Guide – Patience is a Virtue!

This article is part of a Bandit Gang series, covering the many different seasonal modes with brief descriptions, strategies and deck ideas. Not every deck will always be up to date, given the weekly rotation. Instead we display the date of creation, so that you can retrace what may have changed in the game since then. Feel free to adjust the decks with new cards or old cards that you like better and have fun! – MAIN PAGE

At the start of your turn, transform all cards in your hand into random ones that cost 1 provision more

“Patience is a Virtue!” is the first Seasonal game mode that has been introduced after switching from a monthly rotation to a weekly one, making it the first one that has no particular season associated with it. The feedback on this mode was slightly polarized, with some people enjoying the big variety of possible outcomes and others feeling helpless with the inability to synergize anything at all when given the wrong cards.

When it comes to deckbuilding, it’s not about creating a strong strategy, but to include the few things that slightly matter besides the randomness here. Generally, cards that summon from your deck can be useful, specifically Roach and Knickers. While you will often not meet the requirements for other cards that summon from the deck, there’s also no downside to including them, so why not? Another thing that you want is a balanced provision distribution to avoid a bricked hand. The reason for this is that you can actually brick on scenarios in high provision range before they revert to 4 provision cards. So always keep some medium to high provision cards available. Last but not least, chances are not bad to roll into Shupe or Radeyah, so just play a starting deck without duplicates.

The choice of leader or even faction almost makes no difference here, I’d say. There is one exception, though, which is Pincer Maneuver from Northern Realms. This one lets you pick a faction card from your deck while shuffling a useless card back into it – twice! So you can actually utilize your strong cards left in the deck when you have nothing better to play in hand. Pick whatever combos you want to play with this, and the rest is up to RNGesus.

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