Bandit Gang’s Meme Snapshot for Gwent #1


A meme deck can be considered many things. Some people believe that a meme deck is mainly played for fun, to make yourself and the opponent laugh and not to win with it. For example, a deck like Thicc Aglais. Other people believe that meme decks have their own theme like the archetype Bandits, which makes it a lore friendly deck. And most people would agree that a meme deck is also considered an off-meta deck. A deck that has its own unusual strategy or inclusions, but that can still win you plenty of games, even though the majority won’t play with it. You could think of a deck like Triple Commandos here. So if there are all sorts of decks outside of meta decks out there, then why are there no snapshots for these decks? Well, that question will finally be answered now that Bandit Gang represents their first Meme Snapshot.

The idea of having a Meme Snapshot is something we will be doing on a regular basis, preferably every quarter of the year. But, with the soon-to- be new cards being added every 2 months we could try to either update it or publish a new edition of a Meme Snapshot a month after that. For this first snapshot, we categorized it into three. 

1. Fun But Garbage Decks: these are the decks that are just for fun but will 9 out of 10 not win you any games. 

2. Lore Friendly Decks: these are decks that are created regarding a certain theme that often is lore based. 

3. Becoming A Pro Decks: these are decks that are considered off meta, but are decent to climb to Pro Rank with. Nonetheless, they are not included in the Meta Snapshots.

We at Bandit Gang have been promoting these decks for a very long time since most other teams don’t promote them enough. And we had the idea to put these decks in a snapshot for memes for a long time now. It originally came from Driftbling, who sadly, is no longer on the team. We therefore introduce you to our very first Meme Snapshot, which we have  written in honor of Driftbling and all the memers out there. So enjoy!

Note: Click on the image of the deck to get directed to the PlayGwent website in order to import the deck to your client.

Fun But Garbage

Hearthstone deck is a pure assimilate deck. Its goal is to play as many assimilate engines as possible and trigger tons of assimilate procs. The main idea of the deck is to win round 1 with engines from Portal and the rest of your bronzes. Then, in a long round 3, you want to use all your gold assimilate cards and boost them to oblivion. Fun guaranteed.

-Master of long rounds. The deck has so many engines and so many double triggers that you can outgreed any meta list.
-RNG can save you. Some randomly generated cards can save you from unwinnable games. But…

-RNG can also screw you. Low Rolls from cards like Cantarella or Bribery can actually give you “minus” points.
-You can struggle with a short round if you draw only engines.
– It is slow to set up. Before you setup all your engines, your opponent can completely outpoint you.

Core Cards
Uma’s Curse is a card that can completely high roll your victory and creates cards which in turn might create others. Remember, though, not to play it as your last card because many gold units have “Order”. At the same time, do not play it too early – generated cards can be reactive. Aguara works similarly.

Triss: Telekinesis is your tempo generator. Because your only special is imperial diplomacy, you always (unless you play against heavy spell deck) get it. It triggers assimilate at least twice, which makes the points really add up when you control multiple bronze engines. 

Damien de la Tour is a great card because of the prevalance of  Iharraquax players on the ladder this meta
due to Viy’s popularity. This can help you counter their strategy and also provide an additional
proc for all your engines. Also, because you have a lot of engines in the deck, people might run
out of removal.

Written by Bomblin.

The point of the deck is to combine two of my favorite strategies in Gwent: Hyperthin and bamboozle. And for bonus memes, I also made this deck a Ciri: Nova list. Why? Because I can. The main plan is to win round 1 with card advantage because your opponent doesn’t know the interaction between Mahakam Horn and Caldwell. After that, you can bleed or go to round 3 with Ciri: Nova carryover and win it with a bunch of uninteractive spells/traps and the Yen+Triss package.

-If it works, it’s funny and can give you upvotes on Reddit.
-It has “surprise” value.
-It can destroy engine-based decks.

-Vulnerable to bleed.
-Long rounds can be a problem because you have no engines.
-You can bamboozle yourself playing Caldwell for -10 points.

