Bandit Gang’s Meme Snapshot for Gwent #3


A meme deck can be considered many things. Some people believe that a meme deck is mainly played for fun, to make yourself and the opponent laugh, and not to win with. A deck like Thicc Aglais would be a good example. Other people believe that meme decks have their own theme like the bandit archetype, which makes it a lore friendly deck. And most people would agree that a meme deck is also considered an off-meta deck: a deck that has its own unusual strategy or inclusions, but that can still win you plenty of games. You could think of a deck like Triple Commandos here.

But I digress. Welcome to the third edition of Bandit Gang’s Meme Snapshot! In case you missed out on the other editions, you can find them here. Once again, we want to use new concepts that weren’t included in the first and second edition, but you might also see different versions of decks that were included already. The main goal, as always, is to show you the diversity that is possible in Gwent, beyond all the top tier meta lists. As before, we kept the same 3 categories:

1. Fun But Garbage Decks: these are the decks that are just for fun but will not win you any games 90% of the time. 

2. Lore Friendly Decks: these are decks that are based around a certain theme that is often lore based. 

3. Becoming A Pro Decks: these are decks that are considered off meta, but are decent to climb to Pro Rank with. Nonetheless, they are not included in the Meta Snapshots.

Note: Click on the image of the deck to get directed to the PlayGwent website in order to import the deck to your client.

Fun But Garbage

With recent changes to tactics provision, the dream of enslave 8 is finally possible! You have to play 33 cards in your deck but this is a small price to pay for a great meme. The plan is to somehow survive round one and then delete everything from your opponent’s side and finish the game with a juicy (potentially) 16 point leader swing.

-Biggest Enslave on the planet
-You are very annoying to your opponent
-Can win against heavy engine decks

-Inconsistent due to 33 cards in the deck
-Doesn’t play a single gold unit
-Struggles with proactivity.

Core cards:
Bribery: you do not run any big gold card or win conditions so you heavily rely on playing your opponent’s cards. This card can win you a game if you play it in the end and yoink something like Gord or Gerhart.

Fire Scorpion: this is the best engine in your deck. Your deck consists of mostly tactics so this card can generate a chargé every turn.

Glorious Hunt: A snipe card. It is kind of similar to predatory dive but for the biggest card on the board. It is especially powerful against the monster or Skelige cards like She-Who-Knows, Yghern, or Greatsword. Look out to not kill your Ard Feainn Tortoise!

Written by Bomblin.

It’s no secret that Gezras of Leyda is my favorite card! With that simple fact in mind I think you
can imagine how this deck came to be. The great potential created from Land of a Thousand
Fables’ order along with Dwimveandra to refresh it was too enticing for me to pass up. If all
goes well you can play Gezras in all 3 rounds with adequate swarm or have a decisive round
with multiple copies of him! We always wish for RNG to be in our favor, but on the off chance it is
not I have kept the alternative cards you can find in mind.

-Intimidate your Opponent with Triple Gezras.
-Has targets for Simlas & Munro also.
Verno & Eithne work as more swarm.

-Susceptible to bad draws, not much consistency besides Maxii & Fables thinning a card.
Iorveth’s Gambit is a brick if not transformed.
-Absolutely RNG dependent.

Core Cards:
Gezras: The man himself can single handedly carry the game for you.
Land of a Thousand Fables: The centerpiece of the deck, allows you to transform those 12p
specials into another Gezras with a whopping 1 in 5 chance! I usually like to pull Zoltans Company with its
Deploy ability
Dwimveandra: Must be played Ranged to refresh the Order (I played her Melee once…there
was no row protection warning)

Written by Kalvino.

If you played Gwent exactly 2 years ago, you still might have PTSD from playing against this deck. Time has changed and townsfolks have fallen from their old glory but with a combination of some new cards, they can easily win games. Just make as many of them with Igor and every greedy game is yours to take!

-Absolute killer of long, greedy rounds
-You are playing an old, forgotten archetype
-Still have some control tools that help you fight other decks

-Vulnerable to bleed
-You often rely on your opponent having no answers
Yrden is your biggest fear

Core cards:
Igor: Try to make a lot of townfolks with his ability and spend coins on him! Lookout, with enough townfolks it is more points to copy tax collector – That’s why you should always play him in the ranged row.

