Renfri Needs a Gwent Card #3

After reading The Last Wish, I was impressed by the character Renfri and realized that this unique and interesting character was entirely absent from the game of Gwent. What a travesty! I decided to remedy this situation by posting a custom card every day until Renfri is added to Gwent. The custom cards from the last week appear below.

Stealth Archer

Guerilla forces know they would be decimated if they met their foes on the open battlefield. For this reason, they remain hidden anywhere nature presents cover – behind rocks, in trees, or even buried among the very leaves on the ground. Arrows whiz by seemingly out of nowhere, picking off the enemy one by one.

This card expands upon the concept of invisibility, and cannot be answered by the opponent for 2 turns unless it is pinged. It’s a fairly powerful engine that can reach its ceiling of roughly 12 points much more quickly than most other cards of this type. The downside, however, is that it is quite fragile and its initial tempo is poor.

Credit for the art goes to Jack Wang. Original art is available on Artstation here.

Khagmar: Bloodlust

Driven by his unquenchable thirst for human blood, Khagmar would harvest entire villages of humans in a single night. Yet the terror he inspired came back to haunt him, as the humans began an organized campaign of hunting vampires. Though not a direct threat, other higher vampires became annoyed and determined to punish Khagmar by tormenting him with perpetual hunger. Khagmar spent years, decades, and then centuries trapped within a cage in Tesham Mutna, ever tormented by the scent of fresh human blood he could never obtain.

Many people have called for Khagmar to appear in Gwent, so I present to you Khagmar: Bloodlust. This card is an extremely greedy engine that can be countered in advance by not playing units to both rows. Though threatening, Khagmar needs to drain 4 units on the turn he is played to escape from standard removal range, and drain 5 units to pay back his provisions. Once he sticks, however, he becomes an extremely aggressive and dangerous engine. Woe betide the opponent who has no answer!

Credit for the art goes to LoranDeSore, and the original source is here.

Wild Goose Chase

This card provides SY with high-tempo tall punish, but there’s a catch. Wild Goose Chase requires you to boost one of your own units, which gives the opponent a chance to answer with tall punish of their own. To help the card compare favorably with cards such as Heatwave, I added the echo tag. Overall, I think it’s a strong card, but it’s not a substitute for cards like Morelse or Heatwave.

Truly, non-removal tall punish is a concept that CDPR could explore more fully, especially for devotion decks. Non-removal tall punish requires more careful thought regarding its use, and is less oppressive against Blue coin.

Credit for the art goes to Rudy Siswanto, whose art I also used for the card Ilya the Merc in last week’s custom card series.

Red Widow

Many people are frustrated with clog and its ability to completely disrupt their gameplan. Quite a few have suggested that clog could shuffle cards into the deck instead of placing them on top. I’m not completely against this idea, but if this plan is executed then Kolgrim players need better ways to play cards like Infiltrator. I’ve experimented with Infiltrator quite a bit and my experience is that the card simply isn’t worth it.

This card addresses the above issue by allowing the player to deal 6 targeted damage and spawn up to 3 Infiltrators. With the proper setup, it can play for 21 points, which is a lot but not unreasonable for a 13 provision card. Without setup, Red Widow plays as a 13-for-13 card with substantial removal potential. A solid card, but not overpowered. Her real potential lies in synergy with tactics engines like Hefty Helge and Fire Scorpion.

One issue with the card is that Infiltrators should ideally be played in round 1, yet it’s usually not ideal to play 13-provision cards this early in the game. Personally, I don’t believe that every card needs to be perfect in every situation. I see this card as extremely strong when pushing a round 2 bleed or attempting to win on even under redcoin.

Original art can be found here.

Boarding Party

Arrrrrrr me matey, I spy a ship on yon horizon! And a piratey expansion for Skellige! Arrr, maybe!

This card’s got a little bit of it all: pirates, rain, bleeding, ship synergy, and even seizing that sweet booty. Until now, Seize has remained in the territory of Nilfgaard and Syndicate, but I think that it would find a welcome home within the budding pirate archetype of Skellige.

Skellige’s reliable access to cheap and efficient damage should ensure that the last stage of the scenario rarely bricks. While Nilfgaard often struggles to find targets for 3-power seize cards such as Amnesty and Sweers, I wager that Skellige would actually make highly effective use of such a mechanic.

Credit for the art goes to Shen Fei. Here’s his Artstation.

Ancient Sarcophagus

This card supports bronze deathwish cards by allowing a single bronze deathwish unit to be triggered multiple times. The ability mainly synergizes with cards like Harpy Egg and Rotfiend, but not so much with cards like Nightwraith and Endrega Eggs, which would merely clog the board. It also makes it more difficult for bronze cards like Slyzard to be removed, as it summons them back to the board.

This card is also a potential Heatwave target. Although it almost always trades down with Heatwave, it might still be worth it. Deciding whether to heatwave something that will trade down is the type of decision that makes Gwent so interesting.

I should also point out that the card synergizes unbelievably well with Glustyworp, which can be used to consume all the 1-power targets at once. Just thinking about such a chad move has me hyped for this card.

Credit to the original artist (Anton Fedotov) is here.


Paranoia. Fear. Suspicion. Blame. These are the hallmarks of a society that is on the verge of breakdown. Torches and pitchforks are raised, accusations hurled. Soon, homes are invaded, men are trampled and burnt at stake, and law and order no longer represent justice but rather the will of the bloodthirsty mob. This is the nightmare scenario with which wizards, witches and members of the Scoia’tael in and around Novigrad have become all too familiar.

This scenario would add massive support for the Witch Hunter and Bounty archetype. In particular, this scenario allows for back-to-back same turn removals with Bounty. Witch Hunter Executioner is the ideal trigger for the first stage, as the bounty can be applied and cashed in on the same turn very easily. For the next stage, any witch hunter that applies bounty can allow for instant 6-point removal. Brutal!

Unfortunately, I was unable to find the original art source for this card.

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