Core Cards
So what is the famous bamboozle combo? The idea is simple, you play Mahakam horn (with Hattori you can play 2) next to one of your biggest cards (ideally Saesenthesis). Then, you play Caldwell and pass. If your opponent doesn’t know the interaction, they might put a card on the board that is higher points than you Saesenthesis to „Steal” Caldwell. However, if they then pass, the Mahakam Horn will boost your unit and if any will be the highest, Caldwell will move back to your side of the board! If this works, expect an “opponent connection lost” on your screen.

Schirru is not bad in the current meta, being able to clear a lot of 5-power units if played with  Isengrim’s Council. You can also line him up with Precision Strike, sentinels, and even by springing Mahakam Horn earlier!

Knickers because he is a good boi.

Written by Bomblin.

The plan of the deck is simple. Make the biggest Aglais on the planet. In round 1, you hope to go second and you should try to boost your in-hand Aglais with every possible card. If possible, pass in round 2 and go to round 3 with last say. In round 3, boost Aglais even more and finish with a Syanna + Leader + everything else you’ve got.

-Thicc Aglais.
-Big points


Core Cards
Land of a Thousand Fables: The idea about this card is to transform Muzzle into a more useful card. You have 33% to get what you want. The outcomes are: Regis (bad), Radeyah (good), Syanna (very good). You can use a transformed card to boost Aglais even more! 

Radeyah to always pick a card that can boost Aglais even more. The best one is of course tactical advantage and enchanted armor. We also made this deck a singleton because transforming Muzzle can get you Radeyah, so we can use her ability.

Written by Bomblin.

This deck is Bomblin’s baby. It was originally made a few months ago, but now it only got better with buffs to cards like Greater Brothers and Gellert. The goal of the deck is to finish the game with a huge Greater Brothers that is not vulnerable to most tall removals. The deck is also super consistent due to tons of thinning cards and can easily win round one with Gellert. It also has many small combos that can easily win you a game.

-Surprise value.
-Super consistent and cards like Eavesdrop/Snowdrop can help you with awkward hands.
-Can win in a short and long round.

KORATHI HEATWAVE is a greater brother’s destroyer. 
-While you have a lot of thinning and consistency, mulligans can be problematic.
-Sometimes you just don’t generate enough points to win.

Core Cards
Greater Brothers is the main combo card. The plan is to transform all coins and health into armor. Remember that cards like apothecary and Bekker’s Dark Mirror give even more value! After you set up everything, finish a game with Vlodimir for insane amounts of points.

Procession of Penance is the best card to keep in your deck for Triss and Yennefer. Both cards will play for up to 15 points! If you draw it, however, you play it for only 2 points. Fear not! People, most of the time don’t remove it so you can use heal or Mirror for insane point swing!

Gellert change to adrenaline made this card insane round 1 card – especially if you can play a lot of units early. And in this deck, you can! If you use both your thinning bronzes, get Flying Redanian and Knickers, Gellert can instantly swing for a lot of points and secure you round 1.

Written by Bomblin.

This deck is designed to play Idarran of Ulivo, in combination with Savolla, to spawn a second Frightener that can be healed for big points with the Blindeye Apothecary. The deck around this is designed to take advantage of tributes and contribute to the combo. Round one is meant to be taken by engines like Sly Seductress and Tax Collector, supported by cards like Adriano the Mink, Igor the Hook, Greater Brothers, Armory Ludovicus Brunenbaum, Madame Luiza, Casino Bouncers, bronze spenders, and maybe even Bincy Blumerholdt if necessary. Save the leader ability, though.

Let’s assume you made it to round three without being bled of your combo cards. Then you’d start with the remaining engines in your hand to bait removal, following up with at least one Salamandra Mage, Fallen Rayla, Bincy Blumerholdt, a bronze spender, and Azar Javed in the order that makes the most sense to you in that particular game. If you don’t expect too much removal, you can start with the Mage and Fallen Rayla before your defender for more tribute greed. Keep the coin management in mind and use the leader when it makes the most sense to you.

