Honorable Mentions

BanditPig - Founder

Joe, also known as BanditPig or BP is the founder of Team Bandit Gang. In December 2019 he decided to start the team after someone made a joke that he should make one. After half a year of being the Team Manager and putting in a lot of afford to grow the team in any capacity, he unfortunately decided that he is going to be leaving us due to personal circumstances. Joe will always be a friend of Team Bandit Gang and you will probably still see him hang around in the discord and such. Thank you Joe, for everything!

kuma94 -Advisor

Kuma94, the legend, currently known for being an influencer for Adidas & FGC Manager at Brutal Democracy, but back in the day he was the Team Manager for Next Mulligan Esports. This is where he got befriended with Driftbling, VilleKS & Babyjosus and thus a friend of Team Bandit Gang. When in need for advice regarding building up the team, Kuma was always there for us. We appreciate you for all the help and hopefully will stay in touch for many more years!

fHmLjVUN.jpg medium
ThePixelSenpai - Digital Artist

Joannah also known as ThePixelSenpai is a Digital Artist residing in Georgia. At Team Bandit Gang we know her as the artist behind our logo. When in need of Twitch GFX, emotes, illustration and/or DnD character art. Then make sure to hit up ThePixelSenpai because she has done amazing work for us and we will always be thankful for that!