streams.