You want your last three cards to be Idarran, Savolla, and Blindeye Apothecary while your bank account is at least at 7. Then you play these cards in just that order and play the combo. If you control a Salamandra Mage, Savolla’s tribute will grant you 2 coins that enables Blindeye Apothecary’s tribute as well and leaves 2 coins to spend. If the mage got removed, you lose a few points but just play the Blindeye Apothecary in the melee row. Fallen Rayla and Bincy gain many points in the process as well.

-Good question.

-Mediocre round 1.
-Susceptible to bleeding.
-A combo that can be interrupted in many ways.

Core Cards
Basically already described in the overview. I tried to bring in additional uses for combo cards
if you are forced to play them. Additional Blindeye Apothecary cards for example would be the insanity
cards Igor the Hook and Bloody Good Friends. Madame Luiza is taking away points from Rayla
if you play her with Savolla, so I have no problem to play her in round one for Adriano the Mink or Ludovicus Brunenbaum.
If you still have her in Round 3, you can play her before the Salamandra Mage. Or if Fallen Rayla got bled
or is stuck in the deck, just use her with Savolla. This deck requires a bit of creative thinking
on how to use the cards alternatively if you don’t have everything available. If it comes down to this,
you can still try to take a short round 3 with a simple Savolla play.

Written by Escanbryt.

This deck has been made with one purpose – make Dandelion: Vainglory great, while at the same time bamboozling your opponent. You should try to keep in round 1 everything outside your main combo. Then, in round 3, you play operator on Slyzard, you pretend you want to kill it with poison BUT you poison unit next to it. Very important! You need to emote the opponent so they think you misplayed. Then they probably will use consume to eat poison and BANG! You have a big Dandelion target!

-Dandelion: Vainglory

-You lose 99% of games.

Core Cards
The original idea was to copy Griffin with the operator to get value from Dandelion. If you do so, Idarran will spawn a 1 point copy that you can eat with Tatterwing for nice 14 points. He also synergizes very well with leader ability and larvas.

Plague Maiden + Morvudd combo can actually win you a short round. If you add Wererat to the mix, you can create a lot of rats that later can be boosted.

Dandelion vainglory for tiger value kappa.

Written by Bomblin.

How to combine hyper thin and Viy? Play Archgriffin! This deck can easily thin to 0 units in the deck due to the recent change to Pincer Maneuver as well as Griffin Witcher Mentors. This allows you to go all-in on Archgriffin in round 1 and then keep him in the deck as the only unit. Because he keeps the boost, Triss, Yen, and Erland can play for 30 points or more! Decoy lets you gamble 50/50 for additional tons of points at the end.

-Can win a short round against almost any deck.
-Deck is super consistent. It’s almost impossible to brick it if you play it correctly.
-Generates quite a lot of points even in round 1.

-Auto loses if your Archgriffin can be answered from behind Defender. Especially if your opponent plays Korathi Heatwave.
-Vulnerable to reset in round 3 and heavy control decks.
-No engines mean your long round is not that good.

Core Cards
Griffin Witcher Mentor – the god of unit thinning. Just make sure you have enough spells to shuffle back into your deck and combo is  guaranteed.

Triangle within a Triangle gives a nice boost to Archgriffin but can also be used offensively on cards like Ciri: Dash.

Griffin Witcher Ranger is not only a great card to be used on Archgriffin, but it is also actually a pretty powerful card in round 1. It can easily get to 10 points.

Written by Bomblin.

If you hate Nilfgaard, you hate locks, you hate poison, and you hate swarm – this is the deck for you! The plan of the game is simple: Spawn as many Kerack City Guards as possible. Then you have some extra power from the super board clear which combines Dragon’s Dream, Sabrina, and Geralt: Yrden. In round 1, try to win with your bronzes, but don’t use Kerack City Guard unless you have two copies in hand.

