enerGiiX - Gwent Pro Player & Coach

My name is Maikel from the Netherlands, people may know me as enerGiiX. I have always been interested in playing games on a competitive level. For years I competed in Gears of War. And after playing the Witcher 3 I got hooked on Gwent. I have always been a Xbox gamer and since Gwent was killed on Xbox, I have made the move to PC just for gwent. The X in enerGiiX kinda stands for ex-Xbox player since my tag on Xbox has always been enerGii without the X.

SynergyGod3773 - Gwent Pro Player, Streamer, Community Tournament Organizer & Coach

I have been playing competitive Gwent since the start of Gwent Homecoming. I currently work as a network engineer in the healthcare industry and have be around gaming, networking, and personal computers for most of my life. My goal is to reach a Gwent OPEN one day and ultimately punch my ticket to the Gwent World Masters tournament! I currently Stream most weekdays starting at 7-8pm CST.

Sonneillon - Gwent Pro Player & Coach

My Name is Morten and I am from Germany. In game I am known as GwentSonneillon. My favorite Part about Gwent is its competitive nature. Even sometimes frustrating you never stop improving when you put in the effort. My favorite Card forever will be – Scorch.

Sikamouk - Gwent Pro Player

Nicholas aka Sikamouk is a French Gwent player that started playing since Homecoming. Sikamouk joined Bandit Gang as an Academy Player and recently got promoted to the Pro Team due to getting a spot in the top 64 and performing well in the qualifiers for Gwent Open #4. He is happy to have joined Bandit Gang and will try his best to contribute to the teams success.