Management Team

KingDenpai - General Manager, Social Media Manager & Streamer

Denpai, aka Dennis. American legend and myth living in the UK in God’s Country itself, Yorkshire. A self proclaimed ‘Yankshire’ man with a passion for everything under the sun from anime, comic books, and all sorts. A diehard SK lover – he is dedicated to the Gwent community and wants to bring smiles to those watching. He streams every chance he can and brings memes to the masses, if you want to simply smile and feel welcome then you can’t go wrong with The King.

Denpai is the General Manager and Social Media Manager for Team Bandit Gang, aside of that he is an early bird because he streams at impossible hours in the morning. So, if you need some entertainment while you are drinking your coffee then make sure to stop by his streams!

Babyjosus - Content Manager, Streamer, Article Writer, YouTube, Social Media & Editor

Babyjosus aka BJ is a 25-year-old superstar within the Gwent community. He resides in the Netherlands and has been playing Gwent since the end of 2017. BJ is an official Gwent Partner and has the best looking shirts in the community. Aside of that BJ has been pro rank multiple times and in season 13 he even got a spot in the top 200. In season 14 he managed to get 2534 mmr with his homebrew named Gudrun Shupe. People saw his score and started netdecking him. We still wait for the day he stops bragging about it…

BJ started his Gwent career by joining a team called Next Mulligan Esports which was only for short duration due to the team being disbanded after the release of Homecoming. Alas this is where his friendship with Driftbling started and eventually got reunited with in Bandit Gang. After Next Mulligan Esports, BJ joined Team Rankstar and has been in the team for a year and even was a big part of their podcast Merchants of Novigrad. He decided to part ways with Team Rankstar and was looking for new opportunities on his path. This is where he looked eye to eye with the found of Bandit Gang, BanditPig. And so, he decided to join team Bandit Gang as a content creator and has since then been promoted to Content Manager and has worked his ass off to make Bandit Gang the best team in existence.

Thanks for reading this and we hope you will cheer for him while he is part of Bandit Gang!

Iancm1997 - Competitive Manager

Hello! My name is Ian, known as iancm1997 in Gwent. I’m a Canadian guy in my early 20s and I’ve been playing Gwent since October 2019. I discovered the Witcher Series in the Summer of 2019 and I’ve been hooked ever since. I haven’t streamed Gwent before, but I love playing the game! My favourite faction is Nilfgaard, but I long for the days where poison isn’t everywhere haha. I also love video games like the Elder Scrolls/Dark Souls, being outdoors, and playing sports. I hope to be able to contribute some good Gwent content and memes to everyone!