-Wins against a swarm.
-Wins against Nilfgaard.
-Amazing long round 3.

-Can be bled.
-Loses against SK.
-No consistency.

Core cards
Use Idarran with leader after spawning Kerack City Guard from Queen Adalia. If she sticks later, you can generate a lot of value from the Operator and reinforcement. She is also a bait for tall removal like heatwave that will later not be used on big kerack city guard.

Dragon’s Dream is absolute garbage if the opponent bleeds you or if you play against decks like Kelltulis/unitless decks. But if you play against elves, Nilfgaard swarm, etc., it gives you tons of value, and also “procs” Sabrina. This means that you deal 5 damage to everything on the row and with help of beautiful ladies, you line up a full row.

Kerack City Guard is just beautiful. Remember to use the tallest one when you want
to move something! It helps you a bit against tall removal or Yrden.

Written by Bomblin.

Lore Friendly

The idea is simple. Play dragons. Because Saskia has harmony, we have decided to add the whole harmony package. Deck also runs a lot of removals, so you create engines while at the same time you remove your opponent’s engines. The Invigorate leader ability helps you keep your engines alive.

-Can win both long and short rounds.
-Good against decks with a lot of tall cards like Viy.
-Fun to play

-You have under performing cards in your deck.
-The points ceiling you can get is not that high.
-The deck can be slow at generating points.

Core Cards
Villentretenmerth is actually underrated in the current meta. You can snipe a lot of big units against Viy, Keltullis, any Nilfgaard deck, and even Skellige. It is also not vulnerable to lock, because if you purify it with Dryad’s Caress it will go off by the end of the round. Borkh can also snipe valuable targets hidden behind the defender.

This time, we wanted to highlight Saesenthesis: Blaze + Ocvist because they are actually under performing. They are in the deck mostly for the lore power so if you want to make a similar deck but better – cut these two cards.

I love Saskia. Great finisher and an engine. It would be soooooo good if CDPR would decide to change it to “play” but it might be too good. Be careful when you use her! You don’t want to use a unit with a category you will play later.

Written by Bomblin.

Stockpile definitely needs a change, but if you still want to play it, I suggest you try this version. The plan is to play a lot of mages and a lot of engines that will overwhelm the opponent. Try to go to 2 long rounds because that where you find the most value. You have a lot of small combos so feel free to “waste” some of these resources earlier.

-It contains mages ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
-Can be extremely good in a long round.
-Can high roll the victory.

-Vulnerable to control.
-Vulnerable to bleed.
-You often end up in situations where your leader is just useless.

Core Cards
Cosimo Malaspina/Alzur are both cards that got better with the provision changes on Regis. Now you can’t spawn Regis when you use Oneiromancy after Alzur or on Cosimo’d Philippa. Be careful! It’s a 33% chance to get Kelltullis so in most situations you want to play those cards on the ranged row!

Immortals  is absolutely bonkers against weather and random ping damage from cards like Drummond Berserkers, Herkja Drummond, etc. With Damned Sorceress on the board, you can transform those 2 cards into a 4 point engine every 2 turns (with your leader ability).

Yennefer: Conjurer, if unanswered, can generate an extreme amount of value. You can line up opponent cards with Arbalest or Cintrian Spellweaver to get insane points every turn.

Written by Bomblin.

This is a lore-friendly deck that wants to play a lot of bandits. The game plan is to play long round 1 with all bandits to find good value from the free company. Svalblod Priest can help you generate passive points, especially in combination with Armored Drakkar or Olgierd. In the perfect world, you can even go to a short round where you use Dracoturtle -> leader -> Vlodimir and finish a game with a juicy, thicc Iris: Shade.

-Amazing finisher.
-Great long round if unanswered.
-Surprise value.

-Bandits can be easily stopped.
-Draw dependent.
Korathi Heatwave on Dracoturtle and your whole gameplan is ruined.