Witchfinder: The ability of „banked” coins works exceptionally well with townfolks. Each bonus coin boosts your townfolks.

Doadrick: Most known for being an annoying engine in NG+Snowdrop decks but he is also just a good point slam card that can fix your hand. Especially in a combo deck like this, he can save your skin by finding a spender or another Townfolk.

Written by Bomblin.

The idea of the deck is to make the biggest Protofleder possible. If everything goes according to plan and your opponent cannot interact with your important cards like Syanna, you can have a finisher of 50-70 points! The problem is that vampires in general are not that competitively viable.

-You are playing Vampires!
-Can win greedy matchups
-Has a nice, juicy finisher

-A lot of combo pieces
-RNG with Land of a Thousand Fables
-You are playing bad cards.

Core cards:
Land of a Thousand Fables: You want to use this card on renew to transform it into a second Syanna. Sadly, it is not 100% possible because there is another 12 provisions neutral card – Radeyah.

Protofleder: The most important card in your deck. It is your finisher and reason this deck exists. In the final round, try to put as much bleed as possible on one card, then use Protofleder with double Syanna.

Orianna + Unseen Elder: This is not a devotion deck so these cards work together! Especially if you can get a long round and hide both behind the defender, the amount of points they generate is wonderful!

Written by Bomblin.

The nerf hammer hit Monsters at the start of September but some archetypes got tiny buffs. Including Deathwish Ruehin. Succubus is also one of my favorite cards in the game, so I decided to combine both ideas into one nice and beautiful Deathwish deck. It is very greedy but can get tons of value in both a long and a short round.

-Can work in both long rounds (with double ruehin) and short rounds (scenario/succubus)
-Deathwish cards make being reactive awkward for your opponent
-You are playing Succubus

Wererat interaction with your core cards blocks it from being amazing
-Finding a balance between Deathwish and Consume units can be hard
Korathi Heatwave or Experimental Remedy can ruin your gameplan

Core cards:
Elf and Onion Soup: If you decide to go with double ruehin, EnOS is in theory a 5 provision Uma’s Curse! It can be also used on other gold deathwish cards to trigger them. In desperate times, you can use it on bronzes, especially on tokens generated by Dol Dhu Lokke.

Succubus: The win condition of the deck. It is a bit problematic early in the game because you have to play it for zero tempo. You are, however, rewarded by it in a round 3. Each of your Consumes is a bonus of 5 points. This is amazing, especially in a short round.

Caranthir: The card got nerfed in September’s patch but it still works in this deck. You can use Caranthir with Detlaff or Ruehin for maximum value. In some cases, it is good to use him with Miruna or Imperial Manticore and in extreme situations even with Wererat or Barghest.

Written by Bomblin.

This deck was made as a joke to counter all Nilfgaard Assimilate decks I met on rank 2. It was working surprisingly well and I managed to climb with this deck! The plan is simple: Play big boys -> win. You have 4 bronze units so don’t mind using your golds whenever.

-You play big units and don’t think much

-Assimilate players cry when they face you

-Deck has the potential of an amazing short round

-Not that many engines -Long rounds are not amazing
-Big units can be bad against popular LP with Bounty

Core cards:
Ciri: Nova: Great carryover card that also has  veil and a shield. Provision change to a royal decree made this type of deck much more consistent.

Imlerith: Similar to royal decree, provision change unlocked the possibility to add this card to ciri nova deck. It synergizes well with pugo, goliat, Count Caldwell.

Whispess: Tribute: very flexible card because it gives you access to wide removal (Lacerate) and direct removal (Parasite/Natural Selection) but can also be used also as a thinning card.

Written by Bomblin.

One day I thought: I hate NG Mill! So I pondered how to make it more wholesome. The answer was obvious: Play it in a different faction! And that’s how NR mill was born. The plan is to mill your opponent’s win conditions in round one with all draw cards and Syanna and then win round 3 with the Istredd/Snowdrop combo. Just a note: I had an amazing 1-12 score with this deck!

