Meme Series: KRV vs BG

On Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th, Team Kreve and Team Bandit Gang face off to determine which team has the superior memers. Five different Best of 5 matches will be played between the two teams with each match having a different theme, in the style of the old Gwent OCE meme tournaments. Whichever team wins the most matches will be crowned winner of the series. And to make sure you can’t miss out on this big event, we have prepared a casting team. Each duo has a different theme that they cast. So make sure to keep an eye out on our Twitter and to join our Discord for additional information!

Players & Casters:


  1. Gold Rush – Each player’s decks can only consist of gold cards
  2. Not Even That Odd – Each player’s decks can only consist of either all even or all odd provision cards
  3. One Man’s Trash – Each player sends their decks to the opponent at the start of the game and the opponent gets to play with those decks (must use full provisions, have 25 cards and use no neutrals)
  4. Stay Neutral – Each player’s decks can have at most 8 faction cards.
  5. ABC’s Each player’s decks can only consist of either cards starting with letters A-M or cards starting with letters N-Z.
    Note: Any stratagem can be used in every theme apart from ABC’s, stratagems do not count towards the limit in Stay Neutral


  • Decklists are closed so the opponent does not see the decks before the match (don’t want to spoil the memes)
  • There will be no ban phase
  • Each player prepares 3 decks, each from a different faction
  • Decks that win a game cannot be used again in the same match
  • Players alternate who has blue coin (who goes first) each game
    • This first player with blue coin will be decided by a tournament admin before the match
    • The player on blue coin invites their opponent
  • In the case of a tie, the game will be immediately replayed with the same decks and same player on blue coin


  • The meme series will be played on the 13th and 14th of February
  • With 3 games on the first day and 2 games on the second day

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