Core Cards
Gascon is a really underrated card but a bit too expensive to play. However, he can give you the card you need: damage, move, armor! It’s just very flexible and you have around 50% chance to get you exactly what you need.

Iris’ Companions is a must-have card in any deck that relies on Iris. The recent buff made this card absolutely amazing in combo decks. You can get whatever you want while discarding a low-provision card. At the same time, you can easily look for Iris.

Not only is Olgierd’s art amazing but also his ability. It can bait Korathi Heatwave from your opponent, but also soak all random damage that your opponent throws at you. It is also a nice card to be placed next to a Svalblod Priest so you always get 2 points per turn.

Written by Bomblin.

Becoming A Pro

After Madoc got released, the most logical idea seemed to be to put him in a Hyperthin Deck. Simply because he thins by 1 and allows you to play bombs, which are special cards. And with patch 8.5, Tactical Decision has gotten a slight buff since Morvran Voorhis has become 7 base power. Therefore, we decided to show some love to the deck. For a more in-depth explanation of how to play the deck, you can read the Deck Guide here.

-Huge tempo play in round 1.
-Can thin to 0.
-The deck has lots of control, so getting rid of your opponent’s engines should be an easy task for you.

-The mulligans can be problematic and could force you to play Tactical Decision early.
-Cloggers and Mill are your worst nightmare.
-Lacks proactivity.
-Lacks statuses, Dimeritium Bomb and Alba Armored Cavalry are the only two cards in the deck that can offensively put a status on a unit from the opponent to get Hunting Pack out.

Core Cards
Tibor Eggebracht is the reason why you get value out of cards like Xarthisius, Triss: Merigold, Yennefer: Divination, and Vilgefortz. So make sure he is the only card left in your deck before playing them!

Written by Babyjosus.

The idea of this deck is to combine the classic Idarran/Operator swarm potential, as it is known with other cards like Drummond Queensguard, Alba Pikeman or even Cintrian Royal Guards, with the pure power of Nilfgaard’s Impera Enforcers.

Since Operator got a provision buff with one of the recent updates, it allows us to fit in some additional support cards. But a huge downside is also that the change to Masquarade Ball means its ability will not get triggered by Disloyal Aristocrats anymore, which considerably weakens its potential. Because of this, I decided to focus more on the Might of the Enforcers and also Seditious Aristocrats who get their support now from the Emperor Emhyr var Emreis himself, instead of Masquerade Ball

-Very flexible in the usage of certain golds like Braathens, Emhyr, Milton or Vanhemar.
– Often strong enough to win Round 1 with its thinning package supported by some spy engines or even an Enforcer.
– If the combo of Idarran –> Operator Enforcer –> Imposter –> Ramon Tyrconnel on Impera Enforcers stays unanswered your charges with Usurper or Palmerin can have devastating removal potential.
Seditious Aristocrats allow you obtain some reach together with Emissaries.

-Vulnerable to heavy control or no unit decks, as your combo pieces get destroyed or there’s nothing to remove.
-Even with Royal Decree, Emhyr, and Roderick + the double thinning package it can lack some consistency, as you need 3-4 cards in your hand to start the combo.
– If Ffion dies or is not available we don’t have a purify to avoid certain locks, so Emhyr might have to be played first to protect Idarran as a lock/removal bait.

Core Cards
Idarran/Operator/Enforcer must be in hand while its also decent to still have your leader intact and Ramon available.

Milton and Ursurper generate you the charges for your Enforcers or Seditious Aristocrats.

Hunting Pack/Impera Brigade and Braathens secure you Round 1 or defend the bleed

Alba Armored Cavalry + Vanhemar support your claim on Round 1 or Round 2.

Written by Sawyer1888

Since Akaean already wrote an in-depth Deck Guide for this deck we wouldn’t want to talk about it ourselves. You can find the Deck Guide here.

Since Decode already wrote an in-depth Deck Guide for this deck we wouldn’t want to talk about it ourselves. You can find the Deck Guide here.