-It is not Nilfgaard Mill
-You use cards that no one uses
-It is kind of fun

-You cannot win
-Usually, your opponent receives too many points from your „mill”
-It is still a Mill deck

Core Cards:
Istredd + Snowdrop – This combo can generate a lot of points in round 3. Use Istredd in round 1 and then resurrect him in round 3 with Renew. His Patience should be big enough to draw full hand.

Syanna – Lets you double mill with Ihuarraquax or Matta.

Stregobor – On the blue coin, you can achieve the most disgusting and toxic combo available in-game. Start with Stegebor and follow with Matta for a card advantage combo.

Written by Bomblin.

The deck was supposed to be a big meme using forgotten leader ability. I brought it to the pro rank and… It performed quite well! The deck is a control heavy list that works very well in the current meta. Try to set up units like Crach and Holger for long rounds. Use your engines to generate points and set up finishers like Svanrige or Wild Boar of the Sea to close the game.

-Deck has both tall removal and wide removal
-Can be devastating in long rounds, especially against decks with limited boost
-Come on, you are playing fricking pirates! ARRR!

-Cnitless decks are problematic
-Decks that constantly boost (Frost monsters) are problematic
-Your leader ability is problematic

Core Cards:
Gerd + Wild boar of the Sea: this combo can be incredible against decks that tend to swarm their boards. A good example is ST that decide to go into a long round with Whisperers of Dol Banana

Svalblod Priest: Card looks completely out of place in this deck but it is surprisingly synergistic! A lot of cards in the deck have armor, which guarantees + 2 points every turn. You also have a small combo with Dimun Warship and Terror Crew Axe-Wielder for bonus points!

Terror of the Seas: a very underrated card that can quickly evolve into a high removal card. With Crach, it is instant 4 power removal alongside 5 point body. If you are playing against a greedy deck, it can be even more powerful.

Written by Bomblin.

Lore Friendly

Are you interested in wielding the full
power and wrath of the warriors of Brokilon!?
Then this deck is for you! I’m pleased to present this Symbiosis-Handbuff hybrid deck. We have
Eithne with supporting Symbiosis bronzes and some nature cards. My favorite part of the deck
is the Aglais with multiple handbuff cards, who are also supported by the Invigorate leader. Since many of the handbuff cards have a Deathblow requirement I have included cards with Damage on Order (Braenn, Guardian, Boar) to help ensure our desired card gets buffed.
The choice of Stratagem is up to you. I liked the idea of Lamp to let Matrons be proactive, TA can protect
Dunca, and Scroll can draw your Aglais, so adjust according to your needs.

-Confuses the opponent
Gezras + Eithne are an unstoppable duo
-Feels good to protect the Forests of Brokilon.

-Can struggle in Round 1
-Possible to overswarm vs NG Spies

Core Cards:
Eithne: Great in round 2 or 3 to allow more value from your nature cards, pairs well with Gezras
Aglais: Primary handbuff target, while we are not all in on Aglais in this deck she can still get
many points.

Braenn: Her Zealed Order ability is easily attainable in this deck and is very useful to set up.

Deathblow cards
Sirssa: Very satisfying when the Deathblow is achieved. Her Harmony ability can be triggered
by Gezras & Freixenet.

Written by Kalvino.

All the bears! Yeah that’s pretty much it.
However for those that would like a further explanation: This a Beast deck with multiple pay off cards/ finishers allowing for a flexible game plan. Ideally intimidate your opponent round one by just dropping chonky bears and spawning
more with Megascope, while setting up an Axel and your Flaminica.

Musicians of Blaviken is in the deck.

-You might win with Memes.
-Vulnerable to Tall Punish.

Core Cards:
Olaf: An amazing finisher, ideally with Hym. Can gain value from other self damage cards/

Hym: Key combo piece for big points with Olaf. Can also be used on Champion of Svalblod, or set
up offensively.

Flaminica: Great in R3 to get value off of all the beasts played in earlier rounds
Dire Bear: Very useful in denying your opponents Engines or even pay off cards like Gord (if
they don’t pay attention).