The most loved deck by Bomblin. It also runs a Succubus – card with the best voice lines in the game. This is a pretty strong and underrated deck that is actually very fun to play. In round 1, you should try to win by getting a lot of value from thrive but at the same time, you REALLY want to play one Succubus to put it in the graveyard. Don’t be afraid to use your big cards like Golyat or Ozzrel.

-It can auto-win against Viy if you get Korathi Heatwave and Golyat in hand.
-It can be strong in both long and short rounds.
-Can bleed most meta decks.
-Best voice lines from Succubus.

-Vulnerable to control decks.
-Mulligans can be problematic.
-Sometimes you need to play low tempo cards.

Core Cards
Succubus: The most important thing about this card is its voice lines. Second, art. After that, a pretty cool ability. Ideally, you will play one of the Succubus in round 1. Later, in the final round, you can play another one when you have Haunt or consume on the board. Never eat this card before adrenaline 3!!! It is too risky to rely on purify and can lose you the game. Moreover, playing another Barghest from your deck can sometimes generate more points than even Ozzrel! Just check if you can consume her every turn.

Golyat/Korathi Heatwave: this combo can destroy Viy. You set up Golyat and then, after your opponent play his/her first Viy, you eat it with leader ability and Korathi Heatwave Viy on the board. Concede in 3..2..1..

Written by Bomblin.

BJ’s Blue Balls, also known as Triple Commandos, is all about playing your Blue Stripes Commandos every round. While the deck has originally been created in patch 7.4, it has been brought back to life with patch 8.5. This because of the recent buff to Foltest, who now boosts the unit on the right and makes a copy of the first bronze unit that gets boosted during the turn. So, if you play Foltest next to a Commando, you allow yourself to create a Commando every turn, and if Foltest is unanswered, this would result not only in an additional 4 points every turn, but also 8 points of carryover. For a more in-depth explanation on how to play the deck, you can read the Deck Guide here.

-This deck allows you to out-tempo your opponent in round 1, push your opponent in round 2 and win the game in a short round 3. 
-Fairly consistent thanks to Cursed Scroll, John Natalis, Roche: Merciless, Amphibious Assault & Oneiromancy.
-Lots of pro-activity.

-The deck is vulnerable to cards like Lambert: Swordmaster, Surrender, Lacerate etc.
-Also vulnerable to Pavetta being banished or stolen. This requires you to 2-0 your opponent since in hindsight, your round 3 is pretty awful without being able to play your Commandos.
-Lacks control.

Core Cards
Pavetta because it puts your Commandos back in the deck which you can then tutor out of the deck and have a huge tempo-play.

Renew on Pavetta to do the exact same, but in round 3.

Card Replacements
-Korathi Heatwave > Geralt: Igni
-Mauler/Ballista > Dimeritium Bombs
-Sergeant > Spores
-Voymir/Boiling Oil/Pellar > Donimir of Troy/Radovid’s Royal Guards

Written by Babyjosus.

If you are someone that loves a combination of cards that is so perfect, that when it cannot be countered or avoided, your opponent has to concede because of complete defeat. Then this deck might be the deck just for you!  This deck does well against decks that are engine heavy, or are solitary, meaning they don’t interact with your wombo combo, which is represented in this video.

-The deck has lots of control, so getting rid of your opponents engines should be an easy task for you.
-The wombo combo is an insane amount of points in only a matter of a few turns.
-Good on red coin.

Madoc getting banished or stolen.
-Your 1-point Arnjolf being getting rid of so you can no longer play the wombo combo.
-Lacks pro-activity.

Core Cards
Idarran of Uldivo is the key card of the deck  because he is the guy that gives us a 1 point Arnjolf after spawning him on the board, to make sure we get tons of value out of  Giant Boar and Restore. But we don’t play Idarran just for that. He also works with Haern Caduch card and the Svalblod Totem.

Giant Boar is a card that can be an easy 14 points when playing it on ranged row and playing it on a 1 point Arnjolf

Restore is a card that has not seen a lot of play before this very moment. Remember that 1 point Arnjolf that we mentioned? That is our target for Restore. It heals Arnjolf to 11 and then boosts it by 10. So, a 20 point play for only 6 provisions.

Written by Babyjosus.

This deck first came up in October 2020 with the idea to make pirates viable in a warrior hybrid deck. Its signature move is the massive round 1 tempo that is provided by Tidecloak Hideaways and a hand full of pirates, targets ideally being Lamp Djinn or Vabjorn playing Raiding Fleet. If those are unavailable you start to play other cards, preferably Crach an Craite or Holger Blackhand, before playing those ships asap.

After this massive tempo start, you can follow up with cheap bronze cards like Dimun Smuggler or Dimun Pirate, while also making sure to play at least one bronze warrior for Harald the Cripple later on. The game is later finished off with the classic SK warrior combos. The An Craite Greatsword is the primary Eist Tuirseach target, while Dimun Pirates and Tuirseach Invaders are second.

– The deck has a cheap round 1, saving valuable gold cards for later
– Really good on red coin
Dimun Pirate offers a second way for discards of Eists bloodthirst gets denied

– Pirates lack a tutor in devotion decks, so sometimes you don’t find the valuable gold cards without warrior tag.
– Bloodthirst is slightly harder to set up than in classic warrior decks, though the options are there.

Core Cards
Tidecloak Hideaway and no other bronze ships, so that the consistency on Raiding Fleet is ensured.

Large amount of pirate cards, this list has 14 of them.

Whatever is strong in the warrior archetype will also synergize well in this list. The deck already existed in a different way before Eist Tuirseach did, but he is obviously a great choice for this.

Written by Escanbryt.

Honorable Mentions

Decode is a big fan of Shupe and shared his neutral only deck with us. Therefore we decided to include it as a honorable mention.

Mercernn decided to do a challenge on a smurf account to play with only Stockpile from rank 30 to Pro Rank. Therefore we decided to include it as a honorable mention.

KingDenpai participated in the Gwent Partner Tournament and was able to get to top 8 in the tournament with his signature pick. Therefore, we decided to include it as a honorable mention.

While the deck is on the edge with Lore Friendly, the concept behind the deck was build around the outcasts and Svalblod druids, so it didn’t feel entirely Lore Friendly to us. If these two themes would have been separated, then we could have agreed on putting them in the category. Therefore we decided to include it as a honorable mention.


And that was our first Meme Snapshot, we hope you enjoyed it! Hopefully we can all agree on the fact that there are plenty of decks included for all kinds of players that don’t want to contribute to the meta. For players that would like to have a good time, that want to role-play and want to go put their boot in the meta and claim their seats among the kings.

A big thank you to Akaean, Arya, Decode, Escan, Denpai, Mercernn and Sawyer for providing us with their decks! Otherwise it would have been somewhat one-sided, with only decks from Bomblin and myself. We hope that we inspired you to create your own memes or own versions of the decks with this Meme Snapshot. But for now, Bomblin and I will fare thee well, and we’ll see you again in Meme Snapshot #2!

Please consider checking out our article section where you can find plenty of articles. From member interviews to deck guides and more!

4 thoughts on “Bandit Gang’s Meme Snapshot for Gwent #1”

  1. Nice list! BJ’s blue balls looks great but it can only work with Devotion for King Foltest. With the added mix of neutral cards in this deck, it voids Foltest’s ability to boost the spawned copy and boosting the unit to the right by 1. Without NR Devotion, it depends on whether other cards can boost Blue Stripes Commando.

    1. Hey Luis,

      I know what you are talking about, but its intended since this list can’t be Devotion because Oneiromancy and Renew are key components of the deck. Without them its Double Commandos and the sole purpose of this deck is to play Triple Commandos. Hope you understand!



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