Written by Kalvino.

Becoming A Pro

The number one power of this deck is its consistency and the power to make huge tempo plays at almost any moment thanks to the Combo of our Leader, Snowdrop, Affan and the Mage Assassins. Other great tempo plays include the Dead Man’s Tongue and the Blightmaker. Best part about those is that they help us thin alongside with Roach, Knickers and the Impera Brigades making this deck really reliable at drawing our strong combo.

So, with all the tempo, thinning, consistency and the strong finisher, this deck is reliable even in Pro Rank.

-Great tempo options with Blightmaker into Mage Assassin, Dead Man’s Tongue and even Leader with Snowdrop if we are pushing win on even (can work as an effective play when pushin R2 as well).
-Thins to 1-2 cards meaning you always draw your combo.
-Plenty of control options.
-Huge point output possible in every round.
-3 card Round 3 is almost always a win with Germain, Slave Infantry and Vrygheff.

-Playing against Mill is just sad.
-Sometimes you can miss your Snowdrop and you don’t play Leader for full value.
-Getting pushed R2 and losing all important cards (you can prevent it with your tempo).

Core Cards:
Our thinning cards are the reason we can play huge tempo and draw our strong finisher cards in the future rounds. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Last tip:
If you know your opponent is playing a lot of engines, don’t banish your Alba Armoured Cavalry with Dead Man’s Tongue. Keep in mind that Ramon Tyrconel also works on these hampering cavalrymen. Good luck!

Written by DrDenuz.

With everybody using Simlas to pull out Orbs people are missing out on other cards that can be played out with him. One of them being Bone Talisman and with ST’s ability to swarm it’s a sin to not utilize this card for a magnificent finisher.

-Good tempo in R1 with Feign Death.
-We can swarm even in R1 making it possible for us to use Isengrim and Yaevinn.
We have many engines to gain points over time.
-Plenty of control options.

-At times pushes can be a problem for us as we might have to play our combo.
-Mill stealing our good golds.

Core Cards:
Vernossiel, Simlas, Leader and Bone Talisman are our main combo that can play for a huge finisher in R3, so we try to keep them if possible.

Written by DrDenuz.

In my opinion, the design of Collusion is one of the most fun and creative in the entire game! I am not a big fan of Syndicate, but Collusion is always fun! You need to constantly try to balance all your gangs on the board and in hand to get the most out of Collusion. The classic legendary cards like Witchfinder, Professor, and Junior can also help you win the game.

-You are playing the most fun Syndicate card
-A lot of control works well in the current meta

-You have to play suboptimal cards
-Can be awkward against control decks
-Truth is, this deck is LP, but worse.

Core Cards:
Collusion: How many times I can repeat the word Collusion? As many times as I can! Remember to use your leader ability before Collusion for an additional gang tag!


Gellert: In round 1, after you play your thinning cards, use Gellert for a lot of tempo! It works great (unless you are playing against other poison decks) to secure the round 1 win.


Whoreson’s Freak Show: This is a budget Drill in your deck. As in Lined Pockets decks, it can work wonders with bounties from Witchfinder and Professor. It is just an amazing control too

Written by Bomblin.

You know, Coën was not an expensive card at 7 provisions before the latest patch, but the change to 6 provisions turned out to enable the deck that we are talking about right now. Because pulling him out of the deck with Amphibious Assault places him at 6 strength now, which is where you can combine him with a row of Blue Stripes Commandos, boosted by Commanders Horn. The rest of this deck plays like a Double Commandos list, you can find a more detailed guide by clicking on the deck image.

-Plays a hidden combo with potential for a lot of points.
Coën is actually useful.
-Can still win as Double Commandos without the Coën combo.

-Easily countered if the opponent can read your strategy (which should be rare).
-Has little options to reestablish the combo if the 6 power units get disaligned.
-Draw dependent, and you need to be resourceful with tutors.

Core Cards:
Oneiromancy & Amphibious Assault
: You need to have both available in the last round usually. Oneiro draws Commandos and AA gets you Coën. You can’t play Coën from hand, because he wouldn’t be boosted.

Commander’s Horn: Important card to align a row of Blue Stripes Commandos on 6 power. You need it in hand or available through John Natalis for the combo.

The entire Blue Stripes core: Would be pointless without it, right?

Written by Escanbryt.

This has to be the most fun deck I have played since the start of the PoP expansion. It has a lot of possible plays, you can do a lot of misplays, lose points here and there, and also get punished for this. And you know what? I love it! I love when I can see that I am making mistakes and I can learn from them. Moreover, this deck rewards you for playing perfectly. It also includes a game of chicken: should I bait more removal, or can I start my greedy gameplay? TRY THIS DECK!

-Impressive amount of points can be generated in long rounds
-Have underused combos like Mad Kyian
-Can defend Bleed

-Heavy control decks can be problematic
-Thinning problems can make you miss crucial golds
-Can be tricky to navigate perfectly

Core cards:
Tissaia: An absolute beast! She often plays for 15-20 points with cards like Ildiko, Sile, Aretuza Student: Recent provision buff made this card so much better and it’s one good mage card away from being a meta card. You will see!


Mad Kiyan: Sort of a duel card that you use for pure value. He is too big to remove and you can easily boost it with Kerack Marine, Students, and Ildiko. Then just damage the highest unit and look how big the gap in points change in your favor.

Hubert: I have always been a big fan of this card. It can help you with tempo and thinning in round 1 or can be „free” points in round 2 or 3. Just remember to look at his counter when he is in the deck and decide on your plays accordingly!

Written by Bomblin.

I feel like SK druids just need more love. However, I realized that decks with only one win condition are just not working for met his season and so this deck was created. You ideally want to thin and play Melusine and/or Gedy early on. This will generally confuse you opponent enough so that they won’t expect your perfectly curated combo in R3. What is that combo? Defender, Dagur, Offering to the Sea and Wild Boar of the Sea. Do you SEE the points? Rite can be used to get double Defender, double Melusine or even Coral.

-If one win condition doesn’t work, try another.
Gedy can generate lots of points even in short round on its own.
-You can basically play all your cards anytime apart from the Dagur pew pew combo.

-If you don’t draw discard well R1 well then…
-Doesn’t work well against decks with boosted units or few units.
Dagur is fragile if you don’t have defender.

Core cards:
Dagur Two Blades – your ultimate goal and possible a very tall unit that can easily turn the game in your favour. If he stays alive.

Wild Boar of the Sea – works perfectly with Dagur. If played after offering then your chances of hitting most units twice are usually increased.

Trophy Catch – extremely underrated and never played. Core card because we want to see more cards seeing more play. Also, sometimes it just works so well.

Written by GhostArya.

Honorable Mentions

Wait, an actual deck from our Pro Team? That’s neat as fuck!

Since we published a deck guide on the website this season, we decided to include it in the Meme Snapshot. You can read the in depth guide here.

This is the perfect deck if you love meme decks and love Geralt! It’s my 5 Geralts deck! I usually use Thaw on Griffin Witcher and no, I never, never transform my Geralts into Griffin Witcher Adept! I usually switch the Lyrian Scytheman with the Squirrel or some other cards too like Ivo of Belhaven or Erland. The main cards in this deck are the 5 Geralts, Roach, AA, Griffin Witcher and Thaw and the Boiling Oil to BOIL everything!

Written by Buni_314


This was our third Meme Snapshot, we hope you enjoyed it! Hopefully we can all agree on the fact that there are plenty of decks included for all kinds of players that don’t want to contribute to the meta. For players that would like to have a good time, that want to role-play and want to go put their boot in the meta and claim their seats among the kings.

A big thank you to Kalvino, DrDenuz, GhostArya, Escan, AcidBunny, Ian & Buni_314 for providing us with their decks! Otherwise it would have been somewhat one-sided, with only decks from Bomblin and myself. We hope that we inspired you to create your own memes or own versions of the decks with this Meme Snapshot. But for now, Bomblin and I will fare thee well, and we’ll see you again in Meme Snapshot